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Passion bullets dual reviews

34 reviews
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34 reviews

Well, to wrap this all up, it is one of my favorite toys for me and my husband to use together, however, it is not that good a toy for me solo.

Something that's very worth the price and highly recommended for beginners who are looking for something that is a step up.

These bullets pack a surprising punch for the price! The vibrations are pleasantly powerful and the long cords give you lots of options for how you want to use them. They're wonderful for dual stimulation and also partner play. While this toy does have its flaws, its variety and low price definitely make it worthwhile, in my opinion.

This toy has 3 decent speeds of pulses but it didn't do the trick for me. I thought yay, I'll get another bullet similar to the multi-speed one that I have but was pretty disappointed in the outcome it had.

This product is totally worth every penny! I love the cost and it is very satisfying. Only concern for me is the noise level. Try it out for yourself and you won't be disappointed!

Function over form. It doesn't look pretty, but is very effective. I use these for solo play and with my partner.

One of the most powerful bullet vibrators that I have come across, Passion Dual Bullets are definitely my favorite vibrator. They pack an extremely intense and pleasurable series of vibration options into a very small, cheap, and versatile product!

If you are looking for a quick way to get off and want intense pleasure, then this is it. If you want foreplay and build up, then this is it. It has good vibrations, though they can be a bit buzzy. It tends to slightly numb your fingers with the buzzy vibrations, which can be distracting. A bit loud, but can be slightly covered by the covers.

I love it!!! This is a great bullet and the price is totally OK for the power this baby packs.

Come on baby, let's go play with the bullets tonight. Want some double fun with your partner or even alone by yourself? Well this is the toy for you! It has a long cord, so you are not having to be so close to each other. You could use this externally and internally. Whatever your little heart desires, you will get a kick out of it.

For an endless amount of variations with lots of vibrating power and two bullets, this is one of the best deals I have seen or played with! I love the different combinations of bullet placement, being able to share with a partner (at the same time), and the fun of letting someone else control your vibrations. This is a must have for partners everywhere, for those who like a bit more stimulation and to just have a back up bullet if you are a one bullet user.

This is a great dual bullet, since it's got independent controls for each bullet, a long cord, and a great range of intensities. Its downfall is the awful seam on each bullet, and how incredibly LOUD it is!

Very satisfying especially when used with a partner in combination with sex and oral. Safe to use with artificial lubricants.

This is a wonderful toy for beginners and sex toy experts alike. I'm giving the bullets four stars because of the unfortunately sensitive button controls. However, this toy provides for a variety of satisfying experiences that are easily personalized.

If you are a girl, looking to play with another girl, this toy is for you. If you are a beginner and don't quite know what you like yet, this toy is perfect for you. If you are a girl who likes vibrations on her clitoris, this toy is a dream come true for you!

A good friend suggested bullets to me two years before I was ever willing to try them. Now, bullets are the only toy that we use every single time we play. I've tried expensive products but a cheap, basic bullet is what works the best. That is why when these were on sale as a Facebook special, I bought three of them. Now I wish I'd bought 5 or 6. I love the direct stimulation of a bullet and with this product - you can both enjoy some good vibrations.

I really recommend this toy to anyone looking for a good bullet-This one has lots of speeds and two bullets, which make this toy purrfect for couples!

This bullet is worth it whether you get it for free or pay full price. It's small but very powerful, easy to clean and store, and surprisingly versatile! You can use one or both bullets anywhere you like on yourself or a partner, or both at once.

I found the Passion Bullets Dual Bullet was just the right dose of what the doctor ordered! You can tease your clit while working those kegels or even stimulating your anus; it's absolutely amazing! It is a multifunction bullet and it is two bullets in one toy! What more could you ask for?

A great toy with different speeds/functions, and has multiple ways to use and have fun. I just love this one. It will be my new go to toy for fun and excitement, because with all the different combinations, it will take forever to get old.

With two bullets and multiple strengths and patterns, the Passion Bullets Dual is a toy that will not bore you. Every experience can be something new as you try it all over your body, as well as your partner's, exploring the different options that it offers. With an easy-to-understand control console and strong vibrations, this toy is great for beginners and advanced users alike. It's double the passion and double the trouble (in the best way possible) with these frisky, little fellows!

I love these bullets and so does the hubby. We really can't get enough of them! We've used them everyday since we got them and I don't expect us to be slowing down anytime soon. Even though I got this toy for free, I would gladly pay full price for another pair.

This product is absolutely fabulous! It's definitely worth the money. The multiple speeds, quietness, common battery and long battery life features is definitely a plus for everyone. The remote allows you to select which speed you would like for which bullet making it feel like it's personalized for you. Although the bullets give you itchy fingers if you hold on to it for too long I believe that's a minimal affect compared to the plus-side of this product.

The only disappointment I have in this product is how loud it actually is. Even inserted, it is pretty loud. Other than that I have no complaints whatsoever about it.

This item definitely earned it's worth in terms of performance, function and fun. It offers a lot, for very little money. It should appeal to everyone, and especially people looking for cheap, lasting fun!

This toy was really enjoyable when it worked properly, but sadly died somehow while in my checked baggage on a flight.

These bullets shoot to kill and make me weak in the knees! Multiple settings, individual controls, and strong vibrations make this toy one that I'm not likely to set aside any time soon. I got it for free, but I'd gladly pay full price for the amazing Passion Bullets Dual Bullet toy!

If you got this toy free or you're simply looking for a powerful bullet to stick inside and forget, then this is your bullet. However, if you prefer strong, sharp vibrations, this is not the toy I'd go for!

STRONG little thing, I just wish it were more reliable. If you can get it for free, do it. Otherwise, don't waste your money on something that will only be of half its marketed use to you.

This toy is definitely worth the buy! It has lasted over a year so far with no malfunctions. Product is light weight and of good quality. Provides all the right stimulations for one or both partners!

The Passion Bullets Dual set is an EdenFantasys-branded bullet that provides strong vibrations, great controls, and some long cords to make a unique sex toy experience for those who are looking for a small, discreet toy.

This is a need to buy item for anyone looking for an intense orgasm. The separately controlled bullets with seven different functions are the selling point of this product.

I love bullet vibes and figured two would be better than one. I was definitely right! This set is powerful and has a bunch of fun patterns that impressed me.

The Passion Bullets Dual is a great toy for solo or partner play. One or both bullets may be used and controlled independently of each other, offering some great versatility during play. Great quality and power make this an excellent bullet for any toy box.

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