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It's like a fish out of water.

While it's a great value for people who love shower play, I would never recommend the Posh to landlubbers like me. It will certainly make you orgasm with nary a dent in your wallet, but if you're not big in to bath time masturbation, the Posh will probably end up at the bottom of your toy box, rarely used and often forgotten.
Completely waterproof, doesn't make a lot of noise, stimulating nub feels wonderful, cheap.
Awful smell, only 2 speeds, best for water play.
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Thanks to the fact that I am a poor college student who has to pay for grad school all on her lonesome, cheap things appeal to me. When I saw that the Posh was a waterproof and much-beloved toy for less than $20, my interest was piqued.

While this toy may be called "posh," the packaging and presentation are anything but. A naked girl adorns the bright-pink and utterly garish backsplash, and the text is a bit hard to read. Not that I recommend reading the text, since it's full of baldfaced lies. Namely, it claims that the Posh is "pure silicone." A smell check of this toy proves otherwise: if you get this vibe within 6 inches of the face, be prepared for the most foul, rubbery, sour smell your olfactory center has ever encountered.

The Posh's TPR silicone cover is surprisingly water-repellent, however; liquid just rolls off of it like water on a duck's back, and I didn't notice any body fluids on the toy after use. The texture of the toy is somewhat velvety, and it feels supple and almost "gummy" (but not sticky) if you rub it or tug on it.

The toy itself is about the size of a basic TV remote. Or, if that size comparison doesn't work for you: it's no longer than a standard CD case and about as thick as a silver dollar at its widest point. I had no trouble rolling it up in a hand towel to take it to the bathroom. I selected the yellow Posh (yellow isn't exactly a popular sex toy color), and while it looked like a soft, pastel yellow on the EF website, it is actually a rather bright, lemony yellow. To access the battery compartment, simply screw off the smaller end of the toy. You have to line the lid up perfectly to close the battery compartment or it'll go on slanted, but that's not a huge deal. The off button is a push button located at the end of the battery compartment, AKA the smaller tip of the toy.

The best part about the Posh's design is the raised nub on the head of the toy. The nub actually reminds me of a clitoris, because it is oval shaped and raised about 1/2 inch up. It is surrounded by a slightly raised circle, which adds to the sensations if you can manage to "roll" your clitoris between the circle and the nub. Most of the vibrations conduct straight through this nub, and it feels WONDERFUL! The nub also provides some interesting nipple stimulation, but because the raised circle can rub against the delicate walls of the vaginal canal, I would not recommend this vibe for insertion.

The Posh takes 1 AA battery and provides a decent amount of power. It has two speeds that you can rotate through by clicking the off button. The two speeds are very distinct; I would rate the low speed at 2 vrooms and the top speed at 3. Yet as with most toys that lack a separate on/off switch, going from low to high to off and back through again can get a little annoying. If you need constant vibrations, Posh will be a buzz kill.

I'm a little confused as to how people can rate this toy at 1 bee, because I can DEFINITELY hear it when it's on. I can still hear the Posh if it's covered with a blanket, although the sound is little more than a hum when I'm several feet away, and I can't hear it at all through a closed door. The Posh is virtually silent when submerged or when used in the shower. (For more on that, please see the Experience section.)

I'm sure some of you are wondering what the title of this review is all about, considering the generally positive tone of this review. Here's why: while it's a great value for people who love shower play, I would never recommend it to landlubbers like me. It's just not the best under $20 clitoral stimulator out there. It will certainly make you orgasm with nary a dent in your wallet, but if you're not big in to bath time masturbation, the Posh will probably end up at the bottom of your toy box, rarely used and often forgotten.
After the initial power and sound test, I decided to give Posh a test run. The vibrations are not very strong, but what I really love is pressure, and the stimulating nub is great for that. I put the vibe on its low setting and held it, tilted, between my legs with both hands. Then I rolled and thrust my hips up against it. If I pressed the nub on my clit and moved my hips in certain ways, it almost felt like somebody was diddling me, which was great! I also spent a few minutes on my stomach, grinding on the toy. When I was about to orgasm, I jacked it up to the highest setting. The whole process took 10-15 minutes, and the orgasm--though it wasn't mind blowing--was very satisfying.

As I was previously lacking a waterproof clitoral vibe that could be called "discreet," I was curious about how my Posh would stand up to a communal shower stall's hard tile floor and pounding streams of water, not to mention the less-than-private nature of the bathroom. 9-10pm is the busy hour for the showers in my dorm, so at about 8:30pm I wrapped my Posh up in a hand towel, stuck it in my bath caddy, and flitted off to the bathroom. Luckily, nobody was in the bathroom, so I popped in to the stall, unceremoniously dropped my Posh on the tile floor, turned on the shower, and scurried back out to close the curtain and listen.

I couldn't hear a thing! All I could hear was the pounding of the water. I reached in and kicked the Posh up to its higher speed; once again, the toy was completely muffled by the sound of the shower.

I turned off the Posh and put my soaps and shampoos in to the stall, then proceeded to shower in stunned amazement. After a minute or two, another girl took the stall right next to mine. Was I bold enough to use Posh in this situation? Well, you have to try it out and all situations, so...

Amazingly, *I* couldn't even hear the Posh while the water was running. Simply astounding! I played with my Posh for a few minutes, arousing myself, but as I am a moaner, I decided to hold off on extended play and left the vibe on the tile floor.

When I was finished showering, I wrapped my hair and used the loose end of my towel to dry the Posh off. Then I opened it up. The silicone lips of the toy were COMPLETELY dry, and even if a little water had seeped in, I doubt it would have gotten in to the actual battery compartment.

I would not recommend this toy for penetrative partner play. The distance between the nub and the tip of the vibe is fairly long, so if you use the nub to stimulate your clitoris, the tip of the toy will partially cover your vagina. I also would not recommend this toy for anal play, as it lacks a flared base.
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  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Another pressure lover! Yay!

    The nub looks weird. At first, I thought it was the power switch. I like the idea of it, though.

    Why exactly is this toy better in the water?
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    Thanks for the review. This seems like a great toy for water play.
  • Backseat Boohoo
    1. Because the water just rolls right off of the TPR silicone. You barely have to wipe it to get it dry; it's like there's a layer of protectant on the toy.
    2. It's very quiet, so if you live in a dorm with communal showers like I do...
    3. Nothing gets past the seal.

    It certainly is! I'd like it more personally if I was in to water play, but I know it's some peoples' meat and potatoes. =)
  • Naughty Student
    Here here for cheaper toys for poor students!
  • SweetPepper
    Great review! I put this one on my wish list earlier tonight and have decided to buy it now based on your review. I have a hot tub in my backyard and am looking for something for water play and think this would work well. Thanks!
  • Minxy
    I love your picture,every time I see it I think,how cute! your review on the posh vibrator is great!
  • pinkzombie
    Thanks for the review!
  • LavenderSkies
    Thanks for the review!
  • indiglo
    Good review, this is one of my go to toys.
  • Ghost
    Looks cute.
  • Jenni Shelton
  • Missmarc
    thank you very much for the review!
  • Tammi Longbottom
    Thanks a bunch!
  • Blake Klink
    nice review
  • richsam
    Thank you for the review
  • deltalima
    Thanks for sharing
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