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Traditional vibrator - SinFive Nagi silicone - view #1 Traditional vibrator - SinFive Nagi silicone - view #2 Traditional vibrator - SinFive Nagi silicone - view #3 Traditional vibrator - SinFive Nagi silicone - view #4 Traditional vibrator - SinFive Nagi silicone - view #5 Traditional vibrator - SinFive Nagi silicone - view #6 Traditional vibrator - SinFive Nagi silicone - view #7 Traditional vibrator - SinFive Nagi silicone - view #8 Traditional vibrator - SinFive Nagi silicone - view #9 Traditional vibrator - SinFive Nagi silicone - view #10 Traditional vibrator - SinFive Nagi silicone - view #11 Traditional vibrator - SinFive Nagi silicone - view #12 Traditional vibrator - SinFive Nagi silicone - view #13
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Soft, smooth, powerful, quiet, multiple settings, and it's even made of silicone. Nagi Silicone is one of the latest from SinFive and really has no downsides. While the base of Nagi may be too thick for some, they can always just used the tapered tip instead, and if you find the higher vibrations to be too strong, check out the lower levels.


Powerful, Silicone, Multiple settings, "Emergency" off feature, Quiet.


Lint magnet, Some may find the size too big, Working the extra settings may be confusing for some.

Best use:

Nagi is ideal for both vaginal and clitoral stimulation, although she can be used in a variety of other ways as well, including stimulating the nipples, his shaft, or his scrotum. Her smooth texture makes her a great idea for beginners or those who know they don't like or need much texture, but her size makes her a better match for those already a little experienced with using toys, or who know they like a fuller feeling.
  • Material / Texture:

    This specific Nagi is made of a soft yet firm silicone. She's free of phthalates, non-porous, hypo-allergenic, and even has anti-bacterial properties. Nagi's silicone is smooth and velvety to the touch, with just the slightest drag, barely enough to catch your finger on, but enough to warrant using lube.

    The texture of the silicone isn't going to offer much in the way of excitement, and in this case is best suited for beginners or those who know they don't like texture.

    There's just the slightest "new toy" smell when you put your nose right up against the material and the slightest plastic-y taste to it as well. Nothing that lingers on either front.

    The only downside to the material is that it is quite the lint magnet, managing to capture random particles floating around in the air.

    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Anti-bacterial property / Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    Nagi's size is not ideal for the first toy you ever use vaginally. For most however, Nagi will provide a nice full feeling without stretching you to the max. The tapered design of her shaft makes it easy to decide how far in you want to go. Nagi has a total insertiable length of 6 1/2" and a circumference of about 4" around the tip, and 5 1/4" around the base.

    While Nagi is far from being a small vibrator, she's definitely a far cry from being huge as well. Hiding shouldn't be too difficult, provided you have something to keep her in, should be fairly simple in almost any drawer. I would advise against tucking her into a purse, but she'll fit easily into any duffel bag should you want to travel with her.

    If you leave Nagi out in the open, it won't be too difficult to figure out what she's there for, so make sure to tuck her away when you're done with her.

    Insertable length:
    6 1/2"
    1 1/2"
    1 lb
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    To start using Nagi, simply remove the battery cap, insert 2 AA batteries, and screwing the cap back on. There are markings inside the cap to tell you which direction your batteries should be facing. To start the vibrations, press and hold the + sign for a few seconds. To cycle up through all the vibration settings, keep pressing the + button. To cycle back down press the - button, and to turn it off at any point in any setting, simply press and hold the - button. The wide variety of vibration settings can be confusing to many people, although figuring out the steady vibration settings is very easy.

    Nagi has 3 different vibration "settings". According to the manual there is a slow vibration interval, a fast vibration interval, and a random vibration interval. Unfortunately, they don't get much more specific than that. There is some distinction between the different steady settings, and there appear to be 6 different ones, all fairly strong and all pretty quiet. Once you reach the last of the steady vibrations, you can click the + button again to get to 2 different "alternating" vibration settings. Both jump from low to high, only at different speeds. If you click the + button once more you'll reach a random vibration mode. This is exactly what it sounds like and can be a really nice feature for those who like to have a little less control.

