Form 6

G-spot vibrator
by Jimmyjane

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The Form 6 by JimmyJane is a great luxury toy to add to your toy box. It has everything you'd expect a luxury toy to have. If you already own the Form 6 G3 and you're happy with it then I wouldn't recommend getting the original as well because not much has changed with regards to the material, shape, or vibration intensity. If you're new to the Form 6 then I would definitely recommend it for its rumbly deep vibrations.

An Absolute Luxury

Overall the Form 6’s luxury feel, strong build, two motors and deeper rumbly vibrations have won me over. While the smaller end has weaker vibrations it does provide direct clitoral and g-spot stimulation while the larger end boasts girth and stronger vibrations.

The Form 6 has a lot going for it and is definitely gorgeous but in the end, the travel timer has interrupted more orgasms than the Form 6 has ever given me. Given the extremely high price tag of this item, it doesn't seem quite worth it.

Please Don’t Fall for the Marketing

While Form 6 strives to be versatile, the desirable features packed into the toy cannot overcome the drawbacks. Being water-proof, rechargeable, silicone and having dual motors are all great qualities, but they cannot provide a user-friendly and pleasurable experience imperative of all high-quality vibrators, especially for this price range.

This is a great item - unfortunately it is also very expensive. Waterproof, rechargeable and non-threatening in shape. It is definitely a luxury toy, and the quality of craftsmanship is superb, justifying it's price tag. I recommend it, unless price is a factor in the decision.

This is a high quality toy that is a good staple item to have in the nightstand. The pros far outweigh the cons.

The Form 6 has a lot going for it. I love that it's rechargeable, comes in a discreet charging box, and has multiple vibration speeds and patterns. However, the overall shape and design don't suit me. The buttons are small, hard to find, and difficult to press, which really takes away from the pleasure of using this vibe.

This vibrator gave me the best orgasm of my entire life. It has made me stay in on weekend nights! Perfect for a single gal!

My wallet said no, but my pussy said yes- so yes, it's worth it. Despite my complete dislike of the function buttons, Form 6 has won me over to where it's the only insertable vibrating toy I look forward to using anymore. It is now on standby right next to the bed. It may be expensive, but with a pussy this happy, who cares? You can't put a price tag on joy like that; only Jimmyjane can and does.

Overall, I would say that if you CAN afford this, get it! It's definitely worth the price, and I'd rather have one Form 6 than a closet full of lesser toys.

The Form 6 is a versatile toy that is easy to use and beginner friendly. It is especially effective for g-spot stimulation.

Overall, I just absolutely love the Form 6. Let's sum it up this way: I brought this curved 7" toy into the bedroom and it has continued to be right by my bedside ever since. Yes, it is a little in the expensive category, but it is completely worth the money. I personally find that it's worth the money (especially with what you're saving on battery expenses). It can definitely be used for both first time or experienced toy users and for individual or couple play.

I highly recommend this vibe. It has become my go to toy whether I'm by myself or with a partner. My g-spot gets perfectly stimulated with the small end while the larger end can be used to stimulate all over, including my clit, as well as being used for insertion. Also, the number of options for vibration patterns and intensity levels has something that will please everyone.

The Form 6 has a home in everyone's toy collections. It is pricey but the one year warranty and Jimmyjane reputation mean this toy should last you for through lots of play of all different kinds.

This is an impressive vibe. It has deep, thuddy vibrations and a separate motor in each end. It can be used for g-spotting, thrusting, and clitoral stimulation in bed and in the tub.

I think the Form 6 would be a great choice for a first or only toy since it offers multiple uses, shapes, sizes and vibration types. It would also be a great addition to an advanced users collection. It's expensive, but it is a high quality toy and comes with a 3 year warranty. It's not my favourite toy, but I use it on a pretty regular basis and I feel it is worth the money I paid for it.

Truly a luxury sextoy, the Form 6 has something for everybody. The vibrations are strong and deep, making this useful as a full body massager, and excel as a sextoy! The superior materials, multiple functions, and 3-year warranty mean you can take comfort that you are getting a quality product that will be pleasing you and your lover for many years to come.

The Form 6 is a vibrator, a g-spot vibe, a clitoral stimulator... all wrapped up in a waterproof silicone package.

A beautiful high end vibe, for all experience levels and almost all preferences, and in my opinion totally worth the money, because of its versatility and style.

The Form 6 is an attractive and powerful vibrator. It is made of silicone, and is rechargeable, so you'll save a lot on batteries. By far the best feature is the memory - find a setting you like and the Form 6 will remember it.

The Form 6 is truly an amazing and versatile vibrator. It's dual ended with motors in each end that provide vibrations ranging from a soft tickle to an out of control, throbbing buzz. The Form 6 is rechargeable, completely waterproof and ideal for nearly any kind of stimulation you desire as the vibrations can be felt over every inch of the toy, not just the ends. It's gorgeous to look at, easy to use and comes with a storage box that doubles as its charger. Perfect form.

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