#EdenLit - Open Topic .. The visit Chapter 1

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#EdenLit - Open Topic .. The visit Chapter 1

Twisted Angel Twisted Angel
We had talked for an eternity, visiting each other's blogs with promises of one day when we met. Never imagining the opportunity would present itself now. I often cracked jokes of having a naughty blogger bonfire and tonight's arrivals would be the first of many. Jack and Jill had been one of the first adult blogs I had gotten addicted to reading. Jill was simply breathtaking and her hair was enough to make me wet. Her auburn locks would lay in curls over her shoulders in her photos and I would imagine running my fingers through it. The butterflies in my stomach were matched by my pounding heartbeat, what if they decided not to come, what if I stood in this airport for nothing. I went through all I had done in preparation for this meet up. House was scrubbed from top to bottom, every bed had been made and the kids were gone for the whole weekend. The wood was ready for a bonfire and as a special surprise I got my hands on a pontoon for the lake. If the weather would hold out, I prayed it would. When the plane landed I tried not to look like a child waiting in line to sit in Santa's lap, although I am sure the anticipation was much the same but for entirely different reasons. Everyone else would be arriving tomorrow so tonight it would simply be the four of us, Gene, Jack, Jill and I. The doorway opened to the gangway from the plane and I watched the opening, as the people piled out I grew more and more anxious when I didn't see their faces. Finally in the middle of unloading I saw a flash of red hair , I knew instantly it was Jill and Jack was beside her. Both dressed as comfortable as one can be when flying cross country, but even for here overdressed. They looked through the crowd of people before finally finding me and waving madly, a gate separating us from each other. Coming through the checkpoint Gene and Jack shook hands and Jill and I hugged as if we had known each other forever. She smelled of orchid and vanilla and I could have stood there simply inhaling her all day. Gene quickly reached over to hug her as well as I moved over to Jack. We headed for baggage claim, talking about their flight and layovers, small talk until we got where it was much more private. While waiting on their suitcases I tried to look them over without being obvious. Jill's hair hung in the auburn waves that caught my eye the first picture I saw of her, a soft cream colored blouse that was low cut laid on her skin softly, the picture was finished off with a pair of tan pants and comfortable shoes with a peek a boo toe, showing her perfect pedicure. My eyes lingered over her, ruby lips and hazel eyes that sparkled when she laughed, the way her hand went to Jacks arm was so loving and soft. One could tell they were together from miles away. Jack was in a t-shirt and jeans , apparently taking my insistence on being casual more to heart than Jill did. His black hair laid perfectly, even when he ran his fingers through it as he talked. His voice wasn't deep as such but was sexy with it's hints of baritone mixed with alto. He and Gene easily talked about cars and work, him showing interest in Gene's job as a truck loader, as did Jill. At ease, I felt comfortable around them, not like I wasn't rich enough or good enough. We finally spotted their bags and grabbed them from the carousel and headed for the door to the car. Jill and I climbed into the back seat of the van letting the boys take the front, each of us behind our respective spouses. Gene started the car and we pulled out into Lexington traffic, taking the scenic route and showing them the huge horse farms we were famous for. Occasionally Jill would say something and her hand would land softly on my arm and I would feel a tingle each time she did that, I only hoped it wasn't that obvious. As much as I would have loved for them to bring their baby I hoped that this would be the first of many visits and I really was thrilled it was an adults only weekend. Driving onto the interstate we got quiet and listened to Jack and Gene talk, Jill and I both exhausted. Me from my mad dash to clean and her from the packing and flight. It didn't take long for both of us to doze off only waking when we heard the guys making fun of us for napping. Jill and I both reached up to playfully smack them before both erupting into a fit of laughter at having the same thought. Jack looked at Gene and with a glint said, "Oh this is not good they are already on the same brain wave, we don't stand a chance." Gene nodded at the comment and replied, " I gave up a long time ago keeping up with her." When we finally arrived at the house Jack and Jill both got out and stretched their legs, looking around at our little place on the hill. Jill spoke first, " Wow we could have all kinds of naughty fun on this hill, I can already see all kinds of great places to play."
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Twisted Angel Twisted Angel
Jack and Gene got out the bags and we took them inside showing them the master bathroom in case they wanted to relax and unwind. While they freshened up and slid into something more appropriate for the hill I poured Jill a cherry limeade with vodka and Gene poured a bourbon on the rocks for Jack. The sun was just setting so Gene set out to get a fire going before it became too dark to see. Jill was the first from the bathroom, her hair freshly brushed and her face washed, she did not need makeup, she was absolutely breathtaking. She had pulled her hair into a soft ponytail and slipped into a spaghetti strap top and a pair of jean shorts. I laughed when I saw she had come out barefoot, telling her she might as well get used to it, that was a way of life around here. Handing her the cold drink we both headed out to the fire pit where Gene already had a good fire going and the moon was just rising over the treeline. In a few minutes we were joined by Jack who had found his drink on the bar on his way out. At first conversation was light, we discussed jobs and kids.We talked about the others who were to arrive tomorrow and the plans for the rest of the weekend. Jill and I both pulled extra chairs up and put our feet in them while the guys stood around the fire talking about building projects and cars.

