#EdenLit - (03.2012) Second Person Perspective - You

Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
You tremble at my touch, heart racing, mouth dry. Your hands shake as you reach to touch me not knowing whether to laugh or cry at how lost you feel. It is as though your whole reason for being is bound up in the smell, taste, and velvet softness of my skin. When you hear my happy and satisfied smile you begin to relax millimeter by millimeter. Taunt muscles melt as you slide your tongue over my toes, an ecstacy you have dreamed about but never dared to imagine. Your eyes drift closed and your tongue tingles, your senses alive.
You release my foot after a last loving caress and you sigh with all the lonliness of the years before this night. You lean into my feather light caress and moan softly at the pleasure. Your skin feels as though it is finally waking up after long night's sleep as I trace fire along your nerves. You are scared but it is fear of disappointing not fear of this act so long imagined. You watch my eyes as I strip you of your clothes feeling as though I am stripping away the hurt and pain of feeling like an outcast, a bitter, lonely teenager growing into a bitter and lonely adult. You see your lovely face reflected in my admiting eyes and you are stunned at the intensity of my stare. You feel as though I am drinking in every nuance of you.
When you are finally stripped bare of more than your clothing you reach for me. You stroke my warm skin and delight in the fact that you are free to touch me anywhere you might want. You are shy, and smiling so hard your cheeks ache. You see in my eyes that I know what you are feeling and I am pleased to see you offer it up to me like a feast.
Your lips still tingle with the impression of my passionate kiss and your body hums with erotic arousal. You whisper little nonsense phrases as I tease your senses with kisses, nips and velvet soft strokes.
As you sit there feeling as though you are an observer in your own ravishment you watch your body rise and fall instictively knowing the steps to the oldest dance. You shudder at the exquisite rightness of this act, the taste of my most intimate places on your tongue and the salt of your skin mingling with mine.
When it is all over you breathe a sigh of relief and curl your longer and more powerful body around mine knowing that all the power is in my hands. You smile at the thought and drift to sleep with the strands of my hair tickling your cheeks.
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Cedarlooman Cedarlooman
Very nice. I found myself licking my lips expecting the taste of salt from them. I almost felt like an s-type there for a minute. Great as usual.
hot n spicey hot n spicey
This was written extremely well. Such a great read!
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