Dusk Dusk
How many of you know what a favicon is? I just started reading about them recently - they're the little icon that shows up next to your url in the browser. If you look up, you'll see that EdenFantasys uses their little leaf logo. Isn't that cool?

The great thing is, if you have your own website you can add a favicon! It makes your site a little more personalized and hopefully recognizable by your readers. I know that wordpress users (.org) can download any number of plugins to add a favicon to their page. Some of them even support .gifs which means you can make an animated favicon too! If you're on wordpress.com, this site suggests a way you may be able to have a favicon as well.

Do you all have favicons? Do you like them? Do you want one?
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potstickers potstickers
I like the favicon at this site.
Dusk Dusk
Originally posted by potstickers
I like the favicon at this site.
Haha, that's cute!
Kake aka PoeticErotica Kake aka PoeticErotica
I had no clue what a favicon was until now but it's definitely something I'll be looking into! Thanks!
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