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Precious Metal gems reviews

20 reviews
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20 reviews

This item is worth its price. If one wants to have fun in the shower, pool, bathtub, or in any water source, this toy is great because it is waterproof, but hold on tight as it is slippery when wet. The gem on the bottom is a bit much, but hey, why not make sure your little, precious vibrator looks its best.

This is one of the first toys I ever used and I was quite satisfied with the result. It is easy to use and packs enough power to definitely get the job done. My favorite part was the multi-speed dial which allows you to control which speed you would prefer without having to click through several different settings. That can really ruin the mood, am I right?

Precious? More like "hunk of junk at the bottom of my toy box". Save your money and invest in a better toy. Hopefully one that doesn't leave pieces lying around. For all the great features that this toy boasts, I wish it lived up to my expectations.

First off, remember the light thing. It WILL alarm you. (full review, 1st paragraph) Overall a pretty average vibe, with being waterproof as its only outstanding feature. A good starter vibe for a new person. But you get what your paid for-- you didn't pay much, so you don't get much. But, FOR the price, it's a good vibe to pick because of the waterproofing.

I was excited when I first got this toy. I didn't particularly like the look of it, but the vibrations were really nice. Unfortunately, it died after only a few uses and nothing I've tried has fixed it.

This toy is easy to use and easy to clean. it is generally a good length, but very rigid. I suggest it to be used for couples activities when the male uses it on the female.

This item is definitely worth the price, but it is a beginner's vibrator. Overall, if this is your first vibrator, it is well worth the money and time you put into it.

Hear ye! Hear ye! Come and see the greatest vibrator in the land. With orgasmic vibrations and an adorable crystal gem, you can't go wrong. Beginners and experts lend your ears. This vibe is for everyone. Buy one and test it out. You won't regret it.

The Precious Gem vibe is very worth the money. It is worth every dollar and minute of use you can get out of it.

It's worth it in every way, clean with ease but can be loud if turned all the way up . I'm impressed with the toy the only downside is the color coming off and it being loud when turned all the way up.

You definitely get your money's worth here - it doesn't cost much and you don't get much. We prefer high quality toys that are both quieter and more versatile.

This is an attractive variable speed toy that is appropriate for beginners and advanced toy connoisseurs alike. I strongly recommend this lovely vibrator because its attractive form compliments its function.

To me this is such a worth while toy and is well worth the money. It is a perfect starter toy for beginners and is really powerful.This toy works wonderful with very few problems. I would suggest this toy to anyone.

Over all, this toy is a great toy for those looking for a powerful toy or for those looking to get into vibrators. Even though the knob is hard to turn if it is lubed up or wet and the toy is a loud. It is a great toy for the price and is worth every cent.

For the money the most attractive simple yet powerful vibe we've tried out! We are totally in love with our lil Shiny and have no plans to abandon him any time soon. If your new to vibes or you like the simple 'lil black dress' kind of thing this is the toy for you.

This item is definitely worth it. It has all the great features such as a good vibe, appealing to sight. Appropriate for almost anyone.

These days, it seems like we're used to having a million bells and whistles on our toys. But the Precious Metal Gems is truly back to basics: A pretty, simple, strong vibrator that will get your rocks off without any fuss or muss. If you're new to vibrators or just want a return to the basics, this is an excellent, inexpensive, pretty choice.

Goldie would be great for sensation play or clitoral stimulation, but otherwise I'd save the batteries for something a little more fun.

If I had this during partner play I think I'd last much longer in between rest sessions and it would provide a much more intense orgasm for me. I liked the product but experience has taught me to be reserved when it comes to handing out love. Maybe if I got more pleasure just from the anal interaction I'd love it. Still, a definite keeper.

The Precious Metal Gems is pretty enough to be in used in the film industry (porn that is) but not as pricey as some of the toys pictured on the big screen. Small in size and perfect for both clit and vaginal stimulation, this toy has some real zip. Incredibly strong and waterproof.

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