Have you ever noticed they go commando?

Feisty Feisty
Yes, I've noticed that.
KinkyNicki92 KinkyNicki92
now that you've said something yes
Gone (LD29) Gone (LD29)
I can't say that I've noticed, but it certainly wouldn't have fazed me. My man goes commando a vast majority of the time out of personal preference, so it wouldn't look unusual to me at all.
angel42539 angel42539
I've noticed that, it seems kinda goofy though because some are supposed to be like a story line and then they are commando like "well im commando all the time"
BrittaniMaree BrittaniMaree
yes and don't really mind it
snowminx snowminx
I've seen it pretty of time but it's never really registered in my mind as anything different.
LovesAPoet LovesAPoet
I was just thinking about that actually, I don't think I've seen a porn (non-amateur) in months with men wearing underwear!
UrNaughtyaAngel UrNaughtyaAngel
Oh yeah I definitely notice at first I notice the girls going commando took a while to realized that all guys are commando and that some of the girls do wear panties.
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