What's your Favorite Cake to make?

Thumper Logic Thumper Logic
What's your favorite cake to make? How about to eat? Do you prefer elaborate cakes or more home style, simple ones?
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Mamastoys Mamastoys
I like the box mixes as far as fixing them but my favorite is chocolate pound cake. My mom used to make me one every year for my birthday..she has been gone 14 years now. Hubby tried to make one but it wasn't the same. I do simple ones! My niece makes beautiful cakes!!
MeliPixie MeliPixie
I love making wedding cakes! Anything is fine though, I do all sorts and flavors.
debo debo
box mix, cherry chip was my all time favorite flavor but I can't find it any more. white would have to be my next fav or angel food.
Rory Rory
Favorite to make is a Chocolate Mocha Moose Angel Food Cake. Angel food cake made in a bunt pan cut the top off, carved out, fill with the chocolate mocha moose icing, replace the top, frost with the rest of the icing and EAT!!!
My favorite to eat is the Lemon Chiffon cake. (I make this one too)
Chilipepper Chilipepper
Wine Cake - so damned easy with cake mix, extra eggs, wine, etc. Plus it smells like eggnog while it's baking. Tastes divine.

I also like gingerbread.
Septimus Septimus
Red Velvet! Though I've never actually made a cake out of it. I make up a mean batch of red velvet cupcakes!
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