Living a healthy lifestyle, and taking off the pounds

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I am looking into starting a group on here called an "accountability group" for those of us who want to lose pounds and start living a healthier lifestyle. The point of the group is to encourage each other and give advice. I am currently working with a fitness coach who is giving me great advice that I would love to share, and what better place than on Eden?!

Who would be interested?
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I'll give a little more here by telling you a small portion of my story. Last January, I started taking antidepressants and other meds to help with being Bipolar. In October, I started taking abilify, and my meds were finally working the way they were suppose to. Unfortunately, my weight was creeping up not so slowly because of the abilify. I gained 24 lbs between October and July. That might not seem like that much to other people, but if it were on you, you'd understand. At that point I weighed 254 lbs. I only recently started trying to lose the weight, but my goal is to some day be 140 lbs. I have a lot of work to do, but I think it's worth it!
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There must be someone out there that wants to live a healthier life!!
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Any takers today?
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bump...also note, i've lost 3.5lbs in 2 weeks because I have people holding me accountable and encouraging me.
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