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Want the most out of your toys in terms of possible functions while also thinking about budget and safety? After reviewing over 600 items, I have figured out which products have been worth having and which have not. I am very creative and have found many new interesting ways to use toys. I like to make sure I get the most BANG for my BUCK! I want to make sure you do too!

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Couture collection Inspire Couture collection Inspire
$67.19 $95.99
The Inspire massager has levels for EVERYONE! This massager is small and can be used on any part of the body.


JO H2O anal lubricant JO H2O anal lubricant
$10.49 $14.99
This lube is designed for anal, but it works for vaginal too. Sex or all goes well!


Anal lube Anal lube
$8.79 $10.99
This is an excellent lube for a toy of large size and any material. It is great for anal and vaginal sex too.


Anti bacterial toy cleaner Anti bacterial toy cleaner
$6.79 $7.99
This is an excellent cleaner for all toy types! It is also a good re-freshener spray for toys.


Colt slick lubricant Colt slick lubricant
$8.39 $11.99
Probably the best water based, multipurpose lubricant I have found for the price and quantity!


Sex in the Shower locking suction foot rest Sex in the Shower locking suction foot rest
$14.44 $16.99
For sex or a leg up in shaving!


Trojan Magnum XL 12 pack Trojan Magnum XL 12 pack
Excellent for big toys and members


JO H2O warming lubricant JO H2O warming lubricant
$17.49 $24.99
An all around good lube and can work as a massage lotion.

Total products: 8
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