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First time G-spot tulip reviews

46 reviews
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46 reviews

Not bad as a beginner's vibe for the price, but if you're a more experienced toy user, you should go with something else. The difficulty of cleaning negates the savings.

For the most part, this is an average, affordable toy that would make a great gift. For me, I wasn't impressed, but I still have it for other uses. It hasn't broken (which I have a tendency to do) and when used during foreplay, it can stimulate and get your lover ready.

I was really looking forward to this toy and my impression of it is just overall disappointment. As an external stimulator it can work, but there are so many other options out there that are better.

This is not a toy for me. It just wasn't the right shape and wasn't powerful enough for me to climax, therefore I would not recommend it.

Again the toy is great and powerful and perfect for couples or girls with longer arms. It would be great to add to a couples bag of toys or even a girl looking for a strong g-spot toy.

Good addition to any toy collection. It can be used in combination with a variety of different toys, easily cleaned and stored away. It's good for beginners, and will spice up your sex life easily. The vibrations aren't the strongest, but it still seems to work just fine without them.

This toy performs as it is designed to and although not fabulous, it is not disappointing. Being waterproof makes it easy to clean and gives you the ability to use it wherever you want to; it makes shower time fun.

The First Time G-spot Tulip is definitely a good beginner's choice, especially for those who don't want to spend a lot on a toy. However, if you're looking for something that'll last for a long time, or plan on sharing with a partner, I'd pass on this one. It does stimulate the g-spot very well, but water leaks into the battery compartment through the seam, making it hard to clean and not actually waterproof.

I haven't tried this toy in water yet, because it may not be entirely waterproof because of where the batteries are. It is also noisy. The noise and the fact that it may not be waterproof don't really bother me because those aren't the most important things in a toy, to me! It simply feels great and is priced well. That's why I bought it, and why I would recommend it to you!

It's definitely for beginners. I would like to think that back in the day this would do something for me, but it's wasted on me as of now. It's a very loud toy that you would have to muffle with something and just use when no one is around. The dial setting on the bottom is annoying, but you can just turn it on before inserting it if you have T-Rex arms like myself.

The G-Spot Tulip is a great toy for begginers or those who desire to find your g-spot for the first time. It's even a lot of fun for partenr play. For me, this toy is truly a winner.

The Tulip is inted for G-spot use, but sadly it did not work for me. She is decent for clitoral stimulation and sensory play, though. She is velvety to the touch, but not so pretty to look at. All in all, the Tulip was a fail for me.

The Tulip IS worth it! It's a great vibrator at a great price. The material is safe, nonporous, velvety and so comfortable for use. The vibrations are intense enough for the most eager of users and subtle enough for the more sensitive. It is small enough to be packed and waterproof for convenience. The material and design are high quality and most importantly, it's pretty!

This first timer G-spot Tulip isn't a first timer at all. It's waterproof, smooth, and always there for the taking. For the price you will pay for this toy, it won't leave you begging for more.

I would recommend this toy to anyone just starting out with sex toys. This will ensure your first time isn't a terrible one. If you are looking for a cheap, reliable, and stimulating toy, then this is your toy.

I probably won't buy another G-Spot vibrator again. I didn't find it terribly new or exciting. The bulbous head I thought would be neat, but once it was internal I couldn't really tell what it was shaped like.

If this is your first jump into the pond of fun adult toys, then it is great for you. If you are an experienced lifeguard, then move on, I think this may be too boring for you.

This is just right to hit the special sweet spot you have been looking for with its tilted head and the bulb on the end.

I had never had a squirting orgasm before this toy, and to this day, nothing does it quite like this. I am still looking, but for $12, someone looking for G-spot stimulation just can't go wrong.

Bottom line is, the Tulip does what it promises. Its great design gives powerful vibrations right where she wants it. It's a toy that has a wide range of use possibilities, and the best part is it's less than $15. What else can one ask for!

If you're looking for a cheap way to get off, this is it! If you're not picky about the noise or longevity then the First time G-spot tulip fits the bill. Never failed to get off with this before.

This is a great toy, I would recommend every woman buy this for first time G-spot use. It gives great pleasure.

The G-Spot Tulip is a nice toy, and though it's advertised for beginners, the head is a tad bit wide. Regardless, the vibrations are strong and the material is as soft as velvet. This toy is also loud, but it makes up for that with its strong vibrations and great material.

The First Time G-spot Tulip by California Exotics is worth a try if you can ignore the seam and the fact that it is not actually very waterproof. Beyond that this toy is pretty powerful vibration wise and it is a little on the loud side but covering up the sound with some music or something would probably help.

