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Lucid dream 14 reviews

85 reviews
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85 reviews

This is a comfortable, easy to use G-spot vibrator. It is reasonably priced. It is not fancy, nor does it offer any frills. It does its job well. If you haven't taken the time to explore your G-spot then you are really missing out. I still need clitoral stimulation for orgasm but combining the two have increased the intensity of my pleasure in ways that I can't even describe.

Worth every penny. It has been a staple item for the past 4 years and is still going strong and looks like new. Other toys have come and gone, and this is still a high-quality winner.

This toy was definitely fun while it worked for me. I did accidentally leave the batteries in and the next time I tried to use it, it was completely dead, even with new batteries. I would definitely recommend keeping the batteries out of it while it is not in use to get the most out of it. Other than that, I still use it to get myself off and sometimes I might use it on my husband After cleaning and wrapping it up, of course.

If you want a good reliable G-spot vibe that's not super expensive, look no further. Great bang for the buck!!!

Whether you know how to find your G-spot or not, you will be able to find a way to enjoy this toy.

This delivers exactly what the buyer should expect from a cheap, jelly rubber vibrator. My subjective opinion is that it is louder than advertised, the vibrations are shallow and buzzy for their strength, and the battery compartment does not seem waterproof as advertised. Skip this one and put your money towards something better.

Designed as a g-spot vibrator, the Lucid Dream 14 by Doc Johnson is a bit large and probably not suggested for beginners. The bulbous tip and narrow shaft may leave something to be desired for most. Do your research before investing in this one.

The multiple uses for a toy of this price make it a must have. Couples or solo, male or female, this toy should bring you many happy endings.

Just based on this particular product, I would never buy a toy made of this material again. The smell and the feeling just wasn't for me. Overall, it's just not that great. I really did love the design, so the lovely Lucid Dream #14 will make an excellent book-end, decoration piece, or shelf topper.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, this toy is a must have! For just a little over $20, Lucid Dream is a steal!

I'm really amazed at the quality and power this thing packs, especially for the price. Everyone should get one of these.

This is a great toy for someone who is looking to buy a g-spot vibrator. However, the diameter of the toy may be a bit too large for beginners, and it is definitely hard to get over the smell. If you get this vibe, I also highly recommend that you invest in some rechargable batteries!

If you are looking for a reasonably priced toy with average vibration, I definitely recommend this vibrator. If you are wanting more intense vibration, I recommend looking elsewhere.

I found it great for clitoral stimulation, but personally I'd choose something else for g-spot stimulation. I can see how it's great for g-spot stimulation. It comes down to personal preference.

Overall I would highly recommend this toy. For the low price and high quality, you will not regret trying it.

The Lucid Dream #14 is a good, basic G-spot vibrator. It is powerful enough to get the job done without being exorbitantly priced. I would recommend this as a great introduction to G-spot vibrators for the novice user or for someone who just wants to get off without all the complicated bells and whistles available on some vibrators.

The vibration, shape and texture of the item is well worth the price despite the off-putting smell. Besides, the smell doesn't linger on the body and if it really gets to you, you could wipe down the vibrator before use or cover it with a condom.

In the year and a half that I have owned this toy, it has never let me down. The adjustable intensity and shaped head make this vibrator make it easy to use anywhere on the body, without letting the whole world know that someone is having a bit of alone time.

This is a great beginner vibrator. It is strong enough to do the job, and waterproof enough to do it in the tub if you'd like! I highly recommend it if you are okay with the low safety rating of the jelly material.

While I was ready to toss this toy out after the first try, I am glad my partner was thoughtful enough to attempt it again. Knowing that it can be employed with proper preparation and some level of relaxation helped immensely. While I think it could be made a little smaller at the bulb for more comfort, I would still use it occasionally. The timing has to be perfect, though -- which can be a little frustrating in itself.

For the price, I think this is a great vibrator. It is absolutely gorgeous, has a wide range of vibrations, and works as it should. I could not make it work for G-spot stimulation, but I think that is user error, not the fault of the toy. The materials also make me hesitant to recommend it to others, but if you are okay with that, then this is a wonderful toy to add to your collection.

