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Form 6

G-spot vibrator by Jimmyjane

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Hello Sensation

I think the Form 6 would be a great choice for a first or only toy since it offers multiple uses, shapes, sizes and vibration types. It would also be a great addition to an advanced users collection. It's expensive, but it is a high quality toy and comes with a 3 year warranty. It's not my favourite toy, but I use it on a pretty regular basis and I feel it is worth the money I paid for it.
Rechargeable, waterproof, dual ends, charging case.
Small end could be stronger, a little loud when both motors are on.
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Jimmyjane's Form 6 has 2 ends with seperate motors, and either side can be used internally or externally. I thought I would use the smaller end more since it looked like it would be better for both g-spot and clitoral stimulation, but I actually prefer both the shape and vibrations of the larger end and use it pretty exclusively. One interesting use I found for this toy was to place it against my vulva so that the larger end stimulated my clit and labia while the small end curved under to vibrate against my anus. I haven't tried inserting this toy anally. Jimmyjane says that the Form 6 can be used for anal and prostate stimulation, but they warn not to insert it farther than the metal collar while using the large end, or more than half way along the large end if you're inserting the small end.

Material / Texture

The Form 6 is made from smooth, matte silicone. It is a thin layer of silicone with some sort of hard material just below the surface, so there is no give or flexibility. There is a metal band around the neck of the toy, but I didn't feel it during use. There is a slightly raised seam around the edge of the toy, but I can't feel it vaginally and it isn't on the part of the toy that comes into contact with my body when I use it externally.

Design / Shape / Size

This vibrator has a total length of 7 inches. I was able to insert this toy past the metal band with no discomfort so I would say the insertable length is about 5 inches for both ends while still leaving some room for gripping. This should be long enough to reach most women's g-spots.

The small end is 4 inches in circumference and has a curved, slightly bulged end that makes it easy to reach the g-spot. This end also provides more pinpointed clitoral stimulation. The large end is 5 1/4 inches in circumference and gives me a very full feeling while also stimulating my g-spot. The shape of this end reminds me of a bigger version of Lelo's Mona or Ina and also feels similar to a smaller version of the Jollet. It has a ridge along the top and a cross section would look like a rounded off triangle. This kind of shape seems to work better for g-spot stimulation for me than a hooked end does. I also prefer this end for clitoral use. It reminds me of the shape of Siri because the ridge in the middle stimulates my clit while the sides of the toy vibrate against my labia and entire vulva.

I think this design would work well for beginners or advanced users. Those who are new to penetration can start with the smaller end or just use it externally. Advanced users will probably appreciate the g-spot stimulation that both ends provide, and the larger end has enough girth that it should be able to satisfy most people.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The small end has medium pitched vibrations that I would rate as 3 vrooms and they aren't enough for me to orgasm with. The large end has stronger, rumbly vibrations. Separately, both ends would get 2 bees. When both motors are on, this vibrator is a little loud and earns 3 bees. Having both ends on doesn't make either end feel stronger than it did before, but it does slightly change the type of vibrations. It seems like the vibrations in the two ends work against each other a little and this gives the toy more back and forth movement than it has when one end is on.

There are 3 buttons that control the Form 6: a small dot (.) that controls the large end, a larger circle (o) that controls the large end, and a squiggle (~) that cycles through the patterns. The buttons are places below the surface of the silicone and can be a little difficult to press, but I prefer that to buttons that I press by accident. The buttons also usually end up being inside my vagina. This doesn't bother me since I prefer to keep it on the highest constant setting, but if you're someone who likes to change settings during use you will have to remove and reinsert the toy.

Holding any of the buttons down for 2 seconds will turn the vibrations on or off. It will turn onto the last setting you used before turning it off. Pressing the "." and "o" buttons cycles through the 5 speeds. You can adjust the speeds for each pattern and have both ends on different speeds, or turn one end off while you use the other.

There are 6 patterns: Constant, Oscillate, Reverberate, Thrum, Ripple and Pulse. They are a bit difficult to explain, so I'm including the diagram from the instruction manual.

Since the patterns involve both ends doing different things, I wanted to be able to feel both ends at the same time. That's why I came up with the idea of placing the Form 6 across my vulva, perineum and anus so that I could feel the large and small ends simultaneously. This made for a unique experience, but it would have been even better if I was able to have penetration at the same time.

The controls can be locked so you don't have to worry about it turning on in your bag if you decide to take it travelling. Just hold down the "." and "o" buttons at the same time until the lights flash. You can unlock it the same way, or by placing it onto the plugged-in charger.

The charger is a black, plastic, rectangular case. It has an indentation where the Form 6 sits and metal contacts that connect to the metal on the neck of the toy. There are 4 lights hidden beneath the silicone that flash while the Form 6 is charging, and glow constantly when it is fully charged. According to Jimmyjane, you should charge the toy for a full 4 hours before your first use to ensure the battery will work properly. When you remove the toy from it's base, the lights will illuminate to show you the level of charge: 4 slow flashes indicate it has no charge, 1 blink for a low charge, 2 blinks for a medium charge, and for 3 blinks for a high charge. The lid says JIMMYJANE and is slightly transparent, so you can see the lights through it but can't really see the toy. It makes for discreet charging, and keeps dust off your vibrator. The Form 6 can't be overcharged and I follow Jimmyjanes recommendation of leaving it on its charger at all times so that it's always ready to go. It can run up to 6 hours on a charge, and lasts 2 hours on the highest setting.

This toy is totally waterproof. There is no charging port or openings around the buttons so there is no way for water to get inside. I don't usually use toys in the tub or shower, but it's nice not to have to worry about ruining them during cleaning.

Care and Maintenance

The Form 6 can be washed with soap and water or sterilized with a 10% bleach solution. Silicone lubes are not recommended because they could damage the silicone on the toy. The charging case acts as convenient storage.


The packaging is a white cardboard box with a picture of the Form 6 and product information on the outside. The inside of the lid has the words "Hello Sensation". Inside the box are the Form 6, it's charging case, an instruction manual and warranty. The packaging is very modern looking and informative. I don't find it as attractive as the packaging from some other companies like Lelo and Je Joue, but it is still suitable for gift giving.
Follow-up commentary
I still think this is a great toy, but I really haven't been using it. The small end isn't quite strong enough for me, and the large end is a little big for me. It's also a bit louder than most of my other toys. I'm in love with my Mona and I've been using it almost exclusively since I got it, so my Form 6 has barely been used. I'm putting it up for swap, and I hope it finds a home where it will be more appreciated.
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