A very good value toy that would be great for beginners to try different kinds of vibrations. This toy might not be the best if you are looking for something quiet.

With such a reasonable price for an aesthetically pleasing, hard working toy (pun intended), it's a must try and should be in your next purchase! It's one toy that I always have by my bed!

The cost of First-Time G-spot Tulip reflects that strong powerful vibrations don't have to come in more expensive toys. This baby is quite capable of keeping up with the big ones. I had to learn how to use this toy to orgasm as with any g-spot toy, and so can you. I'll always have my Tulip handy when I know I MUST have a squirting g-spot orgasm. As always, I research toys online, independent of Edenfantasys information and reviews. I hope this gives a fresh review for anyone to read.

This vibrator has been an essential tool in my g-spot exploration, providing me with my first g-spot orgasm. I couldn't be happier with it and, for the price, you really can't beat it. If you haven't found your g-spot yet, don't give up! I'd recommend this toy to any woman looking to expand her sexual horizons.

Is it the toy travel-friendly? Yes. Has it one of the most effective shapes to stimulate the G-spot? Yes. Will it keep a top spot among your go-to, favorites? If the noise doesn’t bother you, then it’s a fair choice for value conscious consumers

The large bulb head makes this an easy way to stimulate all your petals. You can find your G-spot with very little effort as well as stimulate the clitoris with the smooth velvet feel of the tulip head.

They say you get what you pay for, and for the price you can't beat the Tulip. It has nice vibration and the plastic carries that vibration wherever you put it.

This toy is great for the average woman, but not for someone who has size difficulties. The vibrations are right where you need them, making them good for g-spot stimulation as well as clit play!

This toy is definitely worth the price. If you want to explore internal stimulation and are looking for something cheap, this will definitely get the job done.

This design rocks, it's nice and wide stimulating all of those important parts! Check out the Tulip if you love direct clitoral stimulation with a smooth velvety texture.

This g-spot vibrator just wasn't worth it since it was poorly made. Remember that harsh line down the center? It caused me discomfort since I am very sensitive down there, but if you aren't too sensitive, this may be a great toy for you.

This is DEFINITELY worthwhile for beginning toy users looking to experiment with the G-spot but not looking to shell out a ton of cash for their first toy. The design is great. It has powerful g-spot stimulation, great vibration strength, and is very easy to operate. The rigid material coupled with the vibration provides wonderful G-spot stimulation, and the ergonomic design makes finding the G-spot a breeze! For its price, I think this toy is an absolutely worthwhile investment.

Easy to use, gets the job done easily, wonderful results! Highly recommended for EVERYONE!! Sleek ergonomic design fits and slides with ease. You'll never want to put it down.

This toy may help you find your G-spot, but once you've found it, you'll probably want to upgrade to something more comfortable and more aptly shaped.

As the name suggests, I think this is a great toy for beginners. At a great price, it's definitely worth it to experiment and see how you like G-Spot toys. The poorly positioned power dial, and too slight tilt of the bulb are disappointing, but still a great starting point for a newbie like me. After trying the Tulip, I am now more willing to spend much larger amounts on a more expensive G-Spot vibrator — knowing now that the feeling of vibrating G-Spot stimulation is amazing.

With a number of G-spot vibrators on the market, this waterproof vibrator does well for beginners. The vibrations can be intense, and it offers a great addition to other types of stimulation. I would not purchase this G-spot vibrator again, but with the moderately powerful vibrations and easy design, this G-spot vibrator will do its job well.

Whether this item is worth it or not, depends on the individual using it. For me, this item was not worth my money, but for many people I'm sure it is. It definitely isn't that exciting.

Great beginners vibrator. If you're more "experienced" with vibrators or dildos, this may not be as strong for you. Then again, some like that!

Again: I may have gotten a faulty product, and I might should have taken the time to try and replace it through Eden's Fantasies. I wanted so badly to say, "get this! It rocked my socks!" but it was not to be. This may be a case of getting what I paid for, although I've had good luck in other attempts at keeping my perv budget to a minimum...ah, well. Can't win 'em all.

The G-Spot Tulip is a great beginner's toy and a worthy addition to anyone's collection. It's smooth, waterproof, and has adjustable speeds. The curved tip is perfect for reaching your g-spot regardless of location.

If you are looking for a fun and exciting G-spot toy, then the First Time G-Spot Tulip is for you. It is waterproof and has a smooth and soft texture with a curved tip made just for the G-spot. This Tulip vibrates, is easy to use, and is a great toy for beginners!

If you are looking for an affordable G spot toy, than you may want to check out G spot tulip. It has powerful vibrations with a great design. There is enough variety with the tulip, that all levels of users can enjoy this toy. What are you waiting for read on...

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