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Iconic Indeed

In search of a travel vibe for my purse, I needed something that was small, powerful, and battery operated. I was amazed that those three things were so difficult to find. Luckily, I ran into JimmyJane's Iconic Bullet that came through and all of my requirements. I would have liked this even more if it were stronger, but it suits my purposes enough for me not to mark it down because of it. If you need a small, portable, higher level strength bullet - look no further than JimmyJane's aptly na
Small size
Nice packaging
Higher vibration
Might not be strong enough for everyone
Could be more rumbly
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JimmyJane's Iconic Bullet is a small, portable external stimulator. It's intended purpose is for the clitoris, but really you can use this anywhere you like so long as it's external. I wouldn't recommend inserting this vaginally as it's very small. I certainly wouldn't recommend inserting this anally as it could easily get lost due to its size and lack of flared base.

This is a perfect bullet for beginners and advanced users alike. It's waterproof, so it's fine for shower or bath play. It's good for solo or partner fun, as well. It's small size makes it idea for use during sex as it won't get in the way.

I personally got this for travel reasons, and I will say this makes a great on-the-go vibrator. It slips easily into a purse or travel bag. You never known when you might have an emergency that needs taking care of and this is the perfect little vibrator to have at the ready.

Material / Texture

The Iconic Bullet is made of plastic. This puts it at an 8 on the safety scale. The plastic is smooth with a glossy finish to it. As a plastic, it is very hard and unforgiving. It doesn't feel as hard to me as some of the plastics with the metal finish, but I think that's partially in my head. It does not have any type of velvety coating on it to make it softer or anything. In the end, it's plastic and you should expect it to feel hard. There is no added texture to this bullet, just a simple smooth surface.

There is no smell to Iconic Bullet. This is a plus as plastics with smell tend to have an overwhelming plastic smell to them. There is also no plastic taste.

Beginners and advanced users will be able to use the material of the Iconic Bullet. If you know you need something with give to it, you might want to look around some more. Those who like texture on their bullets may also want to look elsewhere.

Design / Shape / Size

Iconic Bullet is smaller than most battery operated bullets. It measures just 2 inches in length and only .25 inches in diameter. As usual, I get something different than the product page, but this could be because I'm no good with a measuring tape. The product page lists 2.25 for length and 5/8 for diameter. I'm not buying either of those measurements. Sometimes I think it's my rather questionable abilities with the measuring stick, but this time I'm fairly sure the product page is off and not me. You never know though.

If I hold the Iconic Bullet at the tip of my middle finger it comes down to my knuckle. Here you can see it in my hand for size reference.

Since I got this for travel purposes, I found this to be just the right size. It was easy to slip into my purse. I didn't even have to put it into the big zippered compartment. I just slipped it in the little pouch on the top of my purse which still left room for my keys and other quick grab items. Yes, my vibrator won a spot in my quick grab items place in my purse.

The only downside to the size is that the vibrations travel up to your fingers a bit, but other than that this is a great size for many reasons. It can go with you, as I mentioned. It very easy to hide if you need to be discreet. It's easy to store if you have a large collection and are low on storage space. As an added bonus, it's the perfect size for use during sex because it won't get in the way.

Functions / Performance / Controls

There is a button at the bottom of the base that controls the power level of the Iconic Bullet. Press to turn on, scroll through the speeds, and turn off. You will need to scroll through all the speeds to turn it off.

There are three speed levels to this bullet. These range in power going from two vrooms to three vrooms to four vrooms. At the four vroom level, I would put this at mid-range four. It's not the highest level of four, but it does have some kick to it. It won't be enough for those that need crazy amounts of power, but it may be too much for many users. There are no patterns to choose from.

The vibrations are midway between buzzy and rumbly with a little lean to the buzzy side. It's not so buzzy that it numbs me or makes me itch. It shouldn't be anything that bothers most users, but if you're especially sensitive to any amount of buzz, this could potentially be a little irritating. I found the vibrations levels to be pleasurable, though I would have preferred the lean to be toward the rumbly side rather than the buzzy side. It's really not that bad though.

The vibrations are super focused at the tip, but do radiate up somewhat to the shaft and base. I can feel it in my fingers somewhat during use, but not enough to make my fingers go numb. While I did use this for an extended period, it is my on-the-go vibrator and got use in multiple quicker sessions rather than my usual longer sessions, so there may be a higher probability of finger numbing with longer sessions.

Iconic Bullet is insanely quiet. I can almost, but not quite, muffle it completely with covers. I can't hear it through a closed door at all. My husband has the TV on loudly in the same room as me right now. I just put this bullet on high and I could not hear it until I had it right up to my ear.

This bullet is waterproof. I have had no issues with submersion when washing or testing this.

There is a one year warranty on the Iconic Bullet through JimmyJane. I thought that was worth mentioning because it's pretty rare that you'll find a toy under $20 with a warranty.