The Lucid Dream #14 is a great go-to toy and, in my opinion, should be included in every girls' toy box!

This material that this toy is made from makes it very unappealing. The lack of power is also disappointing. Pass over this toy and spend your money on something safe and well made.

The shape of the Lucid dream 14 is great for finding and targeting vibrations on the G-spot, but I found that the size and shape of the toy were a little awkward for me.

This toy is one that my wife and I do use, but not very often and only specifically for G-spot stimulation. That usually means we have to start with a different vibrator for external stimulation to get her started. Twice the cleanup. I believe there are other toys out there (like several from Fun Factory) that are better, because they offer a wider variety of uses and functions.

I wouldn't recommend this toy for everybody unless you really enjoy g-spot stimulation. It is probably best for beginners who are experimenting with what they like.

This toy is one of the few we don't reget buying. I would pay more for this toy if I had to. It is so amazing that after just a few seconds, I'm already orgasming from this one!

This was my first real toy and I could not have asked for anything better. It was inexpensive, the variety of speeds was perfect for me as a beginner, and I still love it now.

This toy is an all around fun toy with the right amount of vibration and speed. It is very versatile when you want have a little bit of fun.

The safety of the Jelly material used to make this toy is questionable at best, but if you can get past that, Doc Johnson's Lucid Dream no. 14 is an amazing g-spot vibrator for a reasonable price.

This is a great product for beginners. It is easy to use and understand and there is nothing unexpected. It is a good toy for those trying to learn about their g-spot, even though this has eluded me. The product is reasonably priced and great for anyone looking for something basic.

The neat look and awesome price of this odd-shaped purple vibe caught my eye rather quickly, and I thought it would be great to try as my first G-spot vibrator. Boy was I wrong. It was very awkward to use at first, on my own and with my husband. It definitely took some getting used too. Once I got used to it though I did appreciate its better qualities, the vibrations are good and strong and it is great for pleasing the ever-elusive "G-Spot". I wish I would have gotten something a bit less intim

This toy is something I will keep in my play rotation for a long time. It is something that I would recommend to everyone. I've named mine because I use it to much. I would share it but don't want to seem like to much of a dork.

This item is worth it and still one of my top favorite toys even though I have a Gigi. I still use this one!

This isn't the most exciting toy in the world, but it definitely does what's asked of it. If you're just getting into, or trying to get into, G-spot orgasms, we recommend this.

I loved the power of the vibes of the Dream! Absolutely amazing, and hits the spot! A toy well worth the money spent to purchase!

Overall, I wasn't that excited about the No. 14 once I got it out of the box. But if you like a more moderate vibration or internal stimulation, I'd bet you'd be happy with it.

It's low priced with a high priced feel. You get what you'd expect from a vibrator you'd spend nearly $40+ on versus the $20 you spend on the Lucid Dream.

If you love strong vibrations and quieter performance, this toy is perfect. But if you want a body safe option, cover it or pass on by.

Overall I find this to be an excellent vibrator. It has plenty of power and a perfect ergonomic design, and it is easy to clean and easy to use. Most of all, it feels fantastic and is super affordable!

I love this toy. It has a nice design and the vibration seems to be just enough to get the job done.

To sum this all up, if I were to go back to buy this toy again, I would. It's fun to use on her and it makes her hot and that turns me on. The pros outweigh the cons very easily and is a steal for the price.

This is a very simple, discreet, and powerful vibrator. It is great for both G-spot and clitoral stimulation: a must for all women!

The #14 is a low priced vibrator that is a great start for a sex toy collection or a nice addition to an already well-rounded one. The toy itself is very high quality and definitely a great investment for anyone looking to try g-spot play.

I think this is a great toy for the price. I got this over two years ago, and it still works like it did the first day. The vibrations top out at what I would describe as a medium, but it's still a very nice toy. I would recommend this to my friends.

I think this toy is amazing. It is very powerful and worked wonders for me. I would definitely recommend this toy to my friends.

