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Posh reviews

39 reviews
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39 reviews

The Posh is absolutely the perfect clitoral massager for those who are just starting, especially for shy ladies! It's stylish and reliable for anyone who likes low-to-moderate stimulation. You can't go wrong at twice the price!

The only problem with this toy is that it is very loud. Otherwise this is a great investment for your toy collection and the price is right as well.

I was looking forward to playing with this, but was disappointed when it arrived and was so loud that it bothered me. Even if I was alone in a house with no one around, it bothered me a lot. So, not so fun.

Posh is a handy little toy to have around. It's quiet, moderately powerful and very easy to use. It gets dirty so fast so it can be a pain to clean it before each use as well as after, but it's worth it once it's put to use.

It's a great vibrator that is intense enough that it can be used alone and small enough to be used with a partner. I love it.

A sweet "candy coated" waterproof toy, this adorable Posh vibrator will make you quiver in all the right spots. I really achieve orgasm by clitoral stimulation and this Posh does the trick. It's powerful but not overbearing; it's cute but will get your juices flowing. Also, it's quiet and discrete enough for you to sneak it into the shower or bath...making shower time -fun time!

Posh is the perfect toy for beginners to advanced users alike. Even for power queens like myself, I found Posh to be a wonderful teaser and warm-up toy. It's cost-friendly, user-friendly, and it's made of silicone!

A very sleek and powerful vibrator. It has the downsides of being very loud and having a very odd and useless nub on its one end. Overall, an excellent product.

Want a powerful experience in and out of water that can get you going alone or with a partner? This small massager is a must, being an excellent beginner's toy and awesome for advanced users! Living with roommates or in a dorm room is not an issue for this toy, as the very little noise it does make does not travel far at all.

Out of all the toys I have reviewed, I think Posh is one of the best valued toys out there for under 15 bucks. It is a good strength and likely to please a variety of ladies. It could also be that great gift for a friend.

With its satisfying vibrations and incredible versatility, Posh has great value for the price it's sold at and I would highly recommend it to beginners like me.

This item is worth the buy. It only costs $12.99 which is an AMAZING deal with such a small, powerful item. The vibrations make Posh worthwhile!

Cute summer colors in an adorable little vibrating package? Sign me up for a simple-to-use and easy-to-clean vibrator that will leave your clit wanting more - in a good way!

It's cheap and made out of silicone. The vibrations are great. It's something every sex toy owner should have. It's an amazing addition to any toy box.

This product is great for beginners or a person on a budget. It has losts to offer with its options. Love the versatility of this product with the multispeeds and waterproof features. This is a must buy product.

I would definitely recommend Posh for anyone's toy chest, handbag, briefcase or as a gift to the bachelor(ette), friends starting out shy, anyone who wants an affordable and effective vibe with style. I'm not in love with Posh, but I am enjoying my new Friend With Benefits very much.

Posh is a pretty, pastel little clitoral vibrator that really does her job! Her two speed push button vibration levels is enough to bring you satisfaction. You will be amazed at how powerful such a small toy can be! The smooth velvety texture feels amazing and comfortable. You won't be disappointed.

This clitoral stimulator is one that will either please you or leave you wanting more. Either way it shouldn't be overlooked as it's made of some top quality material and is waterproof so it can be enjoyed in the tub or shower. The buzzy vibrations may get some going but leave others feeling less than satisfied so keep that in mind when choosing a new vibe for your clitoris.

The Posh vibe is my go-to when I'm desperate or lonely or just want to have some fun with my boyfriend. When using new, rechargeable, or lithium batteries, the vibrator speeds have a lot to say - though beware the presence of unwanted listeners, as it can be rather noisy. I can take it anywhere - even the bathtub! No seams equals no pinching, and this vibe will never accidentally turn off. I absolutely love the Posh vibrator.

Simple yet ergonomic. Silicone so smooth and soft. Her easy push-button control. Clitoral, nipple and all over-body stimulation. Impervious to water. She's all that and much more... My Pushy-Poshy!!

I like this toy. The price is great and I would rate it with more higher prices toys. The vibes are strong and it is waterproof. It comes in different colors and has no odor or taste. This toy can be hidden in a sock or tucked in your purse for travel. The functions are simple to use and the battery is easy to change.

While the Posh certainly isn't going to send you into high-profile orgasms, its certainly going to give you luxurious sensations. For the price, you can't go wrong with investing in Posh. With its travel friendly size and sound, you can be Posh anywhere, anytime, with anyone.

A good toy for beginners that is waterproof and offers pinpoint stimulation. This vibator is quiet and easy to use.

While not the most powerful toy out there, it does get the job done. It is small, quiet and travel-friendly... not to mention waterproof. For $12, there really isn't a good reason not to try one!

This toy is super discreet and adorable. It can be used in the shower, bath, bedroom, or wherever else you might like to use it. The Posh is affordable and a great choice for beginners.

This toy has a regular spot in my rotation of toys. A little weak for a "Go-To" so it loses a star, but it will make me cum.

If you're looking for super bullet, here to get you off in record time, every time, keep looking. However if you want something a little more plush, that a more sensitive user can enjoy, this is the ticket right here.

This toy is definitely worth buying if you are new to toys and want to experiment with what you like and dislike. It is also perfect for women who need some clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm.

This toy is super cute and can be hidden and used discreetly in a bedroom, shower, or bathtub. For its size and battery usage, it packs a pretty strong pleasure giving punch and has yet to let me down. I'd recommend it for anyone from beginners to those with a pretty well decked out toy arsenal, and the price makes it an option for just about anyone as well.

This is a great buy, its simple design and size can be used for vaginal penetration and clitoral/body massage. Perfect for solo or partner play, clean and discreet with powerful but quiet vibrations. Great for beginners!

In summary, this is a wonderful little toy that works as promised for good clitoral stimulation during solo or couple play and is works well to use during intercourse. Being waterproof is a nice bonus. Doesn't get any better for the price.

The Posh is a cute, versatile basic that works as as a good addition for the advanced as a simple, waterproof toy, but is the perfect option for the beginner.

I would suggest this to anyone that likes some bath-time pleasure. Oh so soft and smooth, this is a great basic vibrator for such a sweet price.

The Posh is definitely worth the price. You could easily pay twice the price for this and it still be a great buy. After ordering it, I had second thoughts, but after receiving it... Wow. If it ever wears out, I'll definitely be buying another. It has amazing vibration power and is easy to control.

While it's a great value for people who love shower play, I would never recommend the Posh to landlubbers like me. It will certainly make you orgasm with nary a dent in your wallet, but if you're not big in to bath time masturbation, the Posh will probably end up at the bottom of your toy box, rarely used and often forgotten.

Great toy for the price. Uses one AA battery and has good power. The control button operates like a click pen, which is awesome for solo sessions.

For this price the Posh is easy money well spent. In fact I could easily justify paying nearly double for this item because it really is just that good.

The Posh is a great toy for both beginning and advanced users. It has a simple design with an easy one touch button control. Fantastic for both solo and partner play. Easily one of my favorite toys.

For solo play, this toy performs exquisitely. It would be the perfect companion for your favorite dildo. The vibrator has two speeds that are controlled via the one-touch power button...

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