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Couture collection Inspire reviews

20 reviews
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20 reviews

If you are a fan of wand style toys with attachments this toy is for you. It is easy to use and has some of the most intense vibrations of any toy I have ever owned. It is smaller than most toys so makes a great traveling companion. I don't travel anywhere without it.

This product never fails to satisfy. It is loud but the vibrations are so intense you won't even care about how loud it is.

This buzzy little wizard is my hero. It's not discrete but it really gets the job done. It runs off of AC with a long cord so it never gets weak in the middle of some fun. Easy to maintain, easy to store. It's my favorite toy and it's lasted two years now and running!

I would say this wand it worth it if you get it for the right price. Eden's price is decent and of course they always have great deals and or coupons. I would not recommend buying it in a shop, they are overpriced. However, this product is worth it for the orgasm factor!

This little toy has one hell of a punch. This is always my "go-to toy" if I want a guaranteed orgasm in the shortest amount of time possible, or if I'm having a hard time getting off. This little sucker never fails to satisfy.

The Inspire is great for knock-your-socks off orgasms. Its pretty, sleek design, and pin-point control system really help make the Inspire my very favorite toy. It's worth every penny!

Overall, I can see the appeal; especially for power queens. I prefer less power, less strain on my wrist and less heat output from my toy. For the price, I would get something else, like the Lelo Mia 2!

This wand is a real life saver when you’re craving a deep, powerful, satisfying orgasm. If you know someone who has never experienced the amazingness of a deep, uncontrollable orgasm, I suggest buying them this or sending them in this direction. It will make them scream and moan with pure happiness. This wand is one of my favorites. The Inspire wand is much smaller than the Hitachi magic wand yet so much more convenient.

I am inspired--this wand is lightweight, easy to use and super powerful. Not only is it much more user friendly than a Hitachi, it does not make me numb in 3 minutes flat. I use this as a finisher or when I want to outdo myself on squirting. My husband and I turned my squirting abilities into a contest of sorts....of course, I am always the winner!! And this wand will make sure I cum out ahead!

Power queens rejoice over the CC Inspire. Five vrooms doesn't do this toy justice. I was blown away by this product in its entirety. Although it is loud, I would gladly deal with twice the noise for the power this thing packs. It was designed for beginners and veterans alike. It is small, powerful, and easy to use. It is an overall wonderful product. Should it ever die, I would shell out the money for a replacement in a heartbeat.

The Inspire is by far the strongest vibrator I own. I don't use it on a regular basis due to the noise level, but I love having it around for those occasions when nothing else seems to do the trick. I highly recommend the Inspire to anyone who is looking for extremely powerful vibrations.

While there are most definitely other and better options available when it comes to hand held massagers (Hitachi Magic Wand, Fairy Mini Wand, Fairy Pocket Mini being some of them) that doesn’t necessarily mean it should be automatically ruled out.

If you enjoy using any sort of wand massager this is really the one to get. It's incredibly powerful for it's small size and can be used by anyone!

The Inspire really took me for a crazy unexpected ride. I don't get half the amount of power I do from other toys even if they are twice the size of the Inspire. The solid construction and ease of use make this ideal for anyone. The power goes from moderate to crazy insane. It even produced a super powerful orgasm on the highest speed in 15 seconds!

This is a smaller massage wand, but it still will blow you away with how much power it has! It has a very simple design. However, because it only has one button, if you want to adjust the speed you'll have to start from 0 and build your way back up to what you want. Which is comparable to other toys that force you to scroll through vibration programs.

When I first got the Inspire, I was a little skeptical that a small toy could really be that powerful. The other smaller "wand-style" vibes I've owned hadn't compared to the power from my old standby, the Hitachi Magic Wand. Thankfully, the Inspire really packs a punch!

5/5 The thing that bothers me the most is the fact that you can't turn the Inspire down. One touch on/off is nice, but I'd still like to be able to turn it down when needed instead of turning it off and starting from scratch. But when you think about it, it's really not that big of a deal.

The Inspire packs comparable if not equal power to larger massagers such as the Hitachi but is a much smaller, lighter, and slimmer. The vibration strength is also adjustable, although the one button design isn’t ideal if you want to turn down the intensity mid-use. However, the Inspire’s most distinguishing feature is its removable silicone cap that you can clean or sterilize separately from the rest of the toy. The biggest down side is that like most wands it is loud on its highest setting.

The Inspire is a small and lightweight hand held massager that has some serious power. Simply put, this massager may even be better than the Hitachi.

Many vibrators claim to give intense vibrations. Inspire actually does. No matter how much power you want in a vibrator, the easy-to-use, easy-to-adjust Inspire will deliver. Just be prepared for the loud noise it will make.

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