Heat and vibration - a double win

While this massager doesn't work terribly well as a sexual massager, who cares when it works so well for its intended purpose. You're sure to find at least one of its five attachments to feel great. Infrared massage therapy that this product delivers can be helpful for a wide range of health issues.
offers both infrared and vibrating massage, variety of attachments
not easily perverted for sexual use
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This isn't the best choice for a sexual massager, but its great for sensual massages - its intended purpose. It gives you both vibration, with a variety of heads, and infrared massage. Soothe sore, tight muscles with heat or vibration or enjoy this massager for its relaxing, pleasurable effects.

This would be the perfect start to foreplay. What a fantastic way to warm your partner up.

Material / Texture

The exterior of this massager is mostly plastic. It has no smell. There is a little bit of texture along the handle, presumably to make it easier to grip. All of the attachments, except one, the 'wide bump' attachment, have a little flex to them. There is also a flexible region on the massager's neck. The cord is six feet long.

Design / Shape / Size

The Infrared Massager is approximately the same size as the Magic Wand and the Fairy Wand, although it weighs a tiny bit less.

Its size, weight and design make it very easy to use.

It comes with five detachable heads. The heads are named in the instruction booklet that comes with it.

All Purpose Massager - This one has seven bumps that are the size of half a marble. This is the one rigid head. Its intended to be used all over the body.

Scalp Massager - My favorite. This head is wide and soft with many soft spikes, almost like a hair brush. It feels heavenly good on your scalp and the back of your neck. Even my cat seemed to enjoy this one.

Dual Massager - This head has two cone shaped protuberances (they refer to them as 'Shiatsu-type fingers'). Its meant for deep tissue massage.

Lotion Massager - This is intended to be used on your face. Its the smallest attachment. It has a spongy non-porous material on a firm base. Apply lotion to the head and massage into your face.

Spot Massager - This head has a single cone to deeply massage specific points.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Infrared Massager has only two settings:

Low Vibration + High Heat
High Vibration + Low Heat

You cannot control vibrations and heat separately. On one side, a stem sticks out about a half an inch. This is where the attachments are affixed. The opposite side of the head is smooth black plastic and is where the Infrared heat is emitted.

All the usual warnings about not using it near water apply.

Care and Maintenance

The instructions caution to not use it near water or retrieve it from water if it falls into a tub of water. There are a more water-related cautions. They are all just common sense.

The booklet also advises unplugging it after use. Maybe this is to protect it from thunderstorms. It doesn't stay warm after its turned off, even if it is left plugged into the wall.

The attachments all are easily removable and can be washed with soap and water after use if needed. Even the spongy attachment can be washed. It appears to be a stiff sponge, but its nonporous. I worried about ruining it with lotion, but lotion washes right off after use. You can't tell lotion was ever applied after its clean and dry.


It comes in a very large clamshell package. You will not want to store it in its original packaging. Its just too large.

It also comes with a small instruction booklet.

Personal comments

The most touted benefit of infrared massage and the one mentioned on the product packaging, is that it increases circulation. Any problem that can be helped with increased blood flow may be helped with this massager.

I also found non-vibrating devices that only emit infrared radiation sold for the purpose of reducing cellulite. I tried it on my problem areas and didn't notice a change. If it does work for this it likely requires repeated sessions.

Its also useful for stiff, tense muscles. When I was in college and pulled a muscle in my neck, infrared heat was used as a therapy for that. Its an accepted medical treatment for muscular issues.

I googled carpal tunnel + infrared and found sites recommending it for that purpose. I've been trying this every evening. I'm not sure I notice a difference, but it feels nice. I suspect that if you google almost any medical condition and the word infrared you'll find a site recommending it.

diabetes + infrared - check
acne + infrared - check
erectile dysfunction + infrared - check
stroke + infrared - check
bedwetting + infrared - check

As I write this, Dr Oz is on and has just demonstrated an infrared comb used to combat hair loss.

Infrared radiation is said to promote healing by vibrating at the same frequency as human bodies, allowing it to stimulate cells, improve cell metabolism and increase blood flow. Research performed at Creighton University found that infrared radiation can penetrate one to three inches below the skin.

It can also help reduce inflammation and pain.


I've really enjoyed testing this product. I initially tried it as a sexual massager. Its not well suited for that in my opinion. Only the spot massager tip is useful for sexual stimulation, but I found it to be frustrating to keep the tip on target. The other attachments are too big and awkward to work well in that capacity.

But using it as it was intended to be used - that's another story. The massage heads feel quite good on sore muscles or on your back. The scalp massage attachment feels very nice on your head and the back of your neck. My husband and I are both big fans of that attachment.

The lotion massager feels good on your face. Coincidentally, I had just read an article about the benefits of vibration on the face as an effective treatment for sinus infections. I can see why. I used the lotion head around my eyes and on my temples during a recent sinus headache, then followed up with the infrared side. My sinus headache disappeared. This massager is worth buying for that benefit alone if you're troubled by frequent sinus headaches like I am.

The two attachments with cones are my least favorite, but others who like deep massage will probably enjoy those.

The infrared side lets you apply heat to sore muscles, cellulite areas or anywhere else where heat or healing is desired.

You can't help feeling happy and relaxed after using this massager.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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