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27 reviews

If you're expecting a small and discreet vibrator, this is for you. But if you're also expecting a vibrator that packs a punch, I would go elsewhere. This little toy's vibrations will not be enough to get you off, though it is a great stocking stuffer and part of the proceeds go to the Save the Ta-Tas Foundation.

While this vibrator is cute, and supports a worthy cause, I found it to be buzzy and unsatisfying. There are better toys out there for the price.

I found Faith a very fun toy to use and enjoyed the feeling it gave me. It is very easy to clean with the cleaner sold here on our site and found it easy to carry in my purse to have play on the go. I used it with other people close and they never knew I had anything going on since the sounds are so low with this toy. I would say this is one to have in every toy box to enjoy that special soft feeling when you are in that soft quiet mood.

Even though this isn't my favorite vibrator, it is great to help get the party started. Also, it helps save the Ta-Tas. So even if this isn't your type of thing, buy it anyway. Save a booby.

All in all, this item will always be worth it simply because a portion of the proceeds go to the Save the Ta-ta's Foundation. The vibrator itself can use some improvement, but it's a pretty okay toy.

Why not touch yourself for an even better reason? Well with Faith you can do it and support the breast cancer foundation. What are you waiting for order her now!

A great toy for all users, regardless of how experienced, or inexperienced you may be. Faith is fun for sex and teasing your lover. You can't go wrong for such a great price either. It's well worth the money!

A cute little clitoral vibrator, perfect for beginners, Faith molds form and function into one. Her vibrations are buzzy, and as strong as one can expect from a single AA battery. It's small and quiet enough to travel discreetly with. And the smooth, velvety finish is luxurious, and friends with silicone and waterbased lubes alike. If you're a size queen or have a clit o' steel, you'll want to look elsewhere, as Faith won't measure up.

I'd purchase this again, for the simple fact that it supports Breasts Cancer research, but I doubt I'll be using it much. Toys that have the potential to wake people, don't get used much by me. The vibrations are a bit too powerful too. If you don't mind a noise level that isn't discreet, this toy will totally please you, especially if you like a lot of power. Get one for mom, sister, ...grandma?

A great toy, with great vibrations, simple to use, and supports a great cause. This is definitely a toy to add to your collection.

Faith is a good vibe that would be a good toy for a beginner. It is simple, non-invasive, and a lot of fun.

I would not recommend the faith to just anyone. I mostly recommend it to newbies, because the size, and the lack of settings. I LOVE that it supports, and a part of the proceeds go to finding a cure. That would be the only REAL reason why I would tell EVERYONE to buy one.

The Faith, while not the perfect sex toy, does stand for something we should be fighting for with any type of sex toy. While I'm definitely proud to own it, the vibration strength is definitely buzzy and leaves me wanting more. If you enjoy buzzier vibrations, though, the Faith may very well be your perfect toy.

The Evolved Faith is great for the on-the-run girl or the Breast Cancer Awareness advocate. It's discreet enough to throw into a purse or pocket and to use in any situation. For such a little thing, it is quite powerful.

Masturbating for a cause, it's always a good idea, right? The Faith vibrator is sure to leave you wanting more and satiated once you've used her. With two powerful vibration settings, she's sure to hit that spot right and leave it throbbing long after you've finished. A portion of the proceeds for this product go to research for Breast Cancer, so get yours today and maybe, just maybe, save a life.

To be truthfully honest this product is worth it in a sense because of the cause. I am slightly disappointed in regards to the vibes and their strength. Personally I would classify this as a `beginner`vibe for those whom have never tried clitoral stimulation. I have had my fair share and need something a little more hardcore.

If you are looking for your first vibrator or you are a long time user and want something small and discreet, this is the product for you. Very powerful, quiet, and small to help get you started or help you relax.

Faith is a lovely little vibrator. A portion of your purchase goes toward curing cancer, which makes this a classy sex toy that gives back to society. Every little bit counts, right? I think every woman should have one - and maybe buy one for her best girlfriend, too! However, don't expect this to vibe your socks off; it's not super powerful, at least by my body's standards.

Faith is a small vibrator with a big heart. That sounds epically clich├ęd. Faith is a small vibrator that will fuck you like a vibrator should. These so-called discreet vibrators usually sacrifice power for size or economy, but this vibrator is able to compromise between the two extremes.

Great toy, for a great cause. Every lady should be fluttering for faith! Let's support those ta-ta's with the Faith Discreet Vibrator! Remember you must purchase your own batteries. It's waterproof, and travel friendly!

If you don't mind a loud toy, I would greatly suggest getting this toy. It's very affordable and feels like it is going to last as well. A pretty for the clitty!

If you love to masturbate and also want to give to the cause then Faith is for you. With her small vibe charm and her pinpointed stimulation she'll have you over the edge in no time at all while donating to the cause to find a cure for Cancer. So go ahead, masturbate to your hearts content and be generous.

Evolved has brought us a toy that lets us get off while supporting breast cancer research. This small, ergonomic twist on the bullet-on-steroids model has a lot going for it. The design fits comfortably in the hand, whether you're using it on the clit or for teasing across the body. Small enough to tuck in a pocket, a clutch, or between bodies, this waterproof toy can follow anywhere you want to go, be it a flight across the country or a hop in the jacuzzi.

Save the Ta-Tas! You can pledge your support and enjoy a quiet, very discreet little toy in the process. The Faith is a beautiful, albeit, tiny clitoral stimulator that is easy to conceal and worthy of being shown off. It is a powerful but quiet two speed vibrator that should be in every woman's toybox, or purse!

I would 100% recommend it its a great toy for a great cause i mean what can be better than that?

Here's your chance to get off for a cure! Faith's vibrations aren't going to be anything Earth shattering, but for her size, they do definitely pack quite a punch.

Overall, I'm happy with this product. You get a clitoral stimulator that doesn't look like a cute little dolphin or a bunny rabbit, but still gets the job done. The price is a bit much for a small vibrator, but it's a fund-raising item, so that is to be expected. I personally think $22 is a little steep, but I'd be interested to find out how much of that $22 actually goes toward the cause.

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