This toy is a great vibrator for anyone looking for that extra push to reach climax, and without question a very affordable, powerful, waterproof, g-spot vibe.

All in all it feels great on the G-Spot, but it just couldn't get the job done for me on its own. It required a few tricks & other play. It is great for full, wide G-spot coverage, but not if you require something more than strictly vibration. If I had known about a smaller, more friendly shaped version such as the Lucid Dream Petites No. 60 G-spot vibe, I would have gone for that. Not great if you prefer a toy more on the petite side.

I think that for adding spice to a relationship, this is a great toy. For single-person use, I'd say try to find something with more variety for the price.

All in all, if you want a great g-spot or clit vibe, this is GREAT - especially for the price. The PROS far outweigh the CONS.

Do you love G-spot stimulating toys? Well this toy comes in two vibrant colors and a large angled head with a bullet inside to hit your G-spot with vibrating deliciousness. However, the head may cause some people with shallow vaginas some serious pain or irritation. For me, this toy was deeply disappointing. For my body and I, it was way too big to be pleasant.

In my opinion, this product is unsafe to use because of the materials used to make it. That smell and the headache I got from just examining it are telling. I believe it to be toxic, and the fact that it does not do the job it claims to do is secondary.

The Lucid Dream No. 14 gets a big thumbs up from me. For ANYONE who has had to deal with a loud toy, the whisper that this dream makes is a blessing. Another blessing is the adjustable vibrations! It can go from a light vibe to an earth-shaker, so I can recommend it no matter what types of vibes you prefer. But girls who have been looking for a good g-spot stimulator (or perhaps a man looking for something to stimulate the prostate) will definitely have the most fun.

No.14 has an amazing shape, much better than your average straight vibe. The shape makes it able to easily reach lots of places in lots of positions. It isn't small, so if you have any difficulties with insertion, you might want to look elsewhere. I am not sure that is would be the best choice for a starter toy, but it definitely holds its own when it comes to power.

If you're the kind of girl who likes pressure and strong vibrations right on your G-spot, this toy is for you! I typically like thrusting/friction more, personally, but this is still a good, solid toy.

The Lucid Dream No. 14 is a nice vibrator. It's cute, shiny, and not intimidating. It provides solid, strong vibrations and a unique shape with the bullet placed exactly where you want the power. This is just not a toy for everybody (nothing is), because no one has the same shape or needs. The design of this toy didn't throw me into fits of explosive ejaculation, but so many rave about the No. 14 that clearly it works for some.

Is worth your while if you like a powerful toy that has a large head! Great for g-spot and clitoral stimulation!!

Lucid Dream No. 14 is a great figure for great pleasure. It does what you need and makes you want to use it often. You should always invest in a good G spot vibrator and this is the one to buy!

This is a super quiet vibrator and if you don't mind the plastic smell is definitely worth purchasing. Its good for both clitoral and g-spot stimulation.

For an inexpensive gift to a girlfriend or wife the Lucid Dream No. 14 is perfect. It's inexpensive, great to look at and fun to play with. While it probably isn't going to be the first vibe you reach for when you're looking to "crank one out" it's definitely a nightstand keeper when you're looking for some g-spot love.

I have not regretted a single cent I spent on purchasing this product. It has never failed at getting the job done. I love how quiet it is and how strong it can be at the same time. It did smell and it is very hard material, but I got over that quickly. I hope that you are able to have all the great fun I have had if you purchase this product.

The toy is a great buy. It provides a powerful and sensual experience at a reasonable price. It works very well as a wand for beginners or those who are physically incapable of accommodating the head of the toy.

I think this toy could probably be amazing for some people, but for me it is only a toy taking up room in my underwear drawer.

This toy was everything is expected it to be. Its size is perfect and big, and the vibrations are strong without being loud. It's a great toy for any user, just be wary of the size.

Fabulous toy, one of my favorites. Hits my spot every time, easy to clean, and a perfect beginner toy. Great for water-play.

