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Fairy baby wand Fairy baby wand

Wand massager by Media Craft Inc

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Fairy baby wand reviews

38 reviews
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38 reviews

Overall this is the best wand I have owned. I would give this wand three thumbs up if I could.

I thought this vibrator was incredibly cute and rushed to buy it for that alone. I'm not disappointed with it by any means, but it's not powerful enough to push me over the edge. However, if you're sensitive, need a toy that it is discreet, or want something for teasing, I highly recommend this toy.

This miniature little toy just isn't worth the money. While being a rechargeable and quiet toy might makes this appealing to some, the one speed, one note toy just won't be worth it for most.

I am so very happy with my decision to get this little Fairy. I am now considering getting the next size up to see if it is just as good, if not better. Be careful that it does not come apart, however, after putting it back together. It has not fallen apart for me since.

A cute and powerful toy, though very buzzy and not at all discreet when in use. A great toy for travel, solo or use with a partner because of its size. Though if you cannot handle very buzzy vibrations you may want to look for a different toy as this one can leave you feeling a little numb afterwards.

This cute little miniature version of the Hitachi magic wand seems to pack a punch for its small size. Makes me want the other toys in the Fairy series.

The Baby of the Fairy line is a great pleaser, too! Its very attention-grabbing vibes are powerful enough for most, while its travel-friendly size and rechargeability are great pluses for others. While Baby is buzzy, it's not much more buzzy than the Pocket Mini. My only complaint is the amount of noise it makes and the open charging port!

This baby isn't just for looks, it packs a nice sized punch for such a small cute toy. It's a pretty impressive, inexpensive bullet with no bells or whistles. Also, it's rechargeable.

The Fairy Baby Wand by Media Craft Inc. is a fun and cute mini vibrator that you can take anywhere! It is USB rechargeable, and you can even use it as a key chain if you are daring. The vibrations aren't the strongest out there, but they are not weak either. It is a perfect toy for beginners, and advanced users alike.

Aside from it not lasting much, it's amazing and travel size. It is definitely worth buying it. I would buy it again and again.

The Baby Fairy made a believer out of me! I love it so much that I want to add ALL of the pieces to my collection. I love the design and am pleased that it functioned so well. Give this petite powerhouse a try, and it will make you a believer too!

For about 20 bucks you too can buy a rechargeable Lilliputian sex toy! This tiny thing looks like something you'd buy for your Barbie to massage Ken's aching back with (or another female doll's back if that's your thing) but it certainly isn't small when it comes to power. Overall, despite it's flaws it's still a worthwhile purchase.

This is both my first rechargeable and my first wand vibrator. I absolutely love it - it's tiny and adorable, yet amazingly powerful for its size, and I love having a rechargeable - it's a great step up from using rechargeable batteries, which tend to wear down and hold very little charge before long.

Though not as punch-packing as I'd expected from reading reviews, this tiny toy is still powerful, all things considered. Its rechargeability is definitely a plus, and the fact that it can be toted literally anywhere rather discreetly doesn't hurt is lovability either! Everyone needs a little Fairy Baby Wand in their toy collection, from beginners to aficionados.

This toy is cute and fun. It has medium powerful vibrations that are easy to control. It does snap open if dropped and has only one setting. It also gives the user numb fingers if held too long. Overall, it is a good external vibe for beginners who want something rechargeable and small.

The Fairy Baby is great for a last minute travel vibe purchase. I would never recommend it if you have any alternatives available. Or if you're in a hotel room with anyone who has ears, as the Fairy Vibe is pretty noisy. It is relatively cheap for being rechargeable and portable, but I worry that the Fairy Baby's exposed charging port will give it a short lifespan.

Even though it's made cheaply the stregnth of the baby fairy wand makes up for it. I'd tell anyone that they should buy this cute little vibe! It's great for on the go. And perfect for any type of user beginner or advanced!

The Fairy Baby Wand packs quite a punch! Only a little larger than a AA battery, it fits between bodies and is great for pinpoint stimulation. It's also rechargeable and can be used while it is charging in a USB port! Take the Fairy Baby Wand with you anywhere! It can even be attached to a phone.

This is a great novelty toy and a starting brick for those new to starting up an adult toy collection. It’s easy to operate and maintain, it’s small and adorable and it’s rechargeable so you don’t have to worry about buying new batteries. While it might not be as strong as its larger family members, don’t let its 3″ size put you off, big things do come in small packages.

