Would you pay for custom porn?

h3artsav3r h3artsav3r
Would you pay someone to make a custom porn for you? This includes custom fetish videos.
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MagneticDuke MagneticDuke
Question: Why are there four identical threads about this that were made at the same time?
Inquisitor is taking a break Inquisitor is taking a break
Just how custom are we talking, after all, isn't porn already divided into specific genres and sub genres already.
ChasityMurvine ChasityMurvine
to be able to have them do whatever u want when u want it how u want it hell yea !!!!!!!
RonLee RonLee
There is a website "chaturbate" of younger and older people of nearly all sexes and orientations broadcasting live. Most will talk to their audience and will do "various things" for tokens that you can but don't have to purchase. So this is sort of live porn that you can purchase for less than the cover charge at a strip club.
Dave1989 Dave1989
It depends on the price. The idea sounds interesting though. Currently, I only have a membership on 'bulk' porn paysites like videobox and videosz.
TheToyGuy TheToyGuy
With the right amount of money you can hire porn companies to create scenes to your choosing and you can turn a profit too if the stuff you come up with sells.

I have heard of some porn stars who are willing to do stuff that would totally destroy their professional image for the right price. Dominate macho guys willing to sub on camera. Lesbian actresses willing to do guys on cam. etc.
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