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Bullet - Harmony yang - view #1 Bullet - Harmony yang - view #2 Bullet - Harmony yang - view #3
Intensity level
4 vrooms
Noise level
1 bees


Whether you're new to bullets, or have tried everything out there, this little guy is a must have for anyone that enjoys them. It packs a stronger punch than I would expect from a single AAA battery, or a toy this size. I just might be keeping this one in my purse it's so discreet and powerful. I highly recommend this toy to anyone looking for a good bullet.


Quiet, Strong, Easy to clean and store.


I only wish it was a little larger.

Best use:

This little guy is made for clitoral stimulation, but it has many more uses than that. It can be used for light stimulation almost anywhere on the body. It's great if you love a good, smooth vibration on your breasts or nipples, delivers a focused punch for clitoral stimulation, and even worked to tease lightly around my husband's anus on the first setting.
  • Material / Texture:

    Though it's made of plastic it's smooth enough to bring more pleasure than I've come to expect from rougher plastic toys. Always a plus, this bullet has no smell at all, even fresh out of the box. Nor did the case. (Also plastic.) Although it's not intended for anal usage, it is nice to know that plastic is non-porous and phthalate-free. This allows it to be easily cleaned with soap and water, toy cleaner, or isopropyl alcohol. While you shouldn't need to use any lubricant with this, you can rest assured that you are safe to use this toy if you have any water, oil, or silicone based lube on you.

    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    I was slightly surprised at the size when I first got this. Thought I read the description, somehow it seemed that it should be a bit larger. At 3 1/2" long 2 3/4' are insertable, with a circumference of 2 1/2", and a diameter of 3/4". The end screws off to get to the battery compartment. When you open it a plastic piece slides right out. This piece fits perfectly over the one AAA battery it requires, and then slides right back in without issue. There is an o-ring fitted around the cap that offers a watertight seal as long as you close this tightly. I have tested it out in the shower, and held it under steady running water from the faucet. It is indeed as waterproof as it claims to be. The case is a small cylinder. It simply slides apart to store the bullet inside. At first I was concerned that it was too roomy for the bullet and that it would rattle around when stored. I was most definitely wrong about this. It sits very snugly inside, and doesn't move at all. Though it doesn't fit so tightly that it would scratch or anything of the sort. It should also be noted that you can get this same toy in black if you so prefer. The black version is referred to as Yin, as this one is Yang.

    3 1/2"
    Insertable length:
    2 3/4"
    2 1/2"
    The set includes:
    • Vibrator and storage case
    0.2 lb
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    This bullet has 3 settings - low, medium, and high. With the first battery I inserted I was immediately disappointed. It seemed the settings were barely there, is that thing on, and a low rumble. I decided not to pass judgement to quickly, and my initial disappointment was thrown to the curb when I swapped the battery for a different one and the settings changed to high, higher, and catch that thing, it's running across the room! Even after letting it run on the second setting for 3 hours it never started to die down. I checked it today after leaving the battery sitting in it for another 24 hours, and it doesn't appear to be draining it. It still vibrates just as strongly as it did to start with. There is one push button on the base that you click each time to change the speed or turn it off. The button is easy to click, but doesn't seem to be something you have to worry about accidentally pressing. I never pushed it without intending to, even with my finger firmly against it. As I mentioned, it proved to be quite waterproof, but you may want to double check that the o-ring is there, and in place as it should be. I would hate for someone to get one missing the o-ring and getting harmed, let alone losing such a neat little toy. As far as noise, this is one of the quietest bullets I've ever had. You cannot hear it unless you're close. Even then, with a TV or stereo on (even low), you can't hear it. I would, however, be a little extra careful if you have roommates and the battery starts to die. With the first battery in it it was a little more rumbly, and might be heard if someone does get a little too close. Though I highly doubt even then that it could be heard from another room.

    Special Features:
    • Multispeed
    • Small size
    • Travel
    • Waterproof
    Control type:
    Push button
    Powered By:
  • Care and Maintenance:

    Plastic is on of the easiest materials to care for. A simple wipe down with soap and water will clean this very easily. It only adds to the ease that it is so smooth, and has no nubs or anything else that you would need to take extra care to clean around. As I have stated, it is safe with water, oil, and silicone based lubricants. After trying it with each I've found that they each clean off very well with soap and water, without leaving the toy slick or dirtied in any way. For storage it comes with it' own case, which it fits perfectly into. The case is discreet and small enough to tuck away in a drawer, or pretty much anywhere else really.

    Care and cleaning:
    Soap and water
  • Packaging:

    The packaging was very simple. It's plastic, so I tossed it in my recycling bin. It is NOT a discreet package. You can see right through it. It's also not good for storage, or using for anything I can think of. On the plus side the packaging doesn't have any offensive pictures, which is nice if you're buying this as a gift.

  • Experience:

    Since it's intended for clitoral stimulation I opted to try that first. I was not disappointed. The vibrations are focused on the insertable end as the motor is closer to that end (to allow room for the battery to fit). The size of the toy makes these vibrations focused fairly well on whatever area you're touching, though you can feel the vibration throughout the entire bullet to some extent. Even with the short length I was able to enjoy this while bent over the edge of my bed. (My hand brought back towards me over the edge, and me leaning slightly on my arm). I was able to use it perfectly well even with my husband thrusting from behind me. This is something that has thrown me off with other, straight bullets. I believe the slight curvature of this one allowed for an easier ordeal. Something I quite enjoyed. When the husband decided to change things up, he asked if I wanted to try it on him. Sounds like a challenge to me. One I of course, accepted gladly. With a very small amount of lube I was able to rub this around his anus, and insert about an inch without worrying about my grip. Since my husband is new to anything anal he thoroughly enjoys smaller toys like this, and the higher vibrations really did the job for him. I would not recommend inserting this farther, or at all if you have any doubts about your grip, as smaller toys without a base are not recommended for anal use. After everything was said and done (and cleaned up!) he enjoyed turning it up to its highest setting, and rolling it over my back, then breasts. It isn't quite a massage, but is definitely a great feeling and very relaxing.

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