Holiday Party Committee

Gary Gary
I think it would be great if a few of us got together, planned out and coordinated the community parties together.

We decided last night to have an Easter Party. I think this party could be filled with a lot of fun activities. So who is interested?
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ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
Great idea.
I would be glad to help in what ever way I can.
BeautiFullFigured BeautiFullFigured
Sounds nifty. I'd love to help in whichever way I could.
DeliciousSurprise DeliciousSurprise
I'd definitely be interested in helping
Alys Alys
Last night was awesome, and I'd be interested in helping too!
Illusional Illusional
Of course I'd love to help!
Kindred Kindred
I'd love to help out in any way I can.
~LaUr3n~ ~LaUr3n~
I'd love too! What about the St. Patty's?
BexvanKoot BexvanKoot
I would be interested in volunteering for discussions/parties for the 8 pagan sabbats if there is a large enough pagan community on the boards to be interested in that.

Gary - I'm in the middle of moving right now, but will have the month of March in the quiet Great White North on the lake to get a few ideas to you along this vein.
Ajax Ajax
A committee is a fantastic idea!
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