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This is a great dual bullet, since it's got independent controls for each bullet, a long cord, and a great range of intensities. Its downfall is the awful seam on each bullet, and how incredibly LOUD it is!
Strong, independent vibrations
Annoying seam, very loud
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The Passion Bullets Dual is, as the name states, a dual bullet vibrator. Made for stimulating multiple regions at once, this is a great toy for couples as well as single women. Gentlemen will also enjoy it, though you'll have to use it externally, only. The bullets can be used vaginally, clitorally, on the nipples, or almost anywhere else you can think of in combination--you're only limited by your imagination (and the length of the cord!)
    • Couples
    • Everyone
    • Solo

Material / Texture

The Passion Bullets Dual is made of plastic, from the handle to the actual bullet portion. The handle is rather smooth plastic, though the buttons are coated in a more textured plastic that's easy to operate. The bullets themselves are very smooth, but have an annoying seam running down the center that can be irritating when used internally. The plastic was, to my nose, odorless, but the remote felt a bit heavy after a while of holding it--though that could be blamed on the the four AA batteries it's hogging.

Design / Shape / Size

The design on this one is really nice; each of the bullets is connected to the handle with a silver cord that plugs in to the base separately--and the toy works with only one bullet attached, so if Spot gets a little enthusiastic and starts gnawing on one of the cords, your toy isn't trashed. The handle was a little bit large, but it did sit comfortably in my hand. The bullets themselves are ovals, and are the perfect size to nestle between the labia, or to stimulate the vaginal opening. The nice bonus was that the cord was long enough for a partner to operate without having to be between my legs.

The design flaw of this one, though, is that the portion where the cord connects with the bullet is completely open and unprotected. If you're using this internally, or just using it externally with a lot of lube, you've got the potential for a lot of goo to be inside that bullet frying it.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Each bullet is controlled independently, with a separate off/intensity switch. Each bullet's got the option of:

Low Strength
Medium Strength
High Strength
A short, short, long pulse
A quick pulse
A third pulse, but this one to me was kind of like a tick tock pulse.
Escalating rollercoaster

Each of these functions is accessed by the speed button, and there's no "Wait, I didn't mean to skip medium strength!" button. To get back, you'll have to turn it off and start over, or cycle all the way through again. Even so, the bullets are nice because you can have them both going together, both doing different things--whatever tickles you. The controls are very intuitive--which is good, since you aren't given directions. The vibrations at their highest intensity are strong, especially for a bullet, but fairly high pitched, which means that the double power is a nice bonus if you can handle that kind of vibration.

The bullet itself is fairly loud, but do NOT leave them side by side and turn them on, because they'll start clattering around very ostentatiously.

Care and Maintenance

Because this toy is plastic it cannot be sanitized, and you shouldn't submerge any part of it. Seriously. Don't even think about it--you did read my part about the open entry point on the bullet, right? Good. I'd recommend cleaning this toy with a wipe, since you'd be better off not getting it any where near water. Plastic is compatible with any kind of lube you'd like, though it is semi-porous and cannot be shared with your friends or loved ones.


It came in a simple plastic bag, which I immediately tossed. Storage is easy, because you can disconnect the bullets and have a slightly less ostentation mysterious handle about. The handle does say "EdenFantasys" on it, so it's not too subtle, but far less so than leaving the bullets attached. If you do store the bullets separately, be careful that the cords don't intertwine and become a veritable rats nest of crazy-making.
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    Anyone try double vaginal insertion, seems like the two of them bouncing around may be fun?
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    Nice To, it might work, but you'd have to make sure they don't bounce off of one another (too noisy) and you'd have to make sure you removed them in the same order you inserted them so you didn't break them by yanking.

    Thanks for reading!
  • Contributor: PeaceToTheMiddleEast
    Great review I just got mine a couple of weeks ago, have not had the chance to use them yet, but need to jump on it.
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