    While most of the shaft feels like it houses a motor, it's virtually impossible to actually distinguish a specific location for these vibrations. They travel very well throughout the entire toy, and are of the deep, low-pitched, rumbly variety. As for noise, Nagi will sound loud in a quiet room, but grab a blanket and click on the TV or radio and you'll be just fine.

    Nagi claims to be waterproof and has stood up to the sink test and performed well in the shower as well.

    Pulsating / Rollercoaster / Vibrating
    Special Features:
    • Anti-microbial
    • Batteries included
    • Multifunction
    • Multispeed
    • Powerful
    • Quiet
    • Waterproof
    Control type:
    Built in control pad
    Powered By:
  • Care and Maintenance:

    Care and maintenance is fairly simple for Nagi. SinFive highly recommends washing before the first use, and you should always wash after every subsequent use. Because Nagi has electrical components, you should avoid boiling her, although you could wipe her down with a 10% bleach solution, spray her with some toy cleaner, or wash her in the sink with warm soap and water. You really do need to dry her with a lint free cloth, but in the absence of one, you can always let Nagi air dry after giving her a few good shakes as she seems to almost repel water.

    If you like your Nagi, avoid using silicone based lubes. The same properties that keep silicone based lubes liquidy can do the same thing to your toy, and that's never good. It's best to stick with a good water based lube with Nagi.

    For storage, you could keep her in her original box, although it is a bit bulky. Another great option is to get a satin lined toy pouch. You'll want to make sure that whatever you do keep Nagi in the pouch (it doesn't shed), because Nagi is like a lint roller as far as picking up particles goes.

    Care and cleaning:
  • Packaging:

    Nagi's packaging is very classy. When you first get her, she'll be in a large white box inside a slip-cover that features a photo of Nagi on the front and the phrase "SINFIVE vibrators offer certified physical compatibility of the materials used, are waterproof, easy to take care of, and quiet. Ideal for vaginal and clitoral stimulation - tender touches or sinful desire!" in 15 different languages.

    Once you remove the slip-cover, you have a white box with a book style cover that opens to reveal Nagi nestled inside a plastic tray. That tray is also removable via a flap on the top of the box. If you remove the tray you'll find the instruction pamphlet, a postcard you can mail in for a 5 year guarantee on your Nagi, as well as a small pamphlet that shows a few of their other products and a set of AA batteries. The instruction pamphlet comes in the same 15 languages as the back of the slip-cover, the postcard is half German and half English, and the little product pamphlet looked to be all in German.

    The instructions were good enough but could have been more detailed in regards to the controls.

    The package could theoretically be used for storage, although will end up being rather bulky. However, Nagi's packaging makes for a great gift, even if it isn't the most discreet.

  • Personal comments:

    You should refrain from using Nagi anally. There's no flared base and the taper isn't very pronounced meaning that Nagi could very easily get sucked inside. Trust me, you don't want to explain this to the doctor.

  • Experience:

    I was surprised at how big Nagi was. I looked up dimensions online, did the full size screen thing, took out a ruler, and still, when I finally got it and held it in my hands, I was really surprised. My friend was over when I opened it, and both she and my sister (who I showed it to against her will, lol) were surprised at its size. Not that Nagi is all that huge, but after showing them the picture on the site, they were surprised too.

    I personally found the base of Nagi to be too filling for me, however shallower thrusting was wonderful. As a clitoral stimulator, wow. Nagi is the only toy with the possible exception of All on Red that I've been able to get off with on the lowest setting. I'm one who needs a lot of strong vibrations, and Nagi really delivers.

    As for the various settings, I get really frustrated really easily while trying to use these. I did use them so that I could tell you how they vibrate, but for me, I stick with the first 6 settings, which are the steady vibrations.

    When used during sex with my fiance I only found Nagi to be any kind of awkward if he leaned in for a kiss while I was trying to hold it in one place. With me on top and Nagi carefully positioned so as not to fall right off his stomach (the lack of texture doesn't help here), it wasn't in the way at all.

    I'm wowed by the strength of the vibrations, I'm wowed by the way this thing feels, and the only thing I wish it had that it didn't was the option to be rechargeable.

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