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Touche Ice small Touche Ice small

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Touche Ice small reviews

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12 reviews

Why do I need this when I can just whip an ice cube out of the freezer. Well, this is a step up in your sensory play. Kind of like mowing the grass with a push mower versus a power mower. You can get the job done but it is not as fun. You can run the ice anywhere on yourself or your partner. It can be used anytime for cooling off or playing.

The Touche Ice is a great, affordable purchase to add a little something different to play sessions. The bullet is not the best, but the real star is the ice! If you're interested in temperature play, this could be a winner.

Although this little toy helps save your fingers when you play with ice, the vibrator is weak and is very difficult to remove.

This toy is essentially defeated by it's awful vibe. Everything could have been redeemed with a good one. However, this toy IS made of excellent materials, and if you're intent on using it as a sex toy, I'd suggest keeping it off your clit!

This is one fun toy with lots of possibilities, use it all over. Use it on those hot nights or when you have over heated. Easy to clean, and you can turn this into a vibrating Popsicle. It works to bring up the nipples nicely. I don't drink enough water so I couldn't think of a better way to get my daily water intake. Keep your towel handy for the run off!

While the price tag on this seems a bit steep to me, I think that not having to freeze your finger tips off while having a little fun during ice play kind of evens that out. This product takes the whole idea of using ice cubes during sex or foreplay to the next level and even vibrates your ice cube. Who can say no to a vibrating ice cube!?

For those hot summer days when you want to introduce a little brrr to the bedroom this is a great way to go. This freezable ice mold with bullet will cool you down a few degrees, in a good way.

This item is just a new different toy, and for that alone I think it's worth trying. If you have ever considered adding temperature play into your love life, this is definitely for you.

Overall, my experience with the Touché Ice was amazing. I can't wait for summer to take better advantage of this unique toy! If you're a fan of temperature play, this is a must have.

If you love temperature play or new ideas the Touche offers what you are looking for. It is sleek and quiet, but the vibrations match the noise level which left me a little sad.

This was a toy I was really looking forward to trying. I am a big fan of ice play and this toy is perfect for that. Unfortunately, it's innovative use as a vibrating ice toy was thwarted by the weakest bullet vibe I've ever experienced. I do hope this was a defective product and not the case for everyone, but because I am not sure at this point, I cannot recommend this to anyone looking for more than just a temperature play toy.

This product is the only one of its kind. The Touché ice is a vibrating ice massager intended to be used on any part of the body that needs to be cooled down. It is made of a durable material therefore should last a lifetime. The great design allows you to stimulate your partner without freezing your own fingers which is a blessing if you enjoy playing with ice.

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