Passion bullets dual - sex toy by EdenFantasys - review by MidnightStorm

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Rumble, Rumble, Roar!

If you got this toy free or you're simply looking for a powerful bullet to stick inside and forget, then this is your bullet. However, if you prefer strong, sharp vibrations, this is not the toy I'd go for!
- Easy to use Interface
- Travel Friendly
- Powerful
- Very "rumbly" vibrations
- Hole where bullet meets cord
- No "back" button for patterns
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


Although I was very excited about these bullets, I've found that they don't quite replace my "favorite" bullet, although I still have full intentions to keep using them. The vibrations for this toy are very "deep" as opposed to the sharper, more intense vibrations of the bullets I prefer. Because of this, the toy is best used when enclosed by something. While it can be used all over the body, I seem to get the most pleasure having one of the bullets inside of me or with my lips wrapped around it, as this seems to spread the pleasure and vibrations most effectively. It can be used on your nipples or neck, but the sensations are more akin the pleasure you would get from a dull sucking as opposed to a biting or pinching sensation. Obviously, the toy itself does not suck, bite, or pinch, but that's the best analogy I can give!

As with all bullets, I would not recommend inserting this toy anally. While bullets can feel wonderful inserted anally, it is very risky, and the last thing you want is to go to the doctor with a little silver egg stuck in a place where sun doesn't shine! Beyond this, the cords for this toy do not feel as if they are extremely securely attached within the bullet, which makes the risk even greater.

Although I haven't tried it yet, I imagine that this bullet would be perfect for couple play--especially for oral on a female. Because the vibrations are so deep, any type of clitoral stimulation with a bullet inside feels amazing, so I imagine oral sex with one bullet inside would be wonderful! I would not, however, put both bullets inside at once. Because they both vibrate, they can make a lot of noise clacking against each other, which is tends to be a huge turn-off for me. I also would not necessarily recommend keeping one bullet inside for actual penetrative sex, as my experience has been that this is generally a bit uncomfortable and awkward, as the bullet can slip into positions that you do not want it to be in!

This bullet would also be a lot of fun to wear throughout the day, but only at home! It is rather loud, so I wouldn't suggest wearing it out in public, as someone would definitely be able to hear it. Just for wearing around the house to make chores a little bit more interesting, however, this would definitely do the job!
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    • Couples
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    • Solo
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    • Anywhere
    • Bedroom
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    • Travel friendly
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    • All over body
    • Clitoris
    • Nipples

Material / Texture

The description for this toy states that it has "two rubber-coteā„¢ bullets" which plug in at the top. I'm not familiar with rubber cote, but as far as I can tell, the bullets are definitely NOT made of anything remotely velvety or soft. My best estimation as to what this toy is actually made out of is simple plastic (which is what most metallic silver bullets are made of). If they are claiming that it includes "rubber cote" the only place I can see anything resembling this material is on the key/control pad itself, which appears to made out of a very smooth, velvety rubber material.

Texture wise, these bullets have very little in terms of variety. The bullets themselves are smooth and appear metallic, but are likely plastic, with a single joining seam running through the middle of the each bullet.

One other thing that I did notice immediately about this toy was that mine seemed to have a rather strong smell compared to what I'm used to. The only other toy I have that has an odor is a jelly toy, which smells rather pleasant if you ask me. This toy, however, had a noticeable smell right off the bat. After a few uses and washings it has faded significantly, but if I bring the bullet to my nose I can still smell it and it is somewhat unpleasant.
    • Light odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The controller of this toy is a vibrant purple color with the "edenfantasys" logo painted proudly down the front of it. It's about the size of a small cordless phone and fits comfortably in your hand when you're holding it like you would hold any remote. The majority of the body of the controller is made of plastic, with the exception of the key pad, which is made of a much softer, smoother material that I believe may be the "rubber cote" the toy talks about in it's description. It features a total of four buttons: two stop buttons, each labeled with the typical square stop symbol, and two start buttons, each labeled with the typical play symbol. Of the two "play" buttons, one is labeled "A" to control the bullet plugged in on the left, and the other is labeled "B" to control the bullet plugged in on the right.

