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The Iconic bullet, the rock star of bullets...really.

For those who need an upgrade for their bullet toys, the Iconic is a great choice. For those who need a little something "on the go" this one is a great compact choice.
Multiple settings, water proof, compact and economical.
Not super powerful, Takes LR44 watch batteries.
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The Iconic bullet is manufactured by Jimmyjane, and is part of their "The Usual suspects" line which includes Iconic bullet, Iconic smoothie, Iconic pocket,Iconic ring,The usual suspects Iconic rabbit and Boy meets girl kit. The underlying theme in all of these are their basic look, design, color and function. No whimsical programs, just good ole slow-medium-fast.

The great part about a bullet vibrator is that you can use in many ways. For masturbation, you can put it on your clit or inside you. We have tons of vibrating toys, we bought this with the specific purpose to using it in our Colt cock ring. It's multi-speed feature seemed very appealing. Or you can pair it with oral sex, putting it on you while you're receiving, or your partner while you are giving. Depending on the size of the bullet, you may even be able to insert it during intercourse. We had a super small corded bullet that was meant for such activity, it was what got us interested in these types of toys.

Bullets are meant for external stimulation only, not complete insertion. Some toys are designed to hold bullets (dildos, mainly), or they make for compact vibes to use in various external locations during play. The Iconic is small enough to be discrete during public play, but Anal play should be advised against. There is no handle or tether that would prevent the dreaded "slip in".

The water-proof ability of this toy was also very appealing, we don't do much water play but we may just start now.

This little guy will bounce like a Mexican jumping bean if you start him up and leave him on a hard surface, so if your looking for discretion, don't let him loose on the bathroom counter.

Material / Texture

The Iconic Bullet is made from a hard plastic that is phthalates free, hypo-allergenic, latex free, and a food-grade material. It's smooth and slick, so little to no lubricant is needed and it's easy to insert into a ring or rub against skin. It's also odorless and tasteless and doesn't attract lint. We noticed no smell to this toy out of the box.

The safety rating as per edednfantasys;

Material safety: 8/10 10 being the safest based on porosity, sterility and composition
Safety features:Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

Iconic bullet in hand

The Iconic bullet is shaped like many other bullets(with a rounded tip), however we have seen some that have a sharper point, as opposed to this one's "pill" shape. This bullet is a little over 1/2" in diameter(5/8 ths) to be exact. We measured it at 2.25", the measurement not including the button. To give you a comparison it's about as thick as a dime. It's about as long as an average pinky finger. 3 LR44 batteries power the bullet and they are included! They come pre-loaded, all you need to do is pull the plastic strip and go.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The functions of the Iconic bullet are what set it apart from most bullets in the entry level market. It is waterproof(tested by us, but only for a few moments), and multi speed. The controls are a single button, and the speeds are slow, medium and high, one last push turns the unit off. If your using this as a stand alone the button may be inadvertently pushed at an inopportune moment. We used this primarily as a insert in to the various bullet powered toys we owned and liked, but found the bullet was lacking. The speeds are well spaced and on it's highest speed it's more powerful(3 vrooms) than our other bullets(1.5 vrooms). The button is located in the cap. This bullet is very quiet, even the highest setting is easily muffled by covers or a closed door, low speed is whisper silent.
Iconic bullet in hand

We found that so far after 2 hours of use the batteries are still going strong. Our experience with watch batteries is that while not very powerful, they do last a long time. We will comment further in the follow up.
    • Multiple settings

Care and Maintenance

You could store this in the box it comes in, its attractive and would protect your toy, however, for the price it may be easier to just toss it into the toy box with everything else. The only reason for boxing it would be to avoid turning it on by accident, leading to battery drain or embarrassing situations.

The EF materiel page has this to offer for plastic products; "Can easily be cleaned with antibacterial soap and hot water or by wiping down with isopropyl alcohol."
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


This is a nice box, and could serve as storage. The instructions are laid out, and unfold when the box is open. It's discrete unless whoever happens upon it know what a bullet is! This, being part of "The Usual Suspects" line has that printed on the front cover, it states that it's a "Iconic Bullet AKA 'Bullet Vibrator' Vibromasseuer Bullet." Sounds fancy, and for the price, we think it's a nice delivery.



Personal comments

We had been on the look out for a multi speed bullet that packed a bit more punch than the standard bullets we often found. Our Colt cock ring included a bullet and we really liked the way they worked together. We figured a multi-speed bullet would work even better, allowing us to build the vibration up, as the action heated up. We also own the 4Us cock ring, and while we don't use it much it was good to find out it fit our Iconic bullet perfectly. Another toy we have that is bullet powered is the feeldoe. When reviewing those products one of knocks on them was the lack of a multispeed bullet, the Iconic makes the toys you own better, and for the price everyone should have one.

The vibrating bullet review can be found here; [https://www.edenfantasys.com/Account/Services/Reviews/Review.aspx?ReviewID=28304]

The 4US cockring review can be found here;

The Feeldoe review can be found here;

The Rude Boy review can be found here;


The experience with the Iconic bullet was an excellent one it fit perfectly in to our bullet driven toys including the 4US cock ring, the Feeldoe, the Rude boy and the Colt cock ring. We took pictures of the various toys with the bullet inserted. It's a good idea to add a tiny bit of lubricant to make sure getting the bullet out is a breeze. The Iconic did well under water during a good post use washing.
Rude Boy
Colt Cock Ring
4Us Cock Ring

Given it's size and purpose, this little guys has a lot going for it. The price is great, and the watch batteries 3 LR44's are usually expensive so, for a few bucks more, why not just replace your old bullet with a shiny new white, multi speed and waterproof beauty! 5 Stars!

EF also carries the other Iconic series products, so we're going to check it out.
Follow-up commentary
We still love this, everyone should have one. It's been used for 3.5-4 hours and it's still buzzing away. We may just make this our go to bullet, anyone want some used bullets for sale.LOL
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