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This site features products for adventurous couples and couples that travel with toys. Wild, Portable, Shareable, Discreet and Outrageous...They will all be found here! Not to mention the goods for storing and cleaning your beloved toys! This page will only feature toys that can be disinfected. Everything you need for all you hedonist adventures!

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Anti bacterial toy cleaner Anti bacterial toy cleaner
Economic cleaner for your shared toys


Share Share
I love the design of this product!! This is the smaller version they have an XL version too! They are all made of 100% silicone and perfect for well, sharing!


Lockable sex toy case Lockable sex toy case
The perfect size for a night of couples fun!


Dr.Joel Kaplan prostate massager Dr.Joel Kaplan prostate massager
Waterproof and easy to clean, inexpensive as well.


Emerald explorer Emerald explorer
$12.49 $24.99
Inexpensive, works with all lubricants, easy to clean....totally travel friendly!


JO premium lubricant JO premium lubricant
Highest rated silicone lubricant by EF!


Trojan magnum ecstasy Trojan magnum ecstasy
Always play it safe, these will fit most men very comfortably without being a killjoy!


Pink passion wand Pink passion wand
$13.99 $27.99
Double ended dildo. Safe to share because it is easy to clean. Comes with its own little pouch, so it is great for travel. Oh and don't forget temperature play!


Fur lined paddle Fur lined paddle
For your naughty partner!

Total products: 9
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