What should we watch to DISCUSS at the next Eden Flicks meeting?

BBW Talks Toys BBW Talks Toys
In honor of Halloween, I'm putting up for vote several movies to discuss for the next Eden Flicks meeting. Pick which one interests you. You'll either be able to get these on disc or stream online (not necessarily through Netflix). When the movie is selected, I'll post the thread with the link to stream.

Happy Voting.
Answers (private voting - your screen name will NOT appear in the results):
3  (21%)
8  (57%)
Total votes: 14
Poll is closed
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Starkiller87 Starkiller87
So many choices ughhhh.
Sweet-Justice Sweet-Justice
Zombies!!! <3
toxie m toxie m
NO zombies! Man, I am so sick of zombies, haha
BBW Talks Toys BBW Talks Toys
haha! I know there's a lot of zombie stuff going on, but at least this is CLASSIC zombies!

(and bump)
Gary Gary
The Thing is soooo good!
BBW Talks Toys BBW Talks Toys
melianofvalinor9 melianofvalinor9
I chose American psycho because I need to talk about that one...I didn't understand it at all!
BBW Talks Toys BBW Talks Toys
last chance to vote!
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