When Jill's drink was empty I jumped up and offered to make her a fresh one, she got up with me and offered to help since the boys were dry as well. Walking into the house I realized how close I was to her and was pretty sure she could hear my heart beating in my chest, cause I could certainly hear it pounding all over my body. I laughed nervously as we both went for the freezer door for crushed ice to mix new drinks and without hesitation I leaned in and kissed her. Her lips were soft and tasted of cherries from her drink. I pulled away quickly, embarrassed at being so forward. " Sorry, I'm sorry , I shouldn't have assumed it was just, well never mind, it won't happen again. Perhaps I need to go back to coffee. " I looked her in the eye, trying to read her eyes for anything, anger, surprise, something to tell me the ground I was standing on in that moment was not shifting from beneath my feet as it felt it was right then. Taking the glass from my hand and setting it on the bar behind us Jill put her soft hands on my face and pulled me in, kissing me with such tenderness and passion I was certain I was going to fall to the floor. Her tongue teased my trembling lips and I thought about pulling away, but didn't want to either. Finally , courage in the form of a strong drink moved in and I leaned into the kiss, my hands pulling her waist into me, our breasts touching save for the thin material between us. My hand slid up to her hair and locked my fingers in, pulling her head back slightly, her lips parting in a contented sigh as I bit down the soft flesh of her neck. I could feel her pulse under my lips and it was beating as fast as mine. My fingers trembled as I pushed her shirt strap aside to taste of the flesh on her shoulder before sliding my hand under her shirt to pinch her already erect nipple. No bra was there, which I knew from the moment she left the bathroom. The only reason I stopped was the sound of the back door opening and the men's voices carrying into the kitchen accusing us of drinking all the liquor and leaving them parched outside. As soon as they crossed the threshold of the back porch they both stopped.
Twisted Angel Twisted Angel
There was no doubt we were busted and part of me didn't want them to be part of this moment. I pulled away and grabbed the glass from the counter. Jill smiling from my bravery and touch, Jack walked to her side and said, " Hmmm Gene looks like they started without us, that is just not fair is it?" Gene agreed as he came behind me to pull at my hair and watch me tremble at his touch. Kissing Jill had already made me soaking wet, adding them viewing it and him teasing me into the mix made me a limp noodle. Every nerve was on end , so every touch was amplified. I tried to pull away and slink back to the fire pit, but something in me wouldn't move. I was rooted to my spot.

Jill strolled over to me, where Gene still had my hair in his hand and said, " But she got more than I did", as her hands went to my shirt and lifted it to take my erect nipple in her mouth. I moaned at the touch and feel of her there, I could feel Gene already hard behind me and Jack was enjoying it as much as he was. Jack reached over Jill's shoulder and pinched my other nipple that was exposed. I wanted to cover up and pull away, I could feel the rush of blood to my face having never exposed myself this much to anyone aside from Gene for a long long time. I was trapped though with my need to enjoy this, to taste her, I wanted it all and I had no clue where to start but I knew how it was going to finish and the thought alone made my juices run down my legs. The smell of sex and arousal was thick in the air, it was amazing how well all of our individual smells mixed together making a mixed cocktail of aroma that made me drunker than any mixed drink I could make that night.

I knew this was going to be a long night, a very long night for all of us, I couldn't wait.Before I realized it someone had cleaned everything off the bar in the kitchen and I was placed atop of it. My shorts had been removed earlier and Gene was removing my shirt from me as he lifted me to the bar. Jill sat beside me and I leaned in for more of her mouth on mine. My fingers teasing her nipples, my tongue dancing with hers. Gene and Jack simply stood beside watching this moment with pleasure. Jill's hand went to my soaked pussy, her touch simply enough to make more juices flood from me, teasing my clit softly at first but then with more speed. My breathing more shallow, my mind spinning until I was forced to brace myself with both hands on the bar to hold my balance. Jill slid into my spasm tightened pussy and the wave that washed over me made me stop breathing for that split second. I came hard, the thick honey coming from me and covering the bar below me before rolling to the floor below. Gene fell to his knees before me and lapped at my walls as Jill teased me with her finger once more. My hand found her sweet spot and tried to return the favor. Jack was lost in the moment, never having been able to just watch the dynamics like this before him. He finally slid his hard cock deep into Jill and the choice arched her back allowing me to lean over and suck on her nipple. The four of us were touching another in some way. Gene's face was buried in my pussy and my mouth was wrapped around Jill's beautiful breast. Jack was buried deep inside her and pinching the nipple farthest from Jill while her fingers still teased my clit with such want I was quickly cumming once more. I finally was able to push Gene off of me and remove myself from the moment. Needing to catch my breath, a moment to comprehend where I found myself and where we were to go from here. The possibilities were endless but I knew I would at some point taste each of them Jack and Jill and hopefully no one would leave the house for a break unsatisfied.
Cedarlooman Cedarlooman
Originally posted by Twisted Angel
There was no doubt we were busted and part of me didn't want them to be part of this moment. I pulled away and grabbed the glass from the counter. Jill smiling from my bravery and touch, Jack walked to her side and said, " Hmmm Gene looks ...
Very nice! I enjoyed it and look forward to more!
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