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This toy is unique and fun to use. It would also be travel friendly. It was a little confusing for me at first but I have found other ways to use it. The handle fits in my hand great and I love the nice silicone feel to it.
Good vibrations
No light indicator when charging
A little confusing (for me)
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First impression

This arrived in the mail in the discreet brown box. Inside, it was in a white box with no wording. The box itself was also wrapped in plastic. When I opened the box, it was inside in another clear plastic bag. Inside was the toy and the USB charging cord. There were no instructions either. The toy itself looked like I had imagined it to look. It was super silky smooth and was different than most toys I've purchased. The tongue on this seemed interesting, and I was curious how it would end up working.

First Use

Before my first use, I went to plug this in to charge it. I noticed this toy does not have light indicators to show if it is charging or not. I left it on the charger for about an hour then and just assumed I was good to go. The site says this has 80 minutes of continuous play, so if it doesn't last that long, I'll know to charge it a bit longer next time. So I washed this up with soap and water before I went through any functions.

There are 3 buttons on this, a plus and minus sign and the power button. The power button is in the middle and plus sign on top. So I held in the power button for 3 seconds to turn it on. It started off on a low steady vibration, and then I hit the plus button to start going through them. The first 3 are all continuous vibrations, the 1st one is the lowest and then gradually getting more intense. The next 7 settings are a variety of vibrations. So I wanted to see what the minus button was, and clicked it. It actually just goes to the previous function. So if you pass one you liked you can just hit that button. Now to turn this off I held in the power button for another 3 seconds, and it turned off. After going through everything and figuring it out, I was ready fo use it.

So my first time was solo, I'll admit I was extremely confused by this and how to use it. I couldn't get the sides to fit snug on me and have the tongue lined up on my clit; I turned this back and forth to see if maybe I was holding it wrong. I even put it down and got on here to read if it had said anything about how it goes. Which wasn't much help either so I figured I'd just do my own thing. So I tried to put this back on to almost seal it, and the tongue was on my vagina, but it didn't really go in me, it more so vibrated so I was done trying to use it that way and I had started over.

I ended up just rubbing this on my clit, which felt great, the tongue had a very strong vibration on the 3rd vibration setting, and I also had used the tongue and rubbed it on my labia. Then I even inserted the tongue into my vagina a bit. All of that felt great, although I wish the tongue was bigger. I didn't notice the tongue gyrating at all, but it did have nice vibrations, and I figured I'd end up using this toy as more of a teaser toy and clit toy than anything else. I had figured I'd try again differently when I used it again. When I was done, I also relooked on the site about this toy and seen the picture of the woman using it. To me, it looked like the tongue was in the vagina, but I couldn't get it right my first use.

I did manage to have an orgasm with this too. It did take a bit, but I think it was more so due to my mind not really being on it and trying to figure out how this was to be used. I was excited to try again, and even if I couldn't figure it out, I can still use it to my liking.

Further Experience

So my next time using this was actually later that same day. I had turned this on the 2nd vibration setting and kind of pressed the cup part down above my clit. The handle part before it reaches the cup is very flexible, so I kind of had it bent a bit and then pressed on it, the tongue part was more so laying over my clit, and the cup part still didn't do much for me. I then shoved the tongue in my vagina again, and the cup part also didn't do much there. Honestly, though the tongue itself felt great and I still liked the way the design of the tongue with the cup part around it looks. So instead of trying to figure out exactly how this worked, I just used it, however, it felt good on my body.

The tongue felt excellent when I used it on my clit, so I was happy with that! I got off a bit quicker this time than I did the last. I have enjoyed this both times and can't really say there is a specific way to use this toy or that the flower cup part really does much for me.

My use with my husband was fun and exciting. He had used it to tease me a bit. He used the tongue on my nipples, on a light vibration as the stronger one was way too intense for me on my nipples. So he continued with the lighter setting and also rubbed the tongue up and down on my body gently, he also used it on my clit for a bit. He managed to get me off, teasing my body and rubbing it on my clit before we had sex. I did not use this during sex since it flares out with the cup part. It just seems it would be too hard to do. All in all, I am enjoying this toy more than I did my first initial use.

This toy is silicone, so if you use lubricant with it, use water-based lube. Silicone is non-porous, so it doesn't harbor bacteria. It's hypo-allergenic, latex, and phthalates free. This toy is waterproof, which is a nice feature. For cleaning, I just use soap and water. You can use toy cleaner or a 5% bleach solution. The total length of this is 6 1/2".

Vibration Map

The most vibration is in the tongue of this toy. The cup part has vibrations also just not as strongly. The tongue ranges from low to high-intensity vibrations which I really enjoy. You can also feel light vibrations in the handle, and after using it for a while, you do have that small tingly feeling in your hands, but it's not too bad.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

I would say I have decent orgasms with this toy. The vibration of the tongue feels great on my clit. I also love when my husband uses it on me.
Follow-up commentary
I personally haven't used this much since I wrote my review. I also don't really feel like I will. It's definitely a unique toy and seems interesting, it's just not one I really ended up liking.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  • Contributor: CuriousFun
    Great review, as always!

    This toy looks really cool, but I'm now pretty convinced that it's just not for me. It looks like it would probably work great for female-bodied folks who get off primarily from clit and other external stimulation, but it doesn't look like it really allows for much internal stimulation; the insertable portion of this toy is quite small, and the cup makes it difficult/impossible to incorporate a second internal toy. While I technically CAN get off from clit stimulation alone, I typically enjoy myself a lot more and have much better orgasms when my G-spot is allowed to join the party.

    Oh well! Not every toy is going to be a home-run for every person. Thanks for sharing your experiences with this unique little gadget!
  • Contributor: frisky069
    Yeah, it's definitely different and interesting just not a perfect fit for me! It was fun with my husband for foreplay.
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