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Creativity and expertise applied to determine products with the most-est!

Shopping with ~LaUr3n~

Want the most out of your toys in terms of possible functions while also thinking about budget and safety? After reviewing over 600 items, I have figured out which products have been worth having and which have not. I am very creative and have found many new interesting ways to use toys. I like to make sure I get the most BANG for my BUCK! I want to make sure you do too!

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Tired of guessing what lingerie will work for you and what won't?

Shopping with Jul!a

Some lingerie promises to fit just about everybody when it doesn't, and some don't fit smaller people. I've got a serious love affair with lingerie and have dealt with enough to know what's gonna cut it and what isn't. Some things here will end up catering to the smaller framed, but some things are going to fit bigger frames better. If you ever have any questions don't hesitate to ask :)

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The Best of the Best

Shopping with Carrie Ann

Favorites from 6 years of using and reviewing sex toys.

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To smooth out all of those kinks.

Shopping with Sir

Looking to spice up your sex life? Curious about what it's like to spank or be spanked? Or perhaps you're just looking for a little something to struggle against or keep that feisty partner of yours tied down? Anything that you might need to express those kinks can be found here. Have fun with these high quality BDSM products!

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For Fun. For Play. For Life.

Shopping with Sammi

Welcome to my store, a collection of the fanciful and whimsical in the sex toy realm. Here you'll find something to tickle your fancy and spark your imagination. My selections aren't realistic, but rather fun looking and fun to use in a variety of ways. Come indulge your fantasy!

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Shopping with LicentiouslyYours

The Naked Reader Book Club has been discontinued.

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Satisfy your desires with discreet and quality options

Shopping with MuffysPinguLove

Are you interested in toys that are quiet? How about products that are easy to clean? Maybe you're looking for discreet options that can easily be hidden or left out without causing raised eyebrows? Maybe you're new to sex toys and want help finding what hits the spot? As a college student I know first hand that it's not always easy to fulfill your urges while living in a dorm room or under your parents' roof. Discreet Desires offers a variety of different options for people who need a little discretion in their sex life. Plus, this shop offers a positive sexual experience for new users and veterans alike. These products are sure to please while keeping your sexual escapades a private affair.

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The Best Textured Toys All in One Place

Shopping with Kynky Kytty

Toy Anatomy is a collection of unique and outstanding sex toys of distinct shapes, various sizes, and different materials. This amazing selection of body-safe products all have one thing in common. They are pleasurable for your anatomy.

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Kick your sex life back into gear

Shopping with ......

After 25 years of marriage we needed to try something new to rekindle our sex life. So about a year ago I began shopping at, and reviewing toys for Edenfantasys. I want to share what we've tried. And what has worked. This is not only for the couple who has been together for a long time. But also for the single person that wants to learn more about what it is they like. I recently wrote a beginner's buyer's guide article for Sexis magazine. I am including the toys featured in that article and some extra ones as well. There is a link to it for those interested in getting started, and a link to my article at the right. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need additional suggestions.

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Turning the Ordinary into the Extraordinary

Shopping with VieuxCarre

Want to explore new horizons? How about try something new? Well, look no further. There is plenty to choose from that is out of the ordinary here at my place. If you can't find what you are looking for, I will be more than willing to provide the product or find it for you on the site! So go on! Try something new and expand the horizons of pleasure!

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Total stores: 89