Well, hello there, G-Spot!

As the name suggests, I think this is a great toy for beginners. At a great price, it's definitely worth it to experiment and see how you like G-Spot toys. The poorly positioned power dial, and too slight tilt of the bulb are disappointing, but still a great starting point for a newbie like me. After trying the Tulip, I am now more willing to spend much larger amounts on a more expensive G-Spot vibrator — knowing now that the feeling of vibrating G-Spot stimulation is amazing.
Soft and silky material
Good-sized head
Strong vibrations
Good length for solo play
Power dial poorly positioned
Tilt too slight for some
Very loud
Seam can make it hard to clean
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I have an obsession with my G-Spot. You know how sometimes when you are in a certain position during sex, or you are using a toy and you just hit that spot, that one spot that feels so crazy good you wish you could feel that all the time? That, folks, is what this G-Spot Vibrator is intended to do. It is designed with the large head and tilt, as to make it easier to reach and put pressure on the G-Spot. This toy can be used solo, with a partner, or with many partners as either foreplay or the main event.

Material / Texture

This vibe is made out of PU coated plastic which has a safety rating of 7. Even though it is plastic, I have not noticed any smell from the toy whatsoever, like I would expect from such a material, and it tastes like absolutely nothing — which is just how I like it!

Enjoy silicone based lubes best, but stuck using water or oil-based because your toys can't be used with silicone? No worries here! Because of the plastic, it can be used with any of your favorite lubes — including silicone.

Design / Shape / Size

The G-Spot Tulip Vibrator is made out of PU coated plastic, which is surprisingly soft and velvety-feeling. It is available in two colors: Pink, and Lavender. What makes this toy unique to other vibrators is the larger, tilted bulb, which is designed to hit the G-Spot. The bulb, at 2¼" long and 4½" around, is the main attraction here. This is the part that will have you wondering why you waited so long to try out a G-Spot specific vibrator.

Attached to the bulb is a long skinnier "stem" that is about 6½" long and about 3" around, and has a seam running all along both sides of it (front and back). The seam is not uncomfortable while the toy is being used, but take note that it is an indent in the toy, and fluid can get trapped in there if it's not cleaned very carefully.

At the bottom of this toy are the controls for the toy, in the form of a turn-able dial, and a twist-to-open battery compartment.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Tulip is battery powered, and runs off 2 AA batteries that can be easily placed in the toy by twisting the compartment at the bottom open. The battery compartment has triangle shapes all around it which are raised, therefore making opening and closing this compartment much easier.

Once the batteries are in and you are good to go, you can find the dial at the very end of the toy, and turn it on by twisting the dial to the right. This toy really only has one setting which is a constant “bzzzzzz”, with no pulsing, pauses, or patterns in between vibrations.

The Tulip is labeled as waterproof, which means you can take your play date anywhere you'd like — the bedroom, couch, shower, or bathtub, this vibe can handle it all — as long as you don't need it to be quiet. This vibrator is the loudest one I have had thus far, so I would not recommend taking it to yoga class anytime soon.

So you pick your play date location, find the dial, get ready to get down and dirty. The last thing you want when you are in the middle of almost-there bliss, is for the toy to completely change settings and lose power, right? Right. Unfortunately, this vibrator likes to do that sometimes.

The way the Tulip is designed, if you are using this toy solo, the easiest way to use it internally is to grip the bottom of the tulip stem with your fist around it, pulling and pushing to thrust the toy; but because of the location of the power-dial, this can cause problems with accidentally changing settings when you don't want to. The dial is very easy to move, and if your hand even moves past it briefly, it can change the setting drastically. The only way to really get around this is to be very aware of not moving your hand past it (which is hard to do if you are thrusting) or to hold the stem of the tulip, which I found completely uncomfortable and not pleasurable.

Considering how inexpensive this toy is, and how amazing it feels once it gets to the right spot, I can somewhat overlook this (sometimes very frustrating!) flaw in design.

Care and Maintenance

At a not very discreet 8" long, the Tulip can be one of the harder toys to store. It doesn't come with any sort of storage pouch or container, just the typical plastic packaging that would be difficult to re-store in after cutting open. Thankfully, if you are like me, it will easily fit in your underwear drawer, waiting comfortably for you for next time.

The Tulip is made out of plastic, so warm-soapy water works perfect for cleaning. One tip I have is to make sure you are very careful when cleaning inside the seam that runs along the side. It does have an indent, and fluids can get stuck in there if you are not consistent with the cleaning of the toy.


As the name suggests, I decided to try out the Tulip as my very first G-Spot vibrator. Already knowing that I love my G-Spot, I was very excited to try out this new toy. When it came in the mail, I didn't even remember to take a picture of the packaging because all I wanted to do was rip it open and try it out! Putting the batteries in and getting it set up was easy, thankfully.

I tried it first on my clit, testing the different levels of vibrations to see what kind of power this toy could pack. The first thing I thought was how loud it was! I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who needs a quiet toy, unless you plan on using it during the 4th of July, or maybe in the middle of a concert. This baby is loud, even on the lower settings.

After getting past the noise after turning it on, I turned it up, testing how strong it could get. The angle of the head works perfect for clitoral stimulation, focusing perfectly in the right spot when holding it down. While it is not as strong as some of the other vibrators I have tried, the velvety softness of the toy in combination with the strong vibrations makes it feel AMAZING. I could have stopped there, just using it as a clitoral vibrator, but of course I wanted to try out what it was mainly designed for!

The size of the bulb felt great, definitely noticeable but not so big that you are wondering if this is going to work out or not. It took me a little bit of time to find my G-Spot, not being very familiar with finding it with a toy, but once I found it the feeling was mind-blowing.

As I said earlier, my hand kept slipping the dial and turning to lower settings or sometimes almost off, which was very frustrating, but not enough to turn me off the toy completely.

Everyone has different body types, but personally I would like a more tilted bulb. I found myself angling the bottom of the stem super, super low in order to get it to hit the right spot, which put a strain on my hand and made avoiding the dial much harder, but once I got it into the right spot and found a spot to put my hand, where it wouldn't interfere, the feeling was just pure bliss.
Follow-up commentary
I still use and love the tulip. I haven't gotten around to finding something with a bigger tilt yet, so for now this is our go-to for foreplay. I LOVE when he uses this on me first, to get my G-spot nice and swollen and ready before we move on to the real deal.
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