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Iconic bullet reviews

45 reviews
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45 reviews

This is an excellent beginners bullet and I would highly recommend it to any first timer in the market for one. Powerful, quiet, and waterproof; its biggest drawback is its super short battery life.

If the idea of a bullet vibrator appeals to you, you are a complete beginner, or if you need to add to your collection, it is hard to go wrong with this product for the money that it costs. This is fun to use and well-made. I have no complaints.

Overall, I would recommend this bullet for use with couples or as a warm-up toy, since it does not have the capabilities of other bullets to go for more than 30 minutes without there being a noticeable drop in power or the watch batteries completely draining. If you intend to use this bullet as your only toy and require intense vibrations, then this is not the bullet for you and I would recommend you search for a different bullet that would suit your liking.

After 5 years of play, this is still one of my favorite toys. It comes in multiple colors, and it can be carried in your purse!

Simply put, it is a bullet. It has 3 speeds and uses watch batteries, however it didn't live up to the hype.

For the cost you wouldn't expect the vibes this little guy will bring you, definitely a must have. It's gender friendly and can go in harnesses or just in your pocket for those unexpected times where you just want a stress reliever.

I really wanted to like this bullet, but it shorts out so much that I'm often left frustrated. The toy might be good for a beginner, or it would be if it wasn't faulty.

Save your money and buy something better quality that will last much longer! It's not worth the price of replacing over and over.

Great product and a must for any couple or a single person. Great gift idea and also a must for any sex life.

I don't regret getting this bullet, but most likely will stop using it because it is more convenient to change batteries for my other toys.

An absolute buy, especially for first timers and experienced players alike. This can be easy to use by anyone and enjoyed by all. There are so many ways you can find to have fun with the various situations and position you can use this for. It can be used not only on females but males as well. The products gentle vibrations can stimulate any arousal region on anyone.

Overall, the Iconic Bullet is a great toy that will come in handy in multiple situations in the future. I know it will get good use and will be lots of fun. Some of the down falls of this product are made up by how discreet and multi-purpose it can be. I would recommend this toy to anyone on the spectrum from beginner to advanced, especially if you're looking for that perfect toy to bring a little life and spontaneity into sex!

The Iconic Bullet from Jimmyjane is a small, powerful vibrator that is great for beginners. It's easy to travel with or hide, and it's quiet enough to be silent through a closed door. It's a great pick. Labeled as waterproof, it can be used externally or internally, either by yourself or with a partner. For its size, it's capable of packing quite a punch, but it's also capable of soothing, more massage-like vibrations, for those who don't prefer rougher sensations.

Icons are labeled so for a reason. They have made an impression on society and are easily recognizable. The Iconic Bullet from Jimmy Jane fits this description without a doubt. It is sleek, smooth and lovely. Any level of user would certainly find a home for it in his or her collection.

This is a great little vibe for a great price. It's strong, quiet, waterproof, and makes it the perfect discreet vibe for every woman for any situation/setting. It can be given as party favors at a bachelorette party, given as a first vibe gift to a girlfriend or, just bought for yourself. Seriously, you CAN NOT go wrong with this one.

This item is a great addition to any toy chest simply because it can be used in so many ways: with toys, by yourself, with a partner, etc. Reasonable price, awesome buzz!

The only thing that would improve this toy was if it was waterproof, but even without that, it's a perfect little bullet. I've used quite a few batteries on this baby and I don't even care because it feels so good! It's discreet, cute, and simple - and it gets the job done.

The iconic bullet is the best of its kind. Simplicity of operation and versatility of use make it a great toy for anyone. The fact that it's waterproof and has a one year warranty seals the deal.

This product would be thrilling if you've never tried a vibrating toy before and would like to know what it was like when starting out. It's worth buying if you're a beginner and looking for something that's got more than one option in vibrations/speed. It's worth buying for the price that it is with all that it can do. It's comfortable to use and compatible with options such as water-based situations like shower, bathtub, etc. and lubricated methods.

The Iconic Bullet was definitely a great first toy buy for me. It is extremely classy and very enjoyable in use, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to add a bullet to his or her collection. If you were interested in a simple but powerful bullet that is fantastic at imparting mind-blowing orgasms, I would say that the Iconic is for you. I hope that it lasts a while for me, because I am already so fond of it!

Tiny and discreet yet powerful - and for a price you can't resist or feel too guilty about. The Iconic Bullet is a fantastic first toy or a great addition to any collection.

For those who need an upgrade for their bullet toys, the Iconic is a great choice. For those who need a little something "on the go" this one is a great compact choice.