GREAT vibrator. It says it is a G-spot vibrator but I also use it to stimulate my clit. It is waterproof and very quiet for a vibrator. Also has a powerful motor that has the power to drive me up the wall! Easy to clean. The only bad thing about it is that the dial at the end can sometimes be accidentally moved during usage, but I got over that. It's my favorite toy!

This item is worth buying because it is effective, it gives a great amount of pleasure, and it made me and my partner very happy (maybe it works for you :))

Amazing!!! I would definitely recommend this to beginners and more experienced users alike. Everyone can find enjoyment in the product.

I honestly have to say this is one of my favorite vibrators of all time. It was not that expensive and the life expectancy is extraordinary. Mine has not failed me yet and it has been used more times then you would believe. The interesting matter is that I prefer it as a clitoral stimulator rather than a G-spot stimulator. It could be just me, but it fits perfectly down there for the device. Jelly can dry out the vagina so use plenty of lubricant.

If you want a vibrator that's as versatile as many, with unique shape and features this is the vibrator for you.

The Lucid Dream No. 14 will provide those on a budget with strong, quiet vibrations and a good g-spot toy. Sure, it's not as good as the Gigi, but that's not really a fair comparison either. Even if concerns about phthalates mean using a toy cover, the Lucid Dream has enough positive features to be worth the inconvenience.

The Lucid Dream No. 14 G-spot vibe is worth the money. The fact that it works in the water is fun enough for me! It was definitely an exciting time used in the shower!

I really have never had a vibrator that I could actually use on its highest setting. It does not inflict pain on my clitoris. It gets me through the days spent apart from my boyfriend with ease, though it ends up relegated to the sidelines during intercourse. It is durable and has stood the test of time.

This product is definitely worth buying, as i said before in the above review. It does just what it was made to do, and that is to satisfy you sexually when you want or need it. Me personally, I get excited just thinking about the next time I'll be able to use it. The vibration isn't a problem, because if you don't want to use it,you simply turn it off.

Pretty and gets the job done! Great internally and externally, quiet, and easy to clean. Great vibe at a good price.

This vibrator was created by a company I've known to create items that were either hit or miss. In the Lucid Dreams No. 14's case, it was a perfect hit! Virtually silent, fairly powerful, waterproof, flexible, and deeply penetrating vibrations. Whether looking for G-Spot or P-Spot stimulation, this is a definite buy item.

I love using this toy in my ass when im alone or having sex. The large bulb allows the toy to stay in anally easy and give off incredible power vibrations to the ass rim and internal as well. With the large bulb it may keep anal beginners from this working for them.

I love this vibrator. I have lots of toys, but this is my favorite. It's angle is perfect for constant contact with the g-spot and strong enough vibrations to do its job! The smooth texture allows the toy to slide easily and the stiffness allows for solo play or play with a partner. It is also waterproof, so its great for the shower and cleans so easily. An absolute must have!!

It really does nothing for me. It's nice enough. It's sort of pretty. I've got nothing against it. I'd use it if all of my other toys were lost in a house fire and I developed carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands. Otherwise... the #14 is about as bland a vibrator you can get and still be talking about objects that are designed specifically for sexual gratification.

This is a great vibrator for intermediate or advanced sex toy users. It can be enjoyed solo or with a partner. It's powerful vibe is located at the tip to provide direct vibrations to the spot you want them. Contrary to appearances this powerful vibrator is quite silent. Can be enjoyed any wear, even in the tub or shower.

No. 14 isn't for beginers because of its size. If you want large size with great vibes this is it.

When you take the time and patience to insert it properly, the Lucid Dream #14 can provide wide g-spot coverage for those beginning to explore that area.

This is a high quality toy in a low-priced package. Not only does the Lucid Dream have plenty of features, but it functions well and is designed to provide excellent stimulation. Highly recommended for anyone!

The shape of this vibrator is truly innovative, appearing to truly be made with female bodies and female pleasure in mind

Doc Johnson's Lucid Dream No. 14 is definitely a dream come true. Not including directions wasn't the smartest choice in the world, but other than that, this vibe deserves all the kudos it receives.

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