Off with their head silicone hitachi cap - vibrator accessory by Vixen Creations, Inc - review by Spiking Glue

Meh. Just not for me.

It just didn't work for me, although granted I'm a hard sell. I didn't feel that it really altered my Hitachi experience, however I appreciate how easy my Hitachi is to clean now. If it attracted less lint and didn't require me to lube up, I'd probably be more neutral about it.
Easy cleaning, hygenic, pliant silicone. Most find the ridges very exciting.
Attracts lots of lint, ridges may not work for you, gummy silicone tugs at your skin without lube.
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Now, I must preface this review with a startling confession – I don’t really like the Hitachi Magic Wand. It just doesn’t thrill me, it gives me rather weak orgasms and it’s so loud I can’t even use it very often. I’ve owned my wand for many years, and no matter how I attempt to use it, I don’t get much out of it. I used to get a larger response when it was new, but the longer I owned it the more I found it bore me. When I enjoyed it the most, I had some attachments for it… which were sadly made out of vinyl, so I eventually decided to chuck them for sanitary reasons. So, fair warning. This probably means I’m predisposed to disliking external Hitachi attachments.

After going off into the wild woods of Other Toys, I eventually came back to the Hitachi… curious, and wondering if maybe I had misjudged it. I decided to invest in an attachment for it. My old headcap, the original one that came with it, was a little stained and funky looking, from years of poor storage. The Hitachi is not famous for how easy it is to clean.

So, I when I saw the Off with Their Head|Vibrator Accessory by Vixen Creations, I was jazzed. I thought maybe the protrusions could lend a little spice to a toy that I didn’t much care for. It had very good reviews, was made of the ever wonderful, low maintenance silicone, and it was by Vixen Creations. I’m a total brand whore for Vixen Creations, slap their name on a pez dispenser and I’d probably put it on my wishlist.

I don’t feel like the Off with Their Head was Vixen’s A-Game, so to speak.

The silicone seems like a good idea, however it is very sticky, and gummy. It attracts lint like crazy, even inside my toybox. I could probably use it to clean my black sweaters of cat hair quite effectively. Pulling a fuzzy black Hitachi out of your toybox does not really set the desired mood.

I found that I had to use lube all over the headcap due to this gumminess. Without lube, it did not glide at all, but sort of tugged at my skin and surrounding hair… and blanket. Because I had to use lube on the head, lube tended to get everywhere, and also necessitated constant removal of the head for effective cleaning. I am also not too big on the feel of totally lubed mons, but that’s more of a personal sentiment than anything else.

During use, while I could feel the soft ridges quite well, I didn’t feel like they did anything really remarkable for me. They were just, ridges. Occasionally, I could catch my clit just right, and I’d try and use that to my advantage, but it became boring for me right away. Again, I insist on saying, I’m not fond of the actual vibrations the Hitachi uses, so this is probably just my reaction to the Hitachi leaking through. However, this also means that the headcap didn’t really alter or accentuate the Hitachi’s normal workings at all, in my case, and it appears that I’m in the minority, as this is quite a high rated accessory.

I had read the reviews that gave hints, for making the tongue part mimic oral sex, but I couldn’t seem to get the touch right, it just felt like a soft nub touching me and vibrating.

The good news would be, that it’s remarkably easy to clean. I find that I can easily remove and replace my headcap, without having to haul the whole unit to the bathroom. You can use any standard cleaning method, from soap and water to a mild bleach solution.

I would say… that the Off with Their Head is fine. It doesn’t really add to my personal experience. I really wish it didn’t get so incredibly linty, so fast, but the ease of cleaning makes up for it. I don’t feel like I selected a good actual REPLACEMENT for my original headcap. I suspect the lint problem would be significantly less had I kept the original box, and stored it in there after every use, like I have every other Vixen Creations toy I own. If you decided that the Off with Their Head looked like your sort of accessory, I would highly recommend doing so.
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    Do you think the main reason why this toy wasnt stellar was because of the size or the material? Because one is somewhat fixable...while the other part...isnt.
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    Thanks for the honest and well-written review. We love our Hitachi, but I don't know if this would add much to that.
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