Petite flowers swirl hibiscus - traditional vibrator by Doc Johnson - reviews

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Petite flowers swirl hibiscus reviews

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27 reviews

The petite flowers swirl hibiscus is not one of the most powerful toys in the line of vibrators from EF. It would make a nice gift for the young bride to be that is just starting her toy collection, or the person who may want to try out texture for the first time. This toy does not have very strong vibrations for someone who likes to feel the power or have the girth that size queens like, but might be just what you are looking for.

This little pink toy is cuter than it is good. I would not even suggest it to a beginner intimidated by most sex toys. The TPE just absorbs the vibrations, making this vibrator a total dud.

As a first time user you may find this vibe's thrustable design enjoyable, but as an experienced user you can just pass it up.

While this certainly isn't a bad vibe, it's not an astounding one either. If you manage to find it, it's worth a try if you like moderate vibrations and texture, but otherwise you're not missing much by not getting it.

If you're looking for a soft dildo that's waterproof, that MIGHT vibrate softly, this toy is perfect. If you want vibes for sure, look elsewhere, as the vibes on this toy were weak to start, and broken to finish. The remaining component is a great texture play toy though, with a sort of jelly-juicer sort of beginners toy. Great free gift still.

Hands down, this item is worth the price tag. Toss in a bullet vibe to give you that extra clitoral stimulation and you'll be finished in no time. This is by far one of my favorite toys in my collection. It is not only easy to use and clean but it's adorable to boot! Something that does it's job and looks cute while doing so? Count me in!

This vibe is a great novelty, but too long and wide for most beginners and too weak for anyone else. Great look and super feminine. As a gift or a joke it's great, but for much else it's mostly useless.

This is a small, meek appearing vibrator to me and it's flexible material turned me off because it is so soft and squishy. But once I decided to give it a try I soon found that this vibe is fantastic and it is on the top of my list for now. I generally don't go for these types of vibes anymore.

This is a great vibrator for beginners or those who have plenty of experience. The flexible shaft and vibrations that are contained to the tip make it great.

The Petite Flowers Swirl Hibiscus by Doc Johnson is a great little toy for beginners! It is very easy to maintain!

I would not purchase this vibe again as it is too low impact. It has great potential, but unless a stronger bullet is included, it is not worth your while.

The pros outweigh the cons with this toy, and if you end up having an issue like I did with the toy (not likely), then the site will replace it for you. Despite an obvious few cons, this is a decent toy for the money and will get the job done. This is recommended for beginner users.

This toy is perfect for beginners, or couples. It's quiet, even on the highest setting, can be used without setting off your roommate or spouse, and it's also fun to share with your spouse for extra "spice" during oral or double penetration.

This will be a great warmup toy for most, and a good toy for those seeking textured toys. The vibrations aren't really strong, but that doesn't make it a bad toy--just a bad toy for me.

A great ride for day-to-day use or to satisfy your horniness, but don't count on it to bring you to a new dimension. It fills you up, gets you where you need to go, but doesn't have any music or fireworks!

My initial instinct was that I wouldn't like this toy. I was right. This toy has proven to me that you can be penetrated and yet not feel anything. There are better vibrators for the same price or less. Look at them before buying this toy.

The Swirl Hibiscus is the first Doc Johnson toy I have really liked in a while. I am impressed with the direction the company is going in. This cute vibrator isn't superior quality, but it is a really nice vibrator for the price. I used it to tease myself to amazing heights.

As much I was wanting Petite Flowers Swirl Hibiscus to rock my socks off, it just didn't have the strength to do much of anything. It also smells so bad that it was just such a turn off.

This is a nice little toy for the beginner who is okay with texture. It doesn't have very strong vibrations at all. It's a good starter. But I definitely need something else to help out. I really wanted this to be fantastic since it looks so good. So I'm a little disappointed. But it's nice to get warmed up.

I received 3 of these as gifts, and every one of them is difficult to get to work, so I don't think that it is an isolated incident. You should NOT have to work so hard to get a vibrator to work. I am getting very disappointed with Doc Johnson products. I always seem to have some kind of issue with the batteries or battery casings.

I love this little toy. Not only does it get the job done, but it's also very pretty. The only thing I didn't like about this toy is the dial. It can be a little hard to turn. I would have loved this toy even more if it had an easier dial to turn. One things for sure though, you will definitely be blossomed with delight from this beautiful toy.

I'm thankful this toy was free. It really isn't worth $26.99, since the vibrations are extremely weak, and everything is so fussy! I wouldn't waste my time with this if I hadn't gotten it as a gift, and I don't recommend it for anyone.

This item is worth it. Yes, the vibrations are weak, but they get the "job" done eventually. The texture is worth the fun. The material is soft, and easy to use for high volume thrusting. I would recommended this toy for a beginner, as there are many pros and you can ignore the cons. The vibrations might be good for a beginner as well!

A great toy for beginners. The vibrations would be too weak for most, but may work wonders for newbies alike. A super cute non intrusive, flexible design that can be used for both insertion or clitoral stimulation. A simple control dial makes moving from high to low a breeze. This toy would be a great place to start or for warming up.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this vibrator for both solo and/or partner use. Although it will probably not be able to make you orgasm, it is the perfect toy to get revved up with!

The Petite Flowers Swirl Hibiscus by Doc Johnson is a great little toy! Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this toy hits all the right spots. Its strong vibrations make reaching an orgasm extremely easy! Comfortable and easy to maintain, this toy is absolutely perfect in every way!

The Petite Flowers vibrator is extremely flexible and soft. It makes a great "first toy" and also a toy for a person whose playtime becomes a bit rough. For more experienced users, this toy will get things started, but may not be enough to finish things off.

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