Favorite Eden Flicks Movie: 2011

Jul!a Jul!a
Do you enjoy watching movies? Did you participate in Eden Flicks last year at all? Well there were a lot of great movies to talk about at the meetings; whether they were the movies you were to watch on your own to discuss, or the movies that we all gathered in one place to watch together. Which movie was your favorite?
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aliceinthehole aliceinthehole
i just loved edwards scissorhands. it'd been over a decade since i'd seen it last. it was such a nice escape from daily life, and tim burton's best, IMHO.
Entropy Entropy
Death Becomes Her! I love that movie!
Jul!a Jul!a
*shameless bump*
Jul!a Jul!a
*another shameless bump*
Moonshyne7785 Moonshyne7785
heh old movies are the best sometimes is all i gotta say
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