Iconic Bullet operates on 3 LR44 batteries which are included with the bullet. These are watch batteries, which are fairly easy to replace once they die. Even though you can get these batteries at the supermarket, I like that they were included. I'm always a fan of included batteries, especially when they aren't simple AA or AAA ones because it saves me a trip and allows me to play with my new toy right away.

Care and Maintenance

Since it's waterproof, care of the Iconic Bullet is a breeze. Simply wash with soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner or spray.

Water, oil, or silicone lubes can be used with plastic, so feel free to pick your favorite lube.

For storage, you can keep this in its original package. If you choose not to do this, you can pretty much just throw this in a drawer or keep it in a plastic baggie. There's really no special care needed.


It's rare when I'm impressed with packaging on any cheaper item, as usually a cheap price means fairly cheap packaging. Luckily, JimmyJane doesn't do cheap packaging. The Iconic Bullet comes in a rectangular box in white, black, and grey tones. The front of the box says "The Usual Suspects - Iconic Vibrating Collection - Enjoyed By Many, Curated By Us." Cute. It also says "Iconic Bullet AKA 'Bullet Vibrator' Vibromasseuer Bullet." It has a picture of the bullet in the background, but it's done in an elegant, non-tacky way. One side of the box shows pictures of all the items in the Iconic collection. The other side has some information about the bullet, how it's waterproof, etc. The back has a blurb about "The Usual Suspects" (which I think is very clever, by the way). It also says "Choose any color, so long as it's white." Ha.

The inside opens up to reveal the bullet sitting in the middle. The side packaging has all the instructions for the vibrator.

I don't think I've ever gotten packaging this nice for something at this price point. Had I paid $100 for this, I'd be saying the packaging was lacking, but for a $16 bullet this is pretty darn nice packaging. It works well for storage and would even make a nice gift. It's not quite discreet because of all the pictures, but it's not a naked girl or huge vibrator pictures either.

Personal comments

I would recommend this to just about everyone except those who need level five vibrations and know they can only get off to that. I think this is a great little bullet, especially for the price point. Not only does it work really well, but the white color has a nice, elegant look to it. I do wish the vibrations were a little more rumbly and a little stronger just as a personal preference, but otherwise I think this is a great bullet and possibly the best one I've bought to date.


I had a bullet a long time ago that I used to carry in my purse. It was too weak for me and I quickly outgrew it and it just couldn't get me off. Frustrated, I started the search for a new purse bullet. After all, you never know when you might be out somewhere and just really need to have an orgasm. What? That's never happened to you?

Now, it takes a mid-level four or higher for me to orgasm and searching for a bullet that was small, battery operated, and powerful was no easy task. Getting all three seemed to be impossible. Then I found the Iconic Bullet.

While it's not my preferred strength for an external vibrator as I like five vroom vibrators, this did the trick. It took a little longer than what it takes with a stronger vibrator, but I did get there in the end. It wasn't the strongest orgasm in the world, but it was enough to satisfy.

Now, had I gotten this for use at home for solo sessions, I might have rated this four stars because it really wouldn't work for that purpose for me. I'd just end up grabbing my five vroom vibrators and ignoring this one. However, since I got this as a carry along and thus simply need something that can do in a bind, I'm being a bit more forgiving on power level and giving this five stars. The design is nice, the strength is strong enough, and the size is exactly what I was looking for. It fits all my needs, and therefore, five stars from me.
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  • PeppermintFuntimes
    The pictures really helped, I'm also surprised that a powerful bullet is so quiet. I've been hedging on getting a tiny bullet for some time, maybe I should try this soon.
  • - Kira -
    I've got a few quiet bullets, but this one is super quiet. Tiny bullets are always good to have around.
  • Ryuson
    Thanks for the review! I'm getting this for my friend for sure! (I almost want to get one for myself, but that's now who I'm shopping for right now! )
  • - Kira -
    You're welcome! You can always get one for you later.
  • LoveDove
    Great review, thanks! I love that it's so quiet. I need quiet toys, living in a dorm.
  • - Kira -
    Thanks and you're welcome! This is one of the quietest ones I have so it would be perfect for dorm living.
  • Love Perpetua
    Wonderful review, thanks! I like that the vibrations are so focused in the tip!
  • - Kira -
    Thanks and you're welcome! Me too. I'm always surprised when clit vibes put the vibrations away from the tip. O.o
  • fufucat
    Thanks for the review!
  • - Kira -
    You're welcome!
  • Apirka
    Thank you for the excellent review and all the photos!
  • - Kira -
    You're welcome!
  • sagegirl72
    I think you have excellent reviews..this one really helped me make a decision! Thank you!
  • - Kira -
    Thank you! Glad I could help.
  • Yoga
    Thanks for review.
  • Tantric Tendencies
    Thanks for review.
  • Lady Bear
    Thanks for the review!
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    Thanks so much for the review!
  • GenderSexplorations
    Glad to hear it's quiet! Nice review!
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