#EdenLit - (03.2012) Five Words - Hell Night

Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
I couldn't take it any more! The party had been raging next door for HOURS and the thumping of the awful music had given me a raging headache. My boss had warned me that if I was late tomorrow and didn't get my monthly reports turned in I would get poked. I am not quite sure what he meant by that but I knew I really didn't want to find out.
The shrill screams and hoots of laughter were bouncing around my head like marbles and it was all I could do not to break down my neighbors front door and shoot them all. I lay in bed with my fingers in my ears dreaming of a loaded double barrel shotgun...no wait, a fully automatic machine gun! You know, the point and shoot variety? The spray of blood made crimson rivers in my fitful dreams as I tossed and turned while my neighbors whooped it up.
Finally, I tried again to get their attention by thumping the wall with my broom but it sounded like someone threw a vase of flowers at the wall so I gave up.
I went into my bathroom thankful that it was the one room farthest away from the celebration of youthful stupidity next door. I sighed as I ran a hot bath and perused my collection of bath salts, potions, milks and bubbles. Deciding to mix a heady concoction I breathed in the peace promised by the fragrant steam. I stuffed a towel under the door to muffle the slight sounds and stripped off my night gown grimancing at the sour smell of my anger.
In my bathroom I kept a variety of tub toys and they sat on the shelf staring at me hopefully but I was too damn tired for such play this evening. I sank into the bubbles and closed my eyes so I didn't have to look at their disappointment. I was so overwrought that I was worried my toys would be disappointed...
I woke to the screaming of my alarm clock not knowing how long it had been going off. I raced through a cold bath and tore through my tiny apartment at breakneck speed. When I finally had the courage to look at the time I breathed a sigh of relief. I had at least 45 minutes left before I had to join the rat race heading to their colorless cubicles. Damn, my my mood was sunny and cheerful today. I scowled at the wall separating me from being charged with homocide and made a nice big breakfast to counteract the sleepless night. I rolled my shoulders and marveled that I didn't feel like I was crippled after sleeping most of the night in my bathtub.
The day was surprisingly good considering the hell I was in the night before. I walked up to my door, grateful to be home, and sitting on the front step was a small wicker basket decorated with some colorful balloons, a large card, a small gaily wrapped package and a box of my favorite chocolate covered bugs! I approached it carefully and read the card first. It said, "We are so sorry that the party was out of control last night. Please accept this basket as our appology and join us tomorrow for a cook out." Awwwwww!
I opened the wrapped package and chuckled at the cute little vibrating duck smiling up at me. Ok, so maybe my sister was a frivolous little party animal but she sure did know how to make up for it the next day!
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Cedarlooman Cedarlooman
Ah, family moments. :o)
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