The battery compartment for the remote is easy to figure out, but does have instructions to "push <--> open" (push down and slide open), and is located on the bottom back end of the toy. When opened, you are presented with two slots for AA batteries with space for two more batteries hidden back further within the toy. There are small, easy to understand instructions for how to insert each battery printed within the compartment. It takes a total of four AA batteries.

Finally, one of the most interesting features of the remote, is the ability to plug in and remove the bullets as you see fit. The bullets are interchangeable and plug in to the top of the controller with little jacks that look very similar to headphone/speaker jacks on a computer. This is undoubtedly one of my favorite features of this toy because it makes it completely travel proof. The buttons are VERY sensitive, so you can eliminate the problem of the toy turning on embarrassingly during travel by simply unplugging the bullets. The toy will, however, still run without the bullets plugged in, so you do need to be sure to hit the "stop" button before plugging them in if you don't want your toy to IMMEDIATELY begin vibrating.

The bullets themselves are somewhat "average" bullets. They are a little large by most bullet standards (a little shorter than my thumb and much wider). They are both made of plastic with cords coming out one end which attach to the main toy. My only real issue with them is that, unfortunately, the opening where the cord goes into the bullet is not "protected" at all. It's literally just a small hole that the cord goes in to and it is not covered by plastic or any other material, which means there is a potential for things to get 'inside' of the bullet that you can do nothing about. I am strongly considering covering the portion of mine where the cord connects with a non-toxic glue of some sort to prevent that from happening, but I need to do a little research to find out what's safe, first.
    • Beginner
    • Ergonomic
    • Simple

Functions / Performance / Controls

Unfortunately, unlike many bullets, this toy does not have any "light" to display when the bullet is on or off. Admittedly, this would be a very nice feature to have, as the toy is still capable of turning on when there are no bullets plugged in and I have plugged in the bullets at least twice now to be surprised when a bullet immediately starts vibrating on my desk or in my hand. The buttons are VERY sensitive, so if you are wanting to keep the bullet on a specific speed, I would recommend just setting the toy down, rather than holding it. I've accidentally changed the speed about five times now.

Each bullet is controlled by two buttons (two of four buttons total on the remote): a stop and a start. The start button cycles the user through one of 7 options:
1) A consistent, low vibration
2) A consistent, medium vibration
3) A consistent, high vibration
4) Medium/high vibration, two small pulses with a longer one following (duhn duhn duhhhn!)
5) Medium/high vibration, consistent quick pulsating
6) Medium to high vibration, pulsates between those two vibration strengths (It feels a little like something "spinning around" inside of you)
7) A very light to very high gradient (slowly fades from feather light to very intense vibrations, then switches back to light vibrations and repeats)
The stop button, on the other hand, "stops" the vibrations and resets the pattern to 1.

There is no "back" button, so often when I'm trying to get to a specific vibration, I simply hit "stop" to reset the patterns and start back at 1, instead of trying to cycle through them. The vibrations themselves are very powerful, but as I mentioned earlier, are also very "rumbly" vibrations. They tend to make me numb before the make me cum!

One other thing that I would like to mention, that I hadn't quite anticipated, is that although this toy does take four batteries (the universal indicator for a "bad ass" vibrator), it is not as powerful as some other four-battery toys. This is, quite simply, because it's actually two bullets powered by two batteries each. This is both a good thing and a bad thing: it means that when you plug in another bullet, the first bullet doesn't suffer a loss in power. However, it also means that when you unplug the second bullet, the first doesn't get any sort of an increase in power either.
    • Loud
    • Multiple settings
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

It's important to note here that this bullet is not waterproof. However, it's even less waterproof than the "average" bullet, I fear. Because there is nothing protecting the cord's insertion point into the bullet, it's literally just an open hole, and I imagine that it's very easy to get water inside of the bullet. Because of this, if you're going to be cleaning this toy in a sink, be very careful about not getting water inside of the bullets. If you have any type of toy cleaning wipe, I would definitively recommend that over soap and water, although both are plausible ways to clean, and I opt for soap and water simply because it's all I have. As with (almost) all electronic toys, please don't try to clean it by boiling it!

