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iVibe pocket rocket reviews

40 reviews
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40 reviews

This is great as a first mini vibe for solo or couple use. It will get the job done but might take a while. Not the best of the best but if you give it time...the rocket will do its job for you!

Over all, this toy is definitely a favorite for frequent use, and 'everyday' kind of activities. It does exactly what it's supposed to, but not anything more - it can really only be used as intended and isn't a toy for those looking for something that has a lot of features or functions, or multiple uses. But for those looking for a great solo toy with strong intensity, or a small toy to add to their intimate relations, it's definitely worth purchasing.

Great for a beginner who may not know yet what they're looking for. The seasoned professional should look for a toy with more versatility and functions.

I love the iVibe. It is a small but powerful, awesome little friend of mine. I think everyone should own one or maybe two!

In all, I'd say this was good for a beginner. It's not my favorite, and I see myself replacing it soon with something quieter, or with more functions. I would recommend this to someone looking for a simple, medium-strong vibe, and I don't regret getting one.

This is by far my favorite toy. It's not too loud and it's got a good amount of vibrations. It's really good how it's so compact. This is in my top 2 favorite toys, the other toy being a dildo type vibrator that I use internally. They cater to 2 different needs. But this one is what I use on a regular basis, it's easier to do with clothes on, the vibrations are so good it gets me off quickly.

The iVibe pocket rocket is great for beginners who want to see what kind of toy they like. The positives are that it has a moderately strong vibration, has both a smooth surface and a rough surface for stimulation, and is small. On the other hand, the iVibe pocket rocket only has one setting and is not that easy to clean. I would recommend this vibe to beginners and people who think that a vibe with a moderate vibration made of hard plastic is right for them!

This pretty little pocket rocket was great at first, but it burned out way too quickly. After only a few uses, it gives off this awful chemical smell which not only is a turn off, but I'm afraid it'll catch fire or something. I don't know about you, but I'm not willing to take the phrase "fire crotch" to the next level!

The iVibe from Doc Johnson has been my reliable, go-to vibrator for years, and it continues to perform as well as the day I got it. For a reasonable price, this vibe delivers strong vibrations with a no-frills, get-the-job done attitude... and sometimes, that's exactly what I want! With a little creativity, the iVibe can be quite versatile: it's perfect for playing alone or with a partner, whether for masturbation, foreplay or as an accompaniment to oral, vaginal, or anal penetration.

I was deeply disappointed by this product, especially considering that it was my very first. It gave me a headache more than once, both figuratively and literally, when its tortured bumble bee cries are brought into consideration. It smelled and it fell apart. I hated it once it began to get bad, but then again, I never really loved it in the first place.

I was very excited to get this item, but after using it I was disappointed. There are only 2 settings: off and on. It is not waterproof and the battery slips out easily if you turn it off or on. However, the battery does last a LONG time. We rarely use this in our bedroom.

All in all, I love this toy. I use it on a regular basis...on my own and with my partner. It's small, yet powerful and easy to hide and clean, and while it's not the most quiet toy in the world, it's functionality makes up for that.

This toy is just NOT for me. I am NOT saying its a horrible toy that noone should use, just that it's not my cup of tea. It was not strong enough, and way too hard in texture for my delicate parts. For something that drains batteries like it does I'd hope it would send me FLYING through the roof!

Do you like buzzy vibrations and are looking for something that is small, compact, and can easily be a great travel companion? If so, this pocket rocket could be designed just for you

I love this vibrator. It is still running as strong as it was the day I bought it, and it is easy to transport, since I can discreetly slip it into my purse as I travel from home to my dormroom.

This is a great first vibe that has remained a most trusted, reliable friend. I just wish it were waterproof. I highly recommend this vibe.

This toy is fantastic. It has sound a very sound vibration, and it will not leave you unsatisfied. I recommend it to anyone who wants a good, stable stimulator, because its great for all over the body. Despite the noise level of this toy and the battery compartment being irritating, it is a great buy for the price.

My first experience with the iVibe was fantastic. It gave me what I was looking for - an orgasm, quickly. Definitely suited for beginners as there aren't a lot of bells and whistles to confuse, but if you've been using toys for some time, you might want to look elsewhere.

