Can non-bisexuals get into bi porn?

NY Toyfan NY Toyfan
I enjoy all kinds of porn, but I recently bought a bi porn parody of Brokeback Mountain and I absolutely loved it. It's not an easy type of porn to find (even EF has only a couple of titles) and I hate that they almost all have to have "bi" somewhere in the title. However, I still think bi porn is very hot, but I'm also bisexual. So, I'm curious about whether there are any non-bisexuals out there who enjoy it as well (or any bisexuals who hate it)?
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Yesenia Yesenia
I also enjoy it but I'm also bisexual
Alan & Michele Alan & Michele
I'm not bisexual, but Michele and I recently watched Fluid: Men Redefining Sex and I actually enjoyed the men's performances better than the women's. We've just ordered Bi-Back Mountain (I think that's what it's called).
K101 K101
my partner and I don't watch porn at all. I am straight, but I will say, I have had fun with other girls back in the day when we were young teens! I am straight like I said, but it was a fun little thing to do back then. I never actually got turned on or had any feelings for my girlfriends, but something about it was very fun. Lol. When we were in high school, it was very common for girls to kiss & often do more and still be straight. Every female in my circle of friends at least kissed another girl. I must say though, I think one of the main reasons it caught on was because a lot of girls think it's attractive and they do it to get attention from men. I had one girlfriend who wanted to kiss everytime a male she liked was around. It got kind of old though. She was always rubbing on us & kissing to turn on the men. Lol. It's just not worth it to do all that just for a little attention.

Anyways, my point was, I do think you can be straight and still enjoy the same sex in some way.
M121212 M121212
wetone123 wetone123
I am straight and enjoy bi porn as well as other porn!
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