Storage-wise, the bullets can each be unplugged and rolled up so that each bullet and the controller can be stored separately. I find this a fantastic feature because, as I mentioned earlier, it saves you from the embarrassment of your toy turning on without you knowing. The packaging also came with two small twist-ties that I use to keep my cords rolled up now.


The packaging for this vibrator was a little disappointing, but as it was free I can't really complain. Thusfar, I haven't had any toys that I've liked the packaging for enough to keep, so I'm not really that disheartened by the simple plastic bag that the toy came in. Initially, I thought I might keep the toy in that bag when not in use, but as the bag is rather small and I'm rather lazy, I've given up on that idea quite quickly.

The one thing that I did like about the packaging itself was that the two bullet vibes came tied up with what may be a more "modern" version of a twist-tie. Maybe I'm just easily amused, but I thought they were adorable and I opted to keep them to tie up my bullets when not in use. As opposed to the traditional paper-and-metal twist-tie, these are a small plastic loops with two little "balls" sticking off of the ends. To "tie" them, you twist the little plastic balls until they've twisted around each other, keeping the tie closed.
    • Minimal

Personal comments

I am absolutely the type of person that prefers very intense, high powered vibrations. When I'm alone, especially at night, I like my orgasms fast, strong, and followed by a happy night's sleep! I haven't quite figured out how to use this toy like that yet, but I think I will be able to with time. I look forward to writing a follow-up review in hopes that I can give it a slightly better rating with time.

I can, however, share my two favorite vibration settings! I've found that a bullet inside and a bullet on my clit require two very different settings and that something that works for my clit might not work inside. Right now, my favorite combination is to have one bullet buried inside on medium (too high of a vibration over powers the clitoral vibrations and makes it hard to feel them) and one bullet on my clit on setting 7, which is the fade from low to high. I love being teased, but I'm terrible at teasing myself for too long, so this is the perfect setting for me. I love that feeling of anticipation and then the drop down, then knowing that it's immediately coming again! It's a lot of fun and thusfar it's my favorite way to use the toy. When I'm only in the mood for one bullet, I also tend to use it with the other EF free toy; the twisted hearts vibrator, which I like to use as a sort of "vaginal plug."


Alright, I confess... I must be the Queen of Bullets by now. I just can't get enough of them. My first sex toy ever was a bullet very similar to this one, and from there I went through 3-4 more before I finally found another good one. Since then, I've gone through at least three of that specific bullet because, although it breaks frequently, it's good and it's cheap.
However, I've yet to have a dual bullet. Since finance is always a question for me, I usually opt for the cheaper, more powerful single counterparts. When I found out that the EF mailing list gift wasn't just a single bullet, but a double... Well, needless to say, I was thrilled. Beyond that, the toy had a ton of great reviews and was famed to be quite powerful: just my cup of tea!

What I found is that although this is a great bullet, I'm not quite sure that it's the bullet for me. I'm used to very, very sharp vibrations, and this toy has very deep, rumbling vibration instead. The vibration patterns are wonderful, but it also seems like when you have one bullet inserted and another on your clit, the "inserted" vibration seems to over power everything else, making it very hard for me to reach an orgasm. Beyond that, the vibrations themselves are very "rumbly." They're more of the "deep" variety than the "sharp" variety. I'm not used to this type of vibration at all, so the last few times I've used this toy, I've cum the first time almost immediately, and then it's taken ages to manage to orgasm the second time. I intend to keep giving this toy a chances though, since I'm almost sure that right now it's just a matter of learning how to use it in the way that's best for me.
Follow-up commentary
After a while, I've learned to really appreciate not just one, but two bullets! I love the vibration patterns on this toy and one of my favorite uses for them is for "teasing" when I'm otherwise just sitting around. They're really great for foreplay and not as clunky as my wand when I'm not in the mood to drag it out. I've had a lot of fun tormenting, I mean teasing, my boyfriend when them, too!
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