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Crystal chic vibe

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Bullet - Crystal chic vibe - view #1 Bullet - Crystal chic vibe - view #2 Bullet - Crystal chic vibe - view #3 Bullet - Crystal chic vibe - view #4 Bullet - Crystal chic vibe - view #5
Intensity level
4 vrooms
Noise level
3 bees


A solid, and stylish addition to anyone's toy box, this toy is especially suited for people new to toys, looking for a simple but effective introduction. With three speeds, starting with light foreplay, the Crystal Chic can take you to the top, and look damn good doing it.


Stylish, strong, easy to clean, portable


A bit too loud to be truly discreet

Best use:

This toy is an excellent beginner's toy. Its moderately strong, high-pitched vibrations are a treat when applied to almost any erogenous zone (You should not use non-flared toys anally), and the toy itself is very easy to use. Long and thin, it'd be a very gentle introduction to penetration, but it excels in clitoral stimulation. Whereas most clitoral toys are very short and pinpoint, this toy keeps the pinpointed vibrations, but gives you a substantial handle - making the toy itself easier to clean, and allowing you to more easily reach your clit during solo play.
  • Material / Texture:

    The material this toy uses is called Velvet-Cote. It's plastic, and thus is easy to clean, but has a matte finish that makes it feel soft on your sensitive areas, and it also gives it a bit of texture. The name is very accurate as the Velvet-Cote finish does, in fact, feel velvety and smooth to the touch. The button and the washer that make this toy waterproof are made of rubber- but they match the color of the vibe well. This toy also has some crystal accents - it says on the package they are real crystal, but doesn't specify which kind.

    PU coated plastic
    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    This toy is one of the better designed long bullets I have come across. Whereas most long bullets (usually called magnum bullets) have the vibrations centered, this has them more towards the tip of the toy. It is, in my opinion, more suited for clitoral and nipple stimulation than penetration, but to a beginner or someone who is a virgin to insertion in general, it would surely be a safe introduction. In my opinion, it is better for beginners than more experienced toy owners, mostly due to the size and vibration pitch. This toy is discreet and I would say you could travel with it - but the button is easily depressed and there is no travel lock, so make sure you remove the battery holder before traveling with it. Speaking of a battery holder, another excellent design point is that the batteries fit into a plastic holder, with the directions the batteries should face printed on the inside. This makes removal easy, and you could take the batteries out for travel or cleaning without worrying about remembering how they go, as the battery holder only fits in one way.

    5 1/4"
    Insertable length:
    3 3/4"
    0.1 lb
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    This toy functions well - it does what it is meant to do. It has three speeds, each one is easily distinguishable from the others. There are no vibration patterns or elaborate functions, making the toy un-intimidating and easy to use. The vibrations are controlled via a single push button at the end of the toy. You must cycle through all the vibrations to turn the toy off, but since there are only three speeds, this isn't too bad.

    The controls were easy to use for me, as I am used to push-button toys, and the length of the toy makes it easy to hold in such a way that the button is always within reach. As I mentioned earlier, this has great pinpoint vibrations, centered right in the tip. This makes it easy to stimulate erogenous zones and get the most out of the toy.

    This toy is moderately noisy... although since it is waterproof, it is easily covered by the noise of a shower, and is sufficiently splash and showerproof. Though I have not submerged the toy, the washer is thick and creates a tight seal - there is no reason it wouldn't work underwater if you so desired.

    Special Features:
    • Multispeed
    • Powerful
    • Waterproof
    Control type:
    Push button
    Powered By:
  • Care and Maintenance:

    Caring for this toy, as with all plastic toys, is easy. You can use soap and water, any toy cleaner or toy wipe, even antibacterial cleaners. However, this toy cannot be boiled or sterilized, and should be shared with a condom only. It does not need to be stored in a plastic bag or cloth pouch, as the material does not attract lint and dust. Plastic is also a nonreactive material, so you shouldn't worry too much about it touching other materials in storage or transit.

  • Packaging:

    The toy is packaged quite nicely. There are no naked women on the package, and the partially clear packaging, showcasing the toy, is very stylish and well presented. It includes relevant usage and safety info on the back, such as the material specifics and battery usage, and on the it displays how many speeds it has. There weren't any printed instructions included besides a paper sleeve inside the toy showing how the batteries went in. This must be removed prior to usage and is a bit hard to get out without tweezers. Overall, however, I liked the packaging and was pleasantly surprised. The toy came shrink wrapped inside the packaging, which I thought was perhaps unnecessary but very nice if you were giving the toy as a gift. Personally I wouldn't use the box alone as a gift box, but I think simply wrapped in a white and silver motif, it would be more than sufficient. As far as reusing it for storage, although it can be done, it would make the toy take up considerably more space than just storing the toy on its own.

  • Personal comments:

    This toy pleasantly surprised me in more ways than one. Usually, toys that are stylish and attractive fall short where it matters, and this toy does not. While the vibrations are a bit too high pitched for my personal preferences, it is still powerful enough to satisfy and would be a great all around introduction for a toy newbie, or even a complete virgin, due to the size. Were it socially acceptable to do such a thing, this toy is truly smooth and 'chic' enough that one could use it as a fashion accessory. Simple and understated, it packs a good punch for its size, and is a solid member to anyone's toy box - if you are looking for a stylish and portable toy and you know you like somewhat higher pitched vibrations.

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