Do you think you've had a great bullet before? That one that came free with ____ doing you justice? No. It's not. This is a super bullet, intended to be super quiet, super strong, and SUPER STRONG. It's almost too strong for me on the lowest setting, which means that most women will find the lowest setting a great intensity! JimmyJane has presented us with a great toy at an amazing price point, but it's not for the faint of heart.

All in all, you can't beat the Iconic Bullet for dollar value to quality. It's sleek, clean, and sexy. The only real downfall for me was the 3 required watch batteries.

If you're looking for a great first toy-a solid, standard toy that won't break on you in a week, get Jimmyjane's Iconic Bullet. It's devoid of any extra features, but it has three standard settings that will leave you begging for more. All at a great price point. What are you waiting for?

In search of a travel vibe for my purse, I needed something that was small, powerful, and battery operated. I was amazed that those three things were so difficult to find. Luckily, I ran into JimmyJane's Iconic Bullet that came through and all of my requirements. I would have liked this even more if it were stronger, but it suits my purposes enough for me not to mark it down because of it. If you need a small, portable, higher level strength bullet - look no further than JimmyJane's aptly na

For someone who is new to vibrators and sex toys in general, I would highly recommend this; it's basically the definition of what a bullet vibrator is. More experienced toy users might want to opt for something more interesting or a toy that is more battery-efficient.

The Iconic Bullet from JimmyJane is the traditional bullet that has been popular for so many years, with the added touch of the beloved JimmyJane. They distilled it to an elegant white and made it waterproof. It has three speeds controlled by a push button and can be used by women and couples for a variety of stimulation.

I think this toy is amazing because of it's simple, sleek shape and major power. I would recommend that anyone, beginner or pro, add this to their collection.

The Iconic Bullet is a great bullet for travel. It is quiet and small. Small enough to fit into your jeans pocket. It has nice steady vibrations that are great for a beginner user. Great bullet and very cost effective. You can use this with any lubricant.

Overall it is a great toy that can be used anywhere and everywhere you're comfortable using it. The only thing is that if you use it in public, be prepared to hold back your moans because it brings on a powerful climax.

Another win for JimmyJane! The Iconic Bullet doesn't look like much, but it's quickly becoming one of my favorite vibrators. Watch batteries or not, it power rivals that of my other bullets that take AA or AAA batteries. Even those with a Clit-O-Steel would be pleasantly surprised by its strength (probably).

It is great if used properly, not my exactly favorite of toys, however, it will definitly fo the job that you want done.

Perfect for beginners, this bullet is strong, fairly quiet, waterproof, and compatible with all lubricants. It's non-intimidating form and small size make it perfect as a 'first toy' in both storage and usage.

This dandy is a little something that y'all are going to want to keep handy. Whether you're looking for some alone time after a hard day's work on the ranch or havin' a nice tussle with your favorite cowbowy or cowgirl, it's the perfect little companion that's right on target every time.

this was a great product if you're going to use it for a little foreplay or to help get yourself off, but if you arent using other products as well, it wont do much for you.

With the way I blew through the battery my first day of owning it, it's not worth the expense to buy more when I know I'll go through them just as fast.

This bullet is tiny but super powerful and not loud at all! It'll make me cum every time. Its definitely worth every penny!

This is a great beginner's vibrator, both for going solo and for partner play. The design allows for a nearly endless amount of areas that it can be used on, such as the clitoris, vagina, anus and the nipples. The wonders of this toy need not be limited to just women either! The strong vibrations feel great on the penis and balls as well!

The Iconic Bullet is definitely worth every penny. It's a little more plump than the regular bullets but you will love the way you can quickly push the top and increase the speed. I was actually expecting the usual type of bullet but I was pleasantly surprised. It packs a punch. I thought the experience was fabulous and I did a lot of research with it.

This bullet vibe is the perfect addition to any toy user. It is a fun compact toy that holds a lot of power. Every experience I have had using this vibrator has been anything but disappointing. I'd recommend it to anyone who is looking to purchase their first vibrator.

The Iconic Bullet not only comes with a low price tag, but a warranty! I have enjoyed multiple sexcapades with my Iconic Bullet and it is so worth adding to ones collection. The powerful vibrations, coupled with the low noise make it so discreet you can use it almost anywhere, alone or with a partner.

I would recommend this bullet to others. It's quiet, waterproof, and easy to use. It's free of phthalates and easy to clean; I had no issues with the toy what so ever! It's small and easy to hide and store - I store my Iconic bullet in a small box that some of my jewelry came in. The toy also comes with a warranty from Jimmyjane.

This was a great product that anyone can use for a number of ways. And, a good price is attached to it!

The power-packed Iconic bullet has all the features you could want from a bullet vibrator; it's quiet, waterproof, and has multiple speeds to please a wide variety of people.

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