The latest in my quest for a pocket rocket that can rock my socks off didn't quite pull that off, but it's a fun toy nonetheless. In the end I think my body just needs more power than a pocket rocket can offer. If you normally like crazy, out of this world strong vibrations you might not be satisfied with the iVibe pocket rocket. But, if average speeds normally work out well or if you're relatively sensitive you'll probably fall in love immediately.

I definitely suggest this product to individuals and couples. Despite it breaking after a little over a year of heavy use, we were so satisfied we simply purchased another one.

The iVibe pocket rocket truly is one of the best toys I've tried. I would recommend it to anyone. From beginners to toy veterans. It's discreet and packs a punch. What could be better?

This is an exciting toy because you can use it alone or with a partner and it will bring you into ecstacy!

Are you looking for a simple, discreet vibrator that delivers on strong, consistent vibrations? The iVibe Pocket Rocket is a great choice, and bonus -- it runs on just one AA battery! You and your clitoris will be happily buzzing away without the interruption of a battery run.

This should be in everyone's toy box! It's small, powerful, and gets the job done. It can be used to stimulate just about every area of the body, though it isn't waterproof and isn't meant to be inserted. The only drawback to the design of the iVibe is the battery compartment twists off easily leaving the toy in two pieces.

Like I've stated, this pocket treasure is my personal favorite. I think that it's the perfect addition to any collection, or even better; the perfect first toy for any user.

I do not find this item to be worth the money you could spend on it. I think that it's loud and sometimes unpleasantly hot. I would say splurge and by spending a little more money you can get a toy that is much more worth it.

I love how simple this toy is as it consists of nothing more than a battery compartment and vibrator. Although it is a very unexciting toy (as compared to some on the market) it is my favorite because it does exactly what it is supposed to...give me an orgasm. I can guarantee that if this toy broke today, I would order a new one within the hour. I enjoy it that much.

This toy is great for the beginner or the experienced toy user! A one-speed vibe that provides fairly strong vibrations, the iVibe Pocket Rocket is a great clitoral stimulator! Small and compact, you can take it anywhere, or hide it anywhere! It's easy to incorporate into couple's play, and it's non-intimidating for first time toy owners, yet provides enough juice to satisfy experienced toy owners!

This item is small so it can easily be put into ones purse or pocket. It has a lot of punch for it's tiny size. This pocket rocket is a little on the loud side, so if you have a roommate they will know what's going on.

The iVibe is a good vibrator, if you don't need the insertion and want something that will make you have a orgasm quick. For its price, it is not a bad bang for your buck if you already have a toy that doesn't vibrate or is weak. Keep in mind its either on or off, there is not an in between.

It's a great overall introduction to clit stimulators. Again, it's not for the faint of heart clits, I'd suggest something with less oomph and more of an all over vibe than a direct stimulation.

This toy is definitely worth every penny. Great for the first time sex toy buyer. Non-intimidating and discreet. Packs a punch, and small enough to take anywhere.

Small and powerful, the pocket rocket is easy to use, quiet, and provides just the stimulation we're looking for every time.

I think this item is totally worth it for first time users. Not too intimidating and it's small, and not too loud. There is just that little con that there is no multi-speed. But I would definitely choose this product again it's cute and comes in different colors and the sound is muffled so you would never get 'busted' masturbating.

I would have to say this is not worth it. Anyone reading this has obviously owned a toy or two... so this is not something you need in your collection. Keep your clit calm and get something not so hot, not so rough, and not so hard to care for. Get something made of the soft gel plastic, they seem to last longer.

This is a perfect toy for any woman, it's simple to power and use. It's high-quality design makes it durable enough to work for years. All in all, easily worth what you're paying for.

This is great for a quick orgasm. Not too bad for foreplay, though I find it works good for a stay at home mom of say 2 under a year old, like myself, who doesn't have much time for the whole 3 course "meal."

This is a good, strong, discreet vibe for clitoral stimulation. However, it is hard to turn on and off and only has one setting.

The Doc Johnson iVibe Pocket Rocket is a great choice for those on the go, who don’t want to deal with fumbling around with batteries or excessive mess and cleanup afterward. It is a simple external vibe that gets you where you want to go quickly and without any fuss. I believe every sex toy collection should include one!

The iVibe pocket rocket is great for orgasms on-the-go. It can be thrown into a purse or suitcase with ease. Unfortunately, it only has one setting.

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