Flower of love Tongue vibrator

Catalog ID: ET041501
Vibration Power: Intense
Noise level: Low
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gyrating tongue in the soft cup

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Product: Flower of love
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What makes it awesome

  • Tongue gyrates intensely while the flower-like cup channels throbbing vibrations.
  • Enjoy 10 powerful modes of stimulation.
  • Body-safe silicone feels soft to the touch.
  • Waterproof construction allows for frisky aqua play.

Vibration power 4 | 5. Strong and highly intense vibrations that stimulate powerfully. May be too intense for some.

Noise Level 3 | 5. Low, soft, "white noise" hum, similar to a cell phone's vibration, that can be heard from underneath the covers but not through a closed door.

A closer look

Your love life will bloom with this delicate clitoral vibrator, featuring a flexible flower-like shape and a gyrating tongue that delivers mind-blowing sensations. Use it anywhere on the body as part of your sensual foreplay, or go all the way and let this velvety smooth caresser swirl you into a show-stopping climax.

Sexy play ideas

How it works

Vibration Map

  • Gentle
  • Moderate
  • Intense

Enjoy the orgasm-inducing 4 out of 5 vibration intensity

Emits the phone-on-vibrate 3 out of 5 noise level

Functions: 10 vibration patterns

Special Features: Premium / Waterproof

Built-in control pad for one-hand operation

Powered By: Rechargeable

Charged with USB cable. Available here

Can be cleaned with 5% bleach solution

How it feels

Made from silicone for high-end experience

Safety features: Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free

Non-porous material doesn't harbor bacteria

Ordering Details

Manufacturer: EdenFantasys

Catalog ID: ET041501

How it looks

Color: Purple

How small it is

Length: 6 1/2"

Product Manual

  • The tongue-like protrusion does provide the same broad pressure a tongue would across the clit when rubbed across the area. The vibration takes it a notch higher than just tongue play. Used in tandem with oral, this toy will speed things along nicely.

  • This gets me off every time. Those good, deep orgasms I usually only get with a partner.

  • The tongue felt excellent when I used it on my clit, so I was happy with that! I would say I have decent orgasms with this toy.

  • It was so amazing I want it to keep "cuming" around.

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