Off with their head silicone hitachi cap - vibrator accessory by Vixen Creations, Inc - reviews

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Off with their head silicone hitachi cap reviews

16 reviews
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16 reviews

If you have a Hitachi Magic Wand, this is a must-have attachment. This repalces the old head which tend to become discolored or cracked with age. Even if you wand is brand new, this will make your Magic Wand way more magic!

While this is a great cap to make your Hitachi more hygenically friendly, for reviewers with less sensitive clits, my guess is that you will prefer your Hitachi in it's natural state (with it's factory-issued head).

If you want more out of your Hitachi Wand and want to extend its life a silicone cap is a must have. This style of cap has multiple textures to satisfy any pleasure.

Having this simple toy is like having a second Hitachi Magic Wand. Period. While it is just a cap for the head of the Hitachi, it gives the vibrations a totally different feel and will make you fall in love with your Hitachi all over again.

Overall, I wouldn't really recommend this toy. There are other hitachi caps and accessories out there that will give you more bang for your buck. At $25, this cap was more expense and headache than it was worth.

Transform your Hitachi experience with this cap! You can go from those two boring speeds and a flat, boring cap, to something fun with a bunch of ways to mix it up! If you feel that your Hitachi is too much power, you will love that you can dampen it down a bit with this, or enjoy the vibrations in a different way. If you're tired of trying to get that old cap clean, you'll really appreciate the silicone material! If you've got a Hitachi, you surely need one of these.

I love my Hitachi Magic Wand for so many reasons and this head definitely made it even better despite a few imperfections and I would buy it again (and may as I own 2 Hitachi Magic Wands) as well as recommend it to anyone that finds removing and re-installing the original head to be as much of a pain in the arse as I did.

If you love your Hitachi, you want this toy. You need this toy. Just stop reading and get this toy already!

I'm still on the lookout for a replacement cap for my Magic Wand or even an attachment that fits over the the head and stays on securely. My ideal cap/attachment would still do all the things that the "Off with Their Head" does right (material, shape, colors, basic design), but it would also fit tightly, be quiet, and not dampen strength of vibration too much.

I thought I had it all with my original Hitachi! Little did I know this cap's various ridges expand on the Wand's strong vibrations for variation & new sensations. This is the cherry on top of an already very good thing.

All in all, I'm not really impressed with it. Aside from the fact that it attracts dust, lint and fur like an MRI pulls metal from the depths of your body, the ridges and "tongue" didn't do anything for me. They say that the tongue is supposed to mimic oral sex - it might if you're barely touching your clit with it, but once you apply any pressure it's just another piece of vibrating silicone.

When you first use it you think you will be climbing a mountain, but then find you are only climbing a foothill. It may work great for some people but just didn't do much for us. Although it has some good features.

It just didn't work for me, although granted I'm a hard sell. I didn't feel that it really altered my Hitachi experience, however I appreciate how easy my Hitachi is to clean now. If it attracted less lint and didn't require me to lube up, I'd probably be more neutral about it.

Though I don't think it quite mimics the feeling of oral sex, I am totally in love with the Off With Their Head Hitachi Magic Wand attachment. It combines the strong vibrations of the Hitachi with fluttering, tickling attachments that can create a truly mind-blowing orgasm!

A great accessory to spice up you Hitachi or Ideal; this toy has so much to offer! The three ridges on the one side provide a very satisfying clitoral massage while the little lip on the other end can mimic oral! The cap has really added to the whole "Hitachi" experience. I would recommend this to everyone who has either a Hitachi or an Ideal!

Off With Their Head has deep horizontal ridges on one side; the other side features a smaller vertical ridge topped with a little tongue-like protrusion. The description on Eden Fantasys said that the tongue part could be used to mimic oral sex, but I was skeptical.

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