Masturbators for men. Choose from pocket, realistic and hands free masturbators.

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Pocket pussy with stimulating beads
Author: buzzlightyear
This is a product that gets the job done for a fairly low price as long as you are not hooked on the idea of feeling the beads. Because you won't. You will love this item if you have a sensitive penis and other masturbators have too aggressive ribbing for you or if you are trying to prevent climaxing too quickly.
Fruit of love masturbator
Author: Brandon
The Fruit of love masturbator is hands down, one of the most discreetly packaged male products on the market. Perfectly named Coconut freeze, this male masturbator will be sure to please! The overall quality and design are excellent, by offering the look and feel of a life-like vagina. Textured for absolute pleasure and realistic stimulation, this travel friendly masturbation sleeve will leave you begging for a refill!
Estelle travel masturbator
Author: Brandon
The Estelle travel masturbator is a travel sized penis sleeve that can be used at home or while you are away. Its small size, compared to a traditional penis sleeve, makes it easy to pack and store without taking up a lot of space in your bag or suitcase. On average, this mouth masturbator will be smaller than many other penis sleeves, making it the perfect choice for those that might travel often.
Author: Bowen7711
I think this is a great toy for anyone (any size or experience level) looking for a good stroker at a great price. It is definitely worth the money compared to some other cheaper strokers I've had. Is just an awesome little stroker.

Guide to Masturbators

Pocket pussy masturbators

pocket pussies A pocket pussy is a stretchy sleeve of the moderate size that conveniently fits into man's hand. Usually these toys are made of TPR and some models come in silicone. These masturbators often feature wider opening for easy insertion. The pocket pussy's interior usually textured for more sensations. These masturbation toys are lightweight, discreet and great for travelling.
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Realistic vaginas

realistic masturbators These realistically shaped masturbators come in a variety of sizes ranging from medium to life size body parts imitators. Usually these toys are molded from live models in various positions. Realistic vaginas are made of skin-like materials with velvety surface. Many of them feature pubic hair or hands holding the vaginal lips.
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Masturbator sleeves. Fleshlight

masturbation sleeves Fleshlight is the most popular masturbator sleeve. This masturbator is a stretchy sleeve inserted into a hard flashlight shaped plastic case with convenient screw on lid that makes it quite discreet. Fleshlight masturbators can also be mounted between pillows for hands free masturbation. Other masturbator sleeves have more flexible casing that can be squeezed for more stimulation.
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Hands Free Masturbators

hands free masturbators If repetitive stroking motion is tiring you then hands free masturbators are for you. They can feature powerful vibrators positioned strategically around your shaft such as in the Cobra Libre. Other models have motors that pump the air for sucking sensations as well as rotating beads.
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Masturbator cleaning and maintenance

masturbator care If you don't like cleaning then opt for disposable masturbators: low in price, they come pre-lubricated and after you finished you can throw it away. However with the more expensive models like Fleshlight masturbators you should take good care of your investment for long term pleasure. Find some useful Fleshlight care tips in this article. If you bought a pocket pussy, then just turn it inside out, wash with warm water and soap and let it dry. Masturbators made out of skin like materials need to be sprinkled with corn starch to maintain their velvety surface. Masturbator cleaning made easy with antibacterial cleaners and wipes

Information about male masturbation

Touch your dang wiener, or how am I writing this if I'm blind?

Male masturbation has a lot of benefits for men's health. You should know that masturbation might help you with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Regular masturbation can make you better partner in couple's sex. And masturbators are fun and exciting way to masturbate. Learn why you should masturbate and how to make it better

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A Better Way To Handle Yourself

The premature ejaculation is a very common problem in men. However there are ways to train your stamina with masturbation. The masturbators such as the Fleshlight's Stamina Training Units (STU) feature tighter highly textured interior for training purposes. Find out how masturbation can help cure premature ejaculation.

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