SinFive Nagi silicone - traditional vibrator by SINFIVE - review by Kayla

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The Nagi is a fun vibrator that shows great German craftsmanship. The vibe is completely ready to use straight out of the box, and it can be used internally and externally for some great pleasure. I'm sincerely impressed with the random vibrations mode.
Strong vibrations, random vibrations mode, high-quality, soft and sleek, great for insertion
Vibrations can be loud, price a little high, buttons can get slick, lint magnet
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The Nagi is a silicone vibrator made by SinFive and produced over in Germany. It's 8 inches long, feels velvety soft, and has no odor to it. The bottom battery cap is made of plastic. It has a diameter of an inch and a half. On the front bottom of the vibrator, there is a little octopus decal etched into the silicone and on the backside are the control buttons in the silicone part. (Not on the base which I thought was a little odd.) The white band around the bottom of the vibrator says "SinFive" and isn't removable while the black piece attached to the bottom of it unscrews to insert the batteries. The top of the Nagi is rounded and soft - nothing pointy about this one.

The packaging for the Sinfive Nagi is pretty interesting. It's a little box contained in a outer cardboard shell like the Njoy boxes. Inside of the little box, the Nagi sits in the plastic tray. You can easily pull out the Nagi from right there, or the little box's top will open up to allow you to pull out the tray as well as the instructions and the batteries. I found it a little odd, but when my vibrator came in the mail, it was covered in all sorts of fuzzies. Since everything else seemed okay, I brushed it off, but it seems like something must have gotten near it during manufacturing. The materials included include two AA batteries, a warranty card, a "this is our products" brochure completely in German, and an instruction manual that includes English and other languages.

The batteries are extremely easy to insert. You just unscrew the battery compartment at the bottom and slide in the batteries. My little battery compartment makes a squeaky noise when I unscrew it which makes me giggle, but honestly doesn't affect the toy at all. I will make a note that both of my included batteries were covered in some sort of substance - don't ask me what. It felt like cinnamon roll icing or something. I didn't use those and trashed them instead and used my own batteries.

Once inserted, the vibrator can be turned on and off through the plus and minus buttons that have been put right onto the silicone itself. The vibrator has six steady vibrations that go slowly up in intensity. It then also includes two alternating vibration patterns from high to low. The final one is a random mode - it just picks patterns how it feels. I spent like five minutes listening to the random mode because it's something I don't usually see on a vibrator and it honestly sounds like it could be some sort of music. To turn it off in a hurry, you can hold down the minus button for a second, and it'll turn off.

The vibrations honestly aren't all that quiet. I'd say that somebody, if they were listening, might be able to hear these through a closed door unless music or something else was on to mask the sound. It gets much quieter if used internally, but if used externally, you may want to get something to play over the sound of the vibrator.

The body of the Nagi is actually pretty soft. It's a soft silicone (it feels like pure silicone on the inside instead of just silicone covering plastic or something) which means that it has some flexibility to it during use. The motor is located at the bottom near the batteries, so the rest of the toy is pretty flexible for use. Not uncomfortably so, but perfectly so. I found that I liked it better for internal use because for external use, I enjoy using pressure, and the silicone would bend before the pressure was applied. However, internally, it had enough squish and give to it to make it comfortable. I'd recommend using lots of lubricant though just because it's made of silicone, and silicone likes to absorb lubricant.

The Nagi does very slowly increase in diameter which is something to notice during use. If it gets to be too much diameter, you can choose not to go that far in with the toy. Something else - since the buttons to control the vibrations are on the shaft of the toy, they may end up getting slippery and lubricated during use - especially if you want to use the full body of the toy. This can make them slightly annoying to attempt to find, but it's really a minor point.
For cleaning, the instruction manual recommends warm water and antibacterial soap. It also reminds you to turn off the vibrator first, but honestly, I think it'd be more trouble than it'd be worth to attempt to clean something while it's still vibrating. After use, it says you should take the batteries, and under no circumstances should this vibrator be placed under hot water. Since it's a silicone vibrator, only water-based lubricants can be used safely. For storage, I choose to keep mine in the original packaging. Something else that should be noted is that this silly thing is like a Swiffer Duster in its own right. Seriously. Even sitting in the storage box will pick up lint. Somehow. It's magical because I'm not sure how it does it. Keeping it in a plastic baggie seems to work to keep the lint-demons out.

I'm honestly not sure how I feel about the Nagi. I think it's a great, high-quality vibrator, but I'm sure I wouldn't pay the high price for this. If it was on sale for a little less, I think I'd pick it up, but I'm not sure if the features really warrant the price tag. Then again, I'm a broke college student, so you really have to take your own choice on that one.


As a random note, contrary to other reviewers' recommendations, the Nagi's instruction book says not to get it near hot/boiling water since it will harm the toy. Don't ask me why, but it says it.
Follow-up commentary
It was a good vibrator and all, but honestly, it's not the best. It's great for what it is, and it's a good vibrator and high-quality, but it just doesn't provide the power I need, so I always choose a different vibrator over this one.
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