#EdenLit - (08.2012) - Story Start- The Rainbow

Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
I am not really sure how I got here. I woke up this morning and realized that my world had begun to revolve around these rituals I felt compelled to perform. I made my coffee, ate a bowl of cereal, greeted the family, and then sat down at my desk and logged in. I can't say that I am unhappy with my life, it's just that it's not what I pictured when I was younger. I wanted my life to mean something, to be too exciting for words! Now, I am just happy if excitement gets bored waiting for me to log off and finds someone else's life to rearrange. Still, in those quiet moments when the world is sleeping I dream.
The port to my neural net was throbbing by the time I reached up to unplug myself from the computer. My eyes felt as though I had been riding through a dust storm in the desert with them taped open. I blindly reached for the small bottle of drops I always keep beside the machine. I sighed with relief as the soothing liquid dripped onto my parched eyeball and I blinked rapidly to dissipate the blurriness that always accompanies the drops.
"I thought you were never going to get off that thing." I winced inwardly at the censure in his tone. No matter how hard I worked there was just not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything that needed to be done and lavish him with the time and attention that he felt was his right.
I took a deep, calming breath and reached surreptitiously for the canula attached to my right forearm. I knew part of my incredibly foul mood was the beginnings of hormone imbalance caused by simply being a woman. One quick tap and I could feel the soothing drug combination easing the tension in my shoulders and neck.
"I know, babe. It was a long and boring day of putting out fires brought on by bored people trapped in their equally boring lives. Sometimes I think if these people would unplug and actually meet face to face half the problems would disappear..." I trailed off as he began to knead the tight muscles at the base of my neck. I took a deep breath and began again, "I know that our society is much more peaceful now that we can interface completely with others. I do, I know this," I insisted to an imaginary room of people who seemed slightly hostile to my intentions, "BUT sometimes it is better to keep a bit of mystery to what someone is really thinking. I dunno, most of my interpersonal squabbles stem from people assuming they know what the other person is thinking just because they can read their thoughts!"
He growled softly as I tensed up again thinking about the flaws in neural net transfer. The problem with this system is it transcribes exactly what is going on in a person's mind without any of the filters of emotion and personal experience to explain WHY we think these things. Add into the mix that most people are lazy and refuse to censor their wayward minds and you have people, like me, who spend HOURS a day doing it for them.
I would have sat there feeling a bit sorry for myself if Stephen had been in the mood to let me, but as usual he was feeling like I needed to be focused on him. I hissed as his fingers threaded their way through my hair close to my scalp. I yelped softly as he closed his fingers and began to exert pressure to make me stand up and walk. He pushed me into the bedroom and grabbed the collar of my work suit. He tore the entire suit off my body with very little effort and left me shivering and naked. He smiled lazily as my mind sharpened and my entire focus was on him.
He spent a few moments exploring my breasts with gentle fingers before turning me around and forcing me to lay face down on the bed. He ran his fingers up and down my thighs as I struggled to remain still, knowing that it didn't take much to send him into a towering rage. I liked the gentle side of my guy, but more than that, after the day I had had I NEEDED the gentle side of my guy. Or so I thought...
I shivered and sighed as his questing fingers traced the lips of my cunt and soon he had coaxed me to spread my legs slightly and arch my back so that he could toy with my clit. His fingers stroked, pinched and poked at my entire lower area before he began to stroke the hard velvet of his cock between my buttcheeks. I never knew exactly when he reached up and unhooked the flogger from the wall but I screamed when I felt it slice through the air and contact my shoulders with punishing force.
"Raise your arms above your head and reach for the other side of the bed." His voice was passionate and implacable. It was a voice that I was conditioned to obey. I flattened my chest against the bed and reached for the other dies of the bed with all my being. I was forced to raise up on my toes as my whole body was thrown into reaching, reaching, reaching. I missed the warmth of his body as he took a step back.
I did my best to control my breathing as I waited for the next blow. My body trembled slightly from the exertion of reaching, or maybe it was from the anticipation, I wasn't really certain at the time. I could feel my pores opening up and reaching for the pleasure/pain.
When the blow came I was, as usual, unprepared for the bite of the lash. I gasped and he chuckled softly as I bent like a bow and realized I could, in fact, reach farther across the bed!
The blows rained down in his particular rhythm. I arched, cried out, trembled, and felt my body softening into the sensations. My nerves screamed at first and then began to hum as I adjusted and rose to meet the falls of the flogger. I kept readjusting my position on the bed as I remembered to arch and reach toward the other side of the mattress. Soon I was splayed out before my man with my ass in the air, my legs spread so that I was standing on the tips of my toes, and my arms were above my head reaching, still reaching. The dynamic tension that hummed through my body changed in intensity and he sensed the moment when my entire being was focused on him, only on him. At that precise moment he lined up his cock to my gasping and shivering cunt and thrust inside in one long stroke. My torso rose off the bed with the force of that penetration and I screamed out my tension, rage, loneliness, and despair. All of these negative emotions left me and rushing into the void was peace, serenity and lust for this creature that could drive me so hard toward Nirvana.
He fucked me long and hard until it seemed neither of us could tell where he began and where I ended. We crashed together as fiercely as the Summer storm raging outside our bedroom window.
Finally we reached the inescapable pinnacle of release and he lay on top of me, exhausted but still making sure his larger body wouldn't cause me pain. I moved slightly and he stood up and gathered my body into his arms. He helped me to stand and lead me to the shower where he soaped and stroked me clean of both the day and the fluids of our exertions.
After we had dried off with the large fluffy towels he kept on the warmer, just for us, we stretched out on the bed, naked and sated. I thumbed on my neural net for a second and sent a thought to the house. The house hummed it's response. Slowly the ceiling and wall became translucent and we were able to watch the last of the Summer squall die away. As we lay there basking in our togetherness the clouds turned from black and oppressive to puffy and white. The sun broke through and as we watched a rainbow formed. We drowsed under that rainbow feeling like we had, indeed, discovered a pot of gold.
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Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Ok so I started in one direction but apparently my characters were horny as rabbits today. Still it is nice that they didn't continue to argue. I think this is how every day should end...or maybe just a few times a week? You know, to keep it fresh?
Twisted Angel Twisted Angel
I really like this Airen.. you think of things I couldn't even begin to imagine. Guess in the erotica forum I am still vanilla lol.
Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Originally posted by Twisted Angel
I really like this Airen.. you think of things I couldn't even begin to imagine. Guess in the erotica forum I am still vanilla lol.
LOL It does, indeed, take one to know one, right? There is so much that most people cannot begin to understand about impact play. The best part is that it "softens" the body and releases a cocktail of endorphins that relaxes the receiver both body and mind.

Also people have no idea how taxing being a forum moderator can be! My God just imagine if we could all read exactly what people were thinking but as though it is written word. That would leave anyone feeling like they had already been beaten!
Mistress Dragon Mistress Dragon
I think this is a great story and wish I had the skills or the mind that would put out stuff like this. I can write but not like this. I love reading your stories and stuff. Thank you for sharing and hope you keep them coming.
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