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Fairy baby wand

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The Littlest Fairy

The Fairy Baby is one of the cutest vibrators on the market. (It IS the tiniest Wand Massager on the market too.) The vibrations are a little too loud and high-pitched to be the amazing discreet toy that it should be, but it's just so tiny and adorable that I can't see why any sex toy lover shouldn't own one.
Freakin' adorable, relatively strong vibrations, easy to use/control, rechargable by USB
Loud vibrations, high-pitched/buzzy vibes, open port, more novelty than real vibe
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
The Fairy Baby is absolutely adorable. It's less than three inches long, shorter and tinier than most average keychains, and has a head size that rivals most pen caps. The Fairy Baby should honestly lay flat on the palms of most people without any problem. It basically is just the size of your thumb. The entire baby is made of plastic, and while it has the detailing that makes it look like the head would bend, the head of the Fairy Baby doesn't actually bend since it's made from hard plastic. The Baby also comes with a small hanging piece that functions as a keychain to allow you to carry it with your keys if you want. (Might be awkward to explain if it accidentally switches on at work though!)

The Fairy Baby comes in tiniest sex toy packaging I've ever seen. In fact, my nipple clamps come in larger packaging than this. It's basically a three-by-three inch plastic blister pack. The entire thing is in Japanese (aside from the "Made in Japan" text) There's a small piece in the packaging where the USB cord goes as well. No instructions or carrying case are included with this. It would work for storage, but it's a bit of a pain in the butt to get everything to go back into its spot - especially the USB cord.

As the product description says, the Fairy Baby charges by USB. It really is too tiny to use batteries, and I suppose it could have charged by AC, but charging by USB really seems to suit it. There's a small port on the back of the Baby where the small USB port plugs in. This port is not usually covered by anything during daily use, so that means that the Baby is not waterproof nor should it get near water. It took my Baby about an hour to fully charge, and I still haven't run out of power with a couple uses and lots of turning it on to say "Aww". I'd say it probably lasts about two hours. When charging, a LED in the USB cable will let you know it's still charging. I prefer keeping my cable bundled up like it original comes since that seems to keep the smallest amount of confusing in my cables. You can charge this with anything that has a USB port including your laptop, desktop, video game consoles, or anything else.

There's an off/on switch on the front of the vibe that turns your sex toy on or off. When turned on, the toy puts out these high-pitched vibrations that just *sound* kinda painful. Like another reviewer described it, they sound whiny. They also really don't sound discreet in the slightest. Once pressed up against something, the vibrations lose some of the whine, but not much. I'd say that, if someone wanted to listen in, they'd be able to hear it through a closed door. As such, it isn't really a sex toy that would go out in public too easily which is what a toy this tiny would do well. The vibrations are really, really buzzy as well which is something I wasn't fond of. So while it sounds powerful, it doesn't actually put out the same power as other vibrators because these vibrations are really buzzy while others are much more deep. This vibe probably has the most buzzy vibrations out of any vibrator I've ever tried. It might be enough to get some women off, but I'd say that, for most women, this is probably more of a tease because of the high-buzz than a toy for completion. Some people may also find that the buzzing of the vibrations hurts their ears.

I thought a small vibe like this would be good for using during sex because it's so tiny it wouldn't get in the way. Well, not so much. It is really tiny, and that's why that, one you attempt to start actually using it during sex in something like the missionary position, it ended up slipping outo of my hand. (The same happens when I try bullets.) It does end up offering very pinpoint clitoral stimulation because it's so small, but again, the vibrations are pretty buzzy compared to other vibes. It's too loud to be taken in public. Might want to be careful traveling with it because there isn't a "safety" to keep it from turning on (of course, unless you run it dead of charge.) It is really light-weight, though, and if you wanted, you could always carry it around on you just for the sake of carrying it. Or own it just 'cause it's downright adorable.
The Fairy Baby can be cleaned with a damp washcloth and antibacterial soap. Be careful to keep the soap and water away from the lower 1/3 of the body of the toy since the open port sits there. Using a washcloth helps with this. Any type of lubricant is compatible with the Baby. For storage, I'm keeping it in the original packaging, but it stores pretty much anywhere you want it to.

I own the Fairy USB Mini, and compared to this, the vibrations of the Baby are much, much more buzzy. However, the Baby is much smaller which is really the selling point of the vibrator. If you are looking for power in a relatively small package, check out the USB Mini (also here on EF), but if you want the adorableness that comes with this cute little guy, that's why it's here.

On sheer cuteness, the Fairy Baby gets a 5/5. There's so much squeeing and "aww"-ing that goes on when it's within a two feet radius of my hands. However, the main point of such a small, discreet toy like this is the fact that, well, it's discreet. Discreet means being relatively quiet, and that is something that the Fairy Baby just doesn't do so well. The vibrations are pretty powerful for such a tiny toy (it blows bullets out of the water!), but it's just the loud vibrations that are bumping down the rating. However, you should totally try to experience "The Cute Effect". It's adorable.
Follow-up commentary
I like my Fairy Baby Wand in an "awww. It's adorable!" type of way, but I've never used it as a serious sex toy. I think it's fun to show off to friends my smallest vibrator, but it just isn't that useful as an actual vibrator; I'd much rather use a full-size wand. After being turned on and off by friends, though, it's still in good shape.
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  • avion1880
    This is a really cute vibrator. I want to boy want just to try it out. I seem to be drawn to ciltoral vibrators. .
  • ZenaidaMacroura
    I love that it's rechargeable and it's so freaking cute! The buzziness would be annoying, though, so I'd definitely only want it for the novelty of it.
  • Porfiriato
    Very cute!
  • Ms. Spice
    cuteness! thanks for the review
  • Mary-Anne-Xun
    Awesome review!
  • Dear Ruby
    I love that it charges via usb!
  • Lady Neshamah
    thanks for the review :3
  • lemony
    Thanks for the review, it doesn't seem worth it even if it's rechargeable.
  • LoveDove
    Excellent review, thanks! So cute!
  • pinkpottergirl
    I found it super buzzy too! But sooooo cute!
  • xjonxthexgreenx
    thanks for the review
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