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InfraRed massager reviews

18 reviews
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18 reviews

If you are looking for a sensual massager, or something more therapeutic for deep tissue or circulation stimulation, this is a great place to start. It is highly affordable, and includes five interchangeable attachments for a variety of functions. The massager also warms and is power operated, so you never run out of juice.

This massager is sure to soothe your pains with one side of the head that warms up and the other side adaptable to 5 vibrating attachments. Use as a massager or as a sex toy if that is what you desire.

If you're looking for the perfect massager for an all over body massage, then the InfraRed massager is great choice. With several attachments and a heated side, there's bound to be something for everyone here.

While this heated vibrating electric massager might not be the hottest, it will soothe your tired, aching muscles. This thing will definitely melt tension, if not all of it. The design leaves a lot to be desired, but that won't stop me from using it!

This toy is great for doing what it is meant to do. If you can get past the noise level, it would make a great addition. I mainly bought this for my sore muscles and migraines, though it does work just as well sexually. I ended up getting 3 additional ones for Christmas gifts.

If you're looking for a heated massager, this probably isn't going to float your boat-as it hardly warms up at all. If you want a powerful, effective massager that is going to work out some of your toughest knots, then this is definitely going to be an awesome buy for you! Watch out though, its noisy.

The InfraRed Massager is great for a soothing, relaxing all over body massage. It comes with 5 different attachments and a heated side for a sensual heated massage. This is one of the best EF investments I've made so far and would recommend it to anyone. No more hand and finger cramps. Massages are not a hassle anymore. I love this wand!

The InfraRed Massager is a fantastic massager. It may lack in the area of being a sexual massager, but it works wonders on the muscles and joints. This massager is definitely worth a look by anyone. Use it on your scalp, your face, your neck, your back, or anywhere on your body and you will find yourself pleasantly surprised with how well it works.

I do enjoy this massager greatly, despite a few flaws. This is great for an intimate or sensual massage with a partner and alone as well. There are many ways to use this, though as a sex toy it is not the best. It is meant to be a body massager. For the price it is worth it, and the infrared is what makes this really worth the price. Though if you saved an extra twenty bucks you could get a massager that works well for massages and as a sex toy too.

I wanted a massager that could be used by everyone who comes over. This a great all around body massager, I high recommend it. It is really rather loud, which can be too loud. However it works great, and can really relieve some of that tension you have built up.

This massager is truly best suited for massage, rather than masturbation. The vibrations and heat did help my headaches and soreness, but I think this massager is at its best when used sensually for couples or individuals who are looking to relax and set the mood. It's definitely no replacement for a trip to the spa or the chiropractor! Limited customization and combinations kept this product at only three stars.

Aside from being a little loud, this massager offers you a wide range of attachments to use for a heated all-over body massage. The scalp massager was so comforting that he went to sleep when I used it on him.

This massager is great for a heated massage with strong vibrations! No batteries are required and several massage heads make this a great buy.

While this massager doesn't work terribly well as a sexual massager, who cares when it works so well for its intended purpose. You're sure to find at least one of its five attachments to feel great. Infrared massage therapy that this product delivers can be helpful for a wide range of health issues.

The Infrared Electric Massager by California Exotics features five interchangeable attachments, long power cord, and infrared heat. Use it for relieving muscle aches and pains, giving a massage, or for pleasuring yourself.

The InfraRed massager is an excellent addition to the sensual arsenal. Paired with massage oil, it's heat and attachments lead to a relaxing, soothing, sensual massage that leaves you feeling good all over. Multi-purpose, multiple attachments give you a great choice in sensations.

The InfraRed Massager will be my first choice for strong vibration in solo play. The dual function of a vibrator and a massager is a plus.

All in all; the InfraRed Massager offers a lot of variety whether your goal is tending to sore muscles after a hard day or some sensual fun. I will definitely be getting a lot of use out of this one!

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