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The Faith, while not the perfect sex toy, does stand for something we should be fighting for with any type of sex toy. While I'm definitely proud to own it, the vibration strength is definitely buzzy and leaves me wanting more. If you enjoy buzzier vibrations, though, the Faith may very well be your perfect toy.
Cute design, Great cause, Small and discreet, Waterproof
Buzzy vibrations
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The Evolved Faith is a little vibrator that is manufactured by Evolved to help support the funding for Breast Cancer Research. 10% of the price of the Faith ends up going to research which, when you're going to be buying a vibrator anyway, is a good thing! Evolved makes good vibrators anyway, so I was expecting a lot from the Faith. The vibrator is made from plastic, and it is controlled by AA batteries. My Evolved is *slightly* longer than the Real-Size product widget, but it isn't by much, and the colors on the widget and pictures are completely accurate.

Just like other Evolved vibrators, this one comes in some gorgeous packaging. It's much more minimal than other packaging for Evolved products, but it's still pretty packaging none-the-less. It comes in a small, plastic tube that shows that part of the proceeds go to finding the breast cancer cure. The packaging isn't luxurious, but it is very tasteful and cute, and this is suitable packaging for both gift-giving and storage.

Now, if you're curious in the Faith, go check out the "View Actual Product Size". NOW. I was ridiculously surprised by how tiny Faith is. The pictures made her look a lot bigger than she really is, and since I own a lot of Evolved vibrators, and they're all pretty good in size, I was expecting Faith to be as well. Well, I definitely got a surprise! Faith is actually about the length of my finger. It's basically just an elongated bullet. Did I mind it? No, but I was expecting something that was a lot longer and bigger.

Faith takes one AA battery. This battery is very easily inserted by just unscrewing the bottom portion of the vibrator to slip it in. I left the battery in for about a week (since I forgot to remove it) and it doesn't seem like leaving the battery in seems to "use" the battery unless the vibrator is actively in use. As far as I can tell, the battery is going to last a long time during actual use. I've had it on for awhile for multiple sessions, and the vibrator's battery is still functioning just fine. The AA battery is not included.

This vibrator has two vibration strengths. There are no patterns. The vibrations are controlled by the push-button on the bottom of the vibrator. I found it odd that it doesn't have three settings or one, but it just has two. It's an odd number. The first speed is definitely strong, but it's also pretty buzzy at the same time. That is the same with the second speed. Both are definitely strong for being buzzy vibrations, though, and if you enjoy buzzier vibrations, you'll like this sex toy. The vibrations are a bit loud though; the quieter vibration probably couldn't be heard through a closed door, but the stronger one could if someone had their ear up to the door. It's nowhere near as loud as any of the rotational rabbit vibrators, though, so if you use those, you'll be completely fine with this one.

How is its use? It's okay. It's much more of a teasing vibrator than one to actually get me to orgasm. The vibrations are just too buzzy for me. I do enjoy the fact that it's long and slim which makes it really comfortable to just rest up against the vulva though. The curved tip makes it very easy to grip onto during use, and even when lubricated, I'm not afraid that I'm going to accidentally lose my grip. We prefer to use this one for all-around body teasing instead of just for genital use as it can get just too buzzy to actually orgasm from it. However, it's small and fits nicely around the penis while giving a handjob or blowjob, though, so it's a nice creative use there. It's also long (yet still small) enough to be tied up against the body with some rope if you're into rope bondage.

Cleaning the Faith is easy. Since it's waterproof, you can just use warm water or antibacterial soap on the body of the vibrator. It could be sterilized using bleach, but honestly, it'd just be easier if you slipped this vibrator into a condom before using it with multiple partners. This is compatible with all different types of lubricant. Along with that, you can store it anywhere you'd like as plastic doesn't pick up lint, but I store mine in the original packaging.
I like the Faith, and I like what it stands for, but it's just a little too buzzy for regular use with me. It's a small vibrator that's good for teasing, but at the same time, it's just not good for genital use. However, I'm still glad I own one just because it does stand for a unique thing, and the vibrator itself is really cute and great for travel (because of the small size). If you enjoy buzzier vibrations or want a small vibrator option, I recommend the Faith.
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