The fairy wand is small and discreet, easy to hide and easy to use almost anywhere you go. Very enjoyable.

I will give this 4 stars, it is powerful and has not broke yet. That might change by the time we do the follow up to this review. I hope it holds up to all the abuse a toy can be subjected to in my bedroom.

The fairy baby was a disappointment for me, but it could still be a great item for someone else. If you like one speed-ed vibrators that are really buzzy check it out, but do not look for it to be quiet.

This toy is incredibly small and cute but for me just didn't live up to all I have read about it. It is extremely loud and didn't do much in the pleasure department. If a wand vibrator is what your looking for just go ahead and go all out for the larger ones!

The Fairy Baby Wand is a tiny wand that is a great teasing toy. It charges via USB, and the battery lasts for a very long time. It comes with a lanyard so you can carry it with you on your cell phone, or keychain as a novelty item.

I was so pleased with this Fairy Baby Wand that I need the next size! This is a perfect birthday & bachelorette party gift or party favor. The miniature size is perfect for travel and the rechargeable ability makes running out of batteries a thing of the past. The vibrations will tease you into a frenzy or make you cum! Be your own fairy godmother and keep a wand in your pocket!

While this may not be an orgasm giver, it will most definitely make you smile every time you see it. It is great for teasing or tickling your partner. While the high pitched vibrations and sounds that come from this little thing may bother some, it may very well bring pleasure to others. It is way too adorable to pass it up.

The Fairy Baby Wand is by far the most adorable vibe I own and even though it has vibrations too buzzy for my usual tastes I still love it. Tiny and discreet, This ultra mini wand will rock your world and tickle your most private places.

This is the cutest, strongest little vibe that I have. The best thing is that most of my bullet sleeves fit on it so that I can have a variety of textures when using it.

This toy is wonderful because it gets the job done, even if it only fits in the palm of your hand. It is so cute; how could you not want to let this little guy play with your clit? It will take only a couple minutes to get you off, so it is a wonderful investment, ladies!

In my personal opinion, this toy is one of my favorite toys I've ever had and I think it was totally worth it. I think it's super cute and I love that you can recharge it with a USB cable. That means it can last for a long time! The Fairy Baby Wand would make great gifts at a bachelorette party or just as a small gift to yourself. It definitely works for me and I'd love to take it with me next time I travel. To me, its cuteness and size is what I really love about it.

I think the fairy baby wand works well for what it is designed to do. Inexpensive, it'd make for a great gag gift. When placed just right it does provide decent clitoral stimulation. Because of how small it is, positioning/grip is an issue, and it is so loud! However, if you live alone or no one is home, this toy can be used to provide a pretty wild play session.

Love your toys to have that strong high pitched buzz? Then make sure to snap up the Fairy Baby Wand! It's petite enough to take anywhere, including travel, but the noise may limit where you can actually put this one to good use. Beware: it has the capacity to keep your clit and fingers buzzing even after the toy is turned off.

Baby Fairy Wand is a great toy for beginners, not overly strong..but not weak either. Worth the money for the travel aspect. Didn't like how noisy Baby Fairy Wand was, but the pros out weigh the cons!

The Fairy Baby is an excellent choice for those looking for something strong, discreet and cute. If high frequency, intense vibrations are what you're looking for you almost can't go wrong, especially since it's rechargeable. Basically, it's a bullet made to look like a "wand" massager, with more power than most bullets of its size.

The Fairy Baby is one of the cutest vibrators on the market. (It IS the tiniest Wand Massager on the market too.) The vibrations are a little too loud and high-pitched to be the amazing discreet toy that it should be, but it's just so tiny and adorable that I can't see why any sex toy lover shouldn't own one.

The Fairy Baby can rival any discreet vibe out there! It is cute, speedy, and has multiple uses. It could be a real conversation piece as well! If you are looking for a vibe that is unique and really works the Fairy Baby is for you!

Although I think this toy is more of a novelty, it's so darn cute who wouldn't love it. I think this might just be the coolest cell phone charm ever.

For such a tiny toy, the Fairy Baby wand kicks out intense vibrations, though they may be a little too high-pitched for some. Since she's rechargeable by USB cable and can be hung from a key ring or backpack, there's no reason why your Fairy baby wand can't go anywhere that you do!

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