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Ansley Ansley
I'm getting ready to dig in my heels and get back to making really awesome meals and desserts. I started looking around at sites for interesting recipes and I managed to land on a nifty website that tells you not only what ingredients are, but how they're made and what you can substitute them with in the event you're out of an ingredient called for in a recipe.

Here's the link: link I thought others might find it handy! Enjoy.
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lexical lexical
I love this site! Thanks for sharing, Stormy!
KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
Yeah...that site is now my new cooking buddy. *bookmarks* x'D
We're always out of stuff I need for a good recipe, it drives me nuts.
Thank you for the link. ^_^
sjerzecouple sjerzecouple
If you're looking for a great instructional book for cooking with tons of recipes, "the professional chef," a textbook released by the Culinary Institute of America, is a great resource to